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How to calculate the FLEX TEMP? (Tutorial)

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Hello friends, 

First of all thanks to the development team for this  amazing aircraft. My name is Jose Antonio Montiel from Málaga I am 24 years old, I am aircraft mechanic in the real life and I have worked a few in the B717-200, at present I work in the B737. I would like to share my little knowledge with you.

In the B717 there are two types of reduced thrust:

* Limit thrust: is a % lower of thrust for the total thrust in the current OAT or FLEX/Assume Temperature. TO1 -10% TO2 -20% .

*FLEX TEMP: is a temperature that we put in the FMS so that the FADEC misleads the engine to assume more temperature than it actually is and thus obtain a lower thrust.

Ok, how do we calculate our FLEX TEMP for current conditions?

We have:

* T/O Weight 53.000 Kgs

* Airport Elevation 1.000ft

* RWY Lenght 2.200 Meters and dry

* Winds 10 HW

* Slope 0%

* OAT 20ºC

* Flaps configuration 13º

* Type Engine BR700-715C1-30

So that we can know our FLEX TEMP we have to calculate our maximum temperature that we can assume with our take off weight, how? Ok we go to de FCOM performance dispach and choose the table for our conditions:

The first step is RWY Lenght corrections:



Is 2.290 Meters.

And second stet calculate our Max FLEX TEMP with T/O Weight 53.000 kgs



FLEX TEMP is 40ºC, 45ºC It could not be because the Maximum take off weight(performance, not structural) is less than we have 51.300 kgs and the same for Climb Limit weight (performance).



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Thanks for the tutorial!

However, where can one acquire the performance tables illustrated in your post? The TFDi does not seem to include these.

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On 29/8/2017 at 10:06 AM, raunzos said:

Thanks for the tutorial!

However, where can one acquire the performance tables illustrated in your post? The TFDi does not seem to include these.

Hello raunzos,

The table are from Flight Crew Operation Manual (Performance chapter) is real documentation. You can get here http://www.mycockpit.org/forums/downloads.php?do=cat&id=6&page=3


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