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smartCARS Mobile Released




The smartCARS Mobile app is now available!



The mobile app will allow you to view your flight data in real-time, chat with other smartCARS desktop and mobile users, and stay ahead of flight problems from your mobile device. Whether you’re planning a flight with friends, keeping track of your flight from another room, or making sure nothing unexpected happens while multitasking on your flying computer, smartCARS Mobile and smartCARS Premium have you covered.



phone-acars2  iphone-acars1  ipad-chat  phone-settings



The mobile app is available for iOS 6 and later, Android 2.1 and later, and Windows Phone 8 and later. The app is free to download, as access to it is included in a smartCARS Premium subscription.

If you are a smartCARS Premium subscriber: visit one of the following links on your mobile device(s) to access the app store page for the app.

iOS App: http://smartcarsfs.com/premium/ios

Android App: http://smartcarsfs.com/premium/android

Windows Phone App: http://smartcarsfs.com/premium/wp


If you are not a smartCARS Premium subscriber: we encourage you to give Premium a try. More information on smartCARS Premium is available at http://smartcarsfs.com/premium.


If you own an active smartCARS license:  you can use coupon code SMARTCARSCUSTOMER to purchase smartCARS Premium for 20% off (indefinitely). If you purchased smartCARS Premium before this discount was active, contact our sales department at sales@tfdidesign.com to get the discount applied to your account (do not cancel your current subscription and repurchase).



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