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  1. Shared Cockpit - still buggy

    Hi Joshua, it happens everytime if you trim the aircraft on ground. When I trim the aircraft, the trim is set correctly. At the partner the elevator trims to the maximum. Shortly afterwards the connection collapses. If the partner trims, the trim is set correctly in the Partnercockpit, but with me the elevator trims to max. even then the connection breaks off.
  2. Shared Cockpit - still buggy

    We did some shared cockpit flights in the last weeks, which where stable, the most time. The only thing where we get a expected disconnection every time is during trimming the aircraft for take off, independently if we use the Controller or the vc-yoke-buttons. In a few cases, the AddOn Manager crashed. We use Hamachi for a stable Connection.
  3. Browser in 717 Tablet

    Hi, what do you think about a browser-integration into the 717 tablet, so we could use Navigraph's Charts and Moving Map directly from the VC? Is it possible?
  4. VOR Distance in NAV Display

    As discussed in a forum--thread some week ago, please have a look into the VOR distance showing in NAV-display. If I insert an specific VOR in the FMC, I get it displayed in the NAV-display, that´s good so far . But you will get VOR-informations regardless of the distance to the VOR. Normally one can safely receive VOR over a distance of 100nm, sometimes also 120-130nm, under best conditions up to 150nm. Please check this issue. Attached an example - for me a personal Highlight: more the 7800nm miles away .
  5. Landing Gear Warning Sound During Take-Off

    Indeed, it is.
  6. How to calculate the FLEX TEMP? (Tutorial)

    Can someone create a small excell, so we could use it semiautomatical? Or even better as an option into the Loadmanager @TFDi?
  7. Liveries requests and reviews here

    My favourite is the Canyon blue livery too.
  8. Liveries requests and reviews here

    Hi mates, is one of the painters so kind and paint a (fictional) Southwest repaint? thanks in advance!!
  9. No Cockpit Lighting -

    I installed TeamViewer. @turbofandude May you send me an email so we can find a slot to do it.
  10. No Cockpit Lighting -

    Yes, I have to install the TeamViewer Software, but this is not a problem. When you want to do it?
  11. No Cockpit Lighting -

  12. No Cockpit Lighting -

    @Phil Chimbolo: I found a workaround for my Multimonitor-setup, see here: I tried now version, problem is still there. How I can see a debugging log?
  13. Blurry fonts

    Hi, please see attached pic - all displays, switches and knobs are clear and perfect, but some lighted Fonts are a bit blurry. Are there different resolutions in use? My specs: GTX 1070 @ 4K 4x MSAA
  14. CTD when turn the overhead light switch

    Now I found a way to use the lighting with all my screens in use. 1. I disconnect the Screens from the Intel onboard graphic card 2. start P3d and load the 717 3. Switch one of the lights (for example the dome light) on AND off 4. now I can reconnect the Screens without any further issues and enjoy the wonderful lights Hope this help to find a solution.
  15. Hi, when I turn the lightswitch for the overhead panel, I get everytime a CTD. v1. P3d v4. Tested it several times.........
  16. CTD when turn the overhead light switch

    I have continued my investigations and won a partial success! The problem is related to my multi-monitor setup. First of all my setup: 1x 24inch Widescreen -> DVI to GTX 1070 1x 55inch 4K Screen -> HDMI to GTX 1070 + TrackIR 5 2x 19inch screen -> DVI to Intel onboard Graphics P3d is running on the 55inch exclusivly, I get this CTDs in windowed mode and in fullscreen. I could remember that I'd always had problems in the past when I was exposing single sim-windows on monitors connected to the onboard graphics. For example, if you moved the FS2Crew host. Then it always came to a CTD. This occurred to me again and I disconnected my monitors, which are usually connected to onboard graphics. And viola - no CTD, when I turn on the light in the 717 !! It seems as real-light has a problem with multimonitors. Dear TFDi-Team, please look at this issue and repair it. Thank you for the Support!
  17. New lights not working at all, constant CTD

    May this can help for my problem too?
  18. CTD when turn the overhead light switch

    I reinstalled again, tried diefferent settings - everything works fine until I turn on one ogf the interior lights. The sim freezes, if I try the overhead light I see for a second the light, than total CTD, every time. It seems that something is loading (an effect or a texture, what is corrupt). I tried the switches in cold and dark, the switches are ok. From the moment the plane is on power, it is impossible tio set a interior light to "on". BTW the exterior lights are ok. Please help!
  19. CTD when turn the overhead light switch

    I7 7700k gtx 1070 @4K 16GB Ram 2x M.2 SSDs win 10 p3d v4 anything else?