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Jeff Thomas

Godaddy Blocking during heavy load times

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So my VA flys every Monday night.  Unfortunately, we all start up our smartCars clients about the same time.  Once the flightplans have been filed, and the position reports start, GoDaddy's see all of these requests coming in as a DDOS attack and start blocking them.

We do not use the position reports (yet), but is there a way to turn them off or throttle them back so they do not happen so often?  I see we can increase the frequency, but I'd actually like to make it longer.  

Not sure if that will help, and I realize this is really an issue between me and GoDaddy, but I was just curious.


American Virtual Airlines

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At this moment, that's not possible - it's roughly every 30 seconds per pilot. I'd strongly encourage you to ask GoDaddy to add an exception for requests of those nature.

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