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TFDi Design 717: Ignition




It’s been a little while since our last update, but we return bearing news. Since our last update, we’ve made progress in four major areas.


Navigation Display (ND)

In our last pictures, the second and fifth displays were still off. This is no longer the case. Although it’s not complete yet, we now have the navigation display present and functional with wind indication and even a radar of some sort (hint hint). Here’s the ND without air data input:


Here it is with everything set up:


We will focus almost exclusively on the ND when the time is right, so don’t worry if it looks a little barren now.


Engines And Engine and Alert Display (EAD)

We’ve got the pneumatic system started now (visible by the non-zero manifold pressure and temperatures on the system displays), which was the last component required to implement the engine starters. This, of course, urged us to progress the EAD enough to display what the engines are doing. Here it is with the engines started:


Note: the “AC/PRESS INOP” warning is there as a reminder to the internal team that the pneumatic system isn’t complete yet. We’ve been working closely with our flight dynamics expert to get engine timing and numbers right. We’ll create a video showing the engine starter system once we’ve got all of the indications and modes working properly and the sounds are fully in place.


Flight Management System

One of the reasons we’ve been very quiet is our recent devotion to the FMS. It has progressed in leaps and bounds since we lasted posted about it. It now properly supports SIDs, STARs, airways, and is in the process of getting the remainder of its flight planning capabilities implemented. A little more cleanup and it’ll be time to move on to performance. As discussed, the FMS won’t be seen functioning in the VC until it’s nearly complete, so do not be alarmed by its absence.


The (Near) Future

We’ve very close to several large internal milestones. Once these are hit, the next phase of development (no, not beta just yet) and subsequently, how we’ll be presenting information about the aircraft’s progress, will begin. That said, some of the things to look forward to in our next progress update include the rest of the pneumatic system, the annunciators, some major visual improvements to various cockpit components, and the first pass at the autopilot (meaning heading, altitude, speed, N1, and vertical speed modes).



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