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  1. Using autoland I always land to either the far left or far right side of the runway. It's like the runway is divided perfectly down the middle and the aircraft will choose to land on the centre of the left or right half, usually the right half. I found and old thread from September where another person mentioned the same issue, but I haven't seen anything mentioned since. Looking at the localizer it's about 1/2 dot off from centre while tracking in. It seems to be a persistent issue. Anyone else have this or a solution?
  2. After today's update I no longer have any cockpit night lighting. During the update I noticed it ran TrueGlass and RealLight again. I tried uninstalling and re-installing again. Addon manager is running as admin and I turned off my anti-virus. No error messages, just no cockpit lighting. External lights working fine.
  3. All is well, lights working again! Thanks for the very quick fix. Especially working on the weekend to get it done, that shows great dedication. Much appreciated!
  4. With the new update should we see RealLight in the add on tab? I noticed TrueGlass is there now.
  5. Looks like for two of us at least RealLight was somehow disabled after the update.
  6. Laggy altitude tape

    Ah yes! I was doing some testing with different settings and forgot to switch it back off. Thanks for the reminder!
  7. I've been noticing lately that the altitude tape seems to be very laggy. Instead of a smooth transition when changing altitude is stutters and jumps most of the time. It seems to only be the altitude tape. Every other instrument and the flight sim itself is running smooth. Anyone else notice this?
  8. New CTD

    After the update I am no longer having any CTD's. I also deleted my shaders folder at the same time, so I' m not sure if either of those helped to resolve the issue or not. Aircraft seems to be working perfectly now.
  9. New CTD

    I'm having the same issue. CTD on pushback and engine start every time. No error message showing.
  10. 4.1 Working?

    Flying now, works perfectly.
  11. Feedback

    Negative, PACKs were on. I'll do a few more flights and see if it happens again.
  12. Feedback

    Did one flight so far. Only odd thing I noticed is that I had a cabin pressurisation issue on departure. Cabin rate exceed 5400 FPM for a moment, then fixed itself. Not sure what happened there. Other then that so far so good. EDIT: Almost forgot. I selected 16000 LBS of fuel in the manager. Send to sim as normal. But it filled me to 24,000 LBS. So I'm no sure if the manager didn't connect to the sim properly and that's what was already in my aircraft. I'll do another test soon.
  13. Crash when switching views

    This is an ongoing issue, been around for quite some time. They are working on it. Unfortunately you have to limit the use or not use external views at all for now.
  14. Thanks For The New Lights

    Great lights! The 717 is shaping up to be one great aircraft!
  15. Cloud ground shadow rendering

    I'm curious too. I have the same issue. What settings did you change?
  16. FPS performance

    Same issues here. As soon as I power up the aircraft I get pretty huge FPS hits on the ground. Cold and dark FPS is fine. Departure and arrivals I can get down to 7.4 FPS. Up at cruise back to 30. This is a new issue for me since P3D v4. i6600K @ 4.6 980Ti 32gb ram FPS locked @ 30 ***UPDATE***AA was on SSAA x8....This was causing huge FPS hits. Setting to MSAA X8 and I'm 30 FPS and stable so far.
  17. Same issue here. I noticed my FPS was all over the place. 29 to 7.4 while on the ground and only moving a short distance. Turned dynamic lighting off and everything seemed to stabilise. Other aircraft I've tried do not appear to have this issue.
  18. I've been having a persistent issue on take-off of not having a high enough power setting. If I use the autoflight feature for takeoff power it will often only use around 78% N1. Needless to say that's not sufficient to get safely airborne. Even if I do a manual takeoff I've seen N1 limited to 84%, not much better. CI is set to 30. As far as I know all other settings are entered correctly as per protocol. But obviously I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas what? The problem seems to happen every other flight.
  19. N1 84% on take-off?

    So far my conclusion was something get messed up with weights. I think fuel and cargo weight may have been double added or something but wasn't showing correctly on the tablet. I was probably way overweight and it couldn't accelerate. So far havn't had the same issue since I've only adjust fuel with the TFDI manager.
  20. N1 84% on take-off?

    Did another test flight. EPR 1.54. Normal take-off with no issues. I used the load manager instead of DVA ACARS for fuel and weight....Perhaps that was causing some weird issues.
  21. N1 84% on take-off?

    No Flex temp set. I'd have to check the EPR next flight for an exact value. I want to say 1.40? It's about 3/4 of the way up. It's about the same position every flight but seems like the N1 is what varies from 78-92%. I don't have the same issue every flight. Last flight I did everything worked perfectly. I'm using DVA ACARS for loading fuel, I wonder if that's causing issues? I'm going to do some more tests and I'll update.
  22. Cockpit Night Lighting Fix

    I'm holding off on the night flights for now as well. The cockpit lighting is very poor. It's very difficult to see/read the switches unless the thunderstorm light is on. Looking forward to the update.
  23. I don't think it's so much a "turbulence" type reaction but rather the autopilot overreacting to a minor heading change. It looks like it'll do a snap 3/4 deflection left then snap 3/4 right then do the proper input for the turn.
  24. Autothrottle

    It's really weird. In V3 FPS was always very good. Not so much in V4 at this point. Not to sure what the issue is.