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TFDi Design 717 Released




It is with great excitement, pride, and some nerves, that we announce the release of the TFDi Design 717. It is now available for purchase here.

We started this journey four years ago. Throughout those years, we’ve made many friends, worked with developers, pilots, testers, dedicated simmers, and combinations of all four. We’ve learned more than we had ever anticipated and it has been an incredible journey. As I hinted at yesterday, we are now beginning a new journey with our customers and supporters. We have taken great pride in giving the community that supports and purchases our products a voice. We’ve taken pride in, despite the circumstances, staying humble and part of the community.

On that note, we want to take the opportunity to work with you on the 717 from here forward. There are plenty of areas we’d like to improve and features left to add, and there are things we can’t do alone. We want to hear your thoughts and feelings on the product – new features, fixes, and more are possible quickly and easily and we have every intention of delivering them. We want to make the 717 a product like no other, beyond simply correctly modeling the aircraft.

We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to expand and improve the product you’ve waited so long for. On behalf of myself, Brandon Filer, Joshua Mendoza, Martyn Becker, and Brandon Olivo to the developers, testers, pilots, and enthusiasts that have helped us along the way, thank you.

See you in the skies.



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