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TFDi Design 717: Community Opt-In Beta Updated []



We appreciate the feedback everyone has provided to us over the last several months! We have been listening and making major changes to the aircraft and have compiled many of these changes to this update. Below is a list of changes made to the aircraft.

The MCDU and community feedback update

  • [ADDED] Additional functionality to FMS SPD button
  • [ADDED] Additional functionality to INIT page
  • [ADDED] EBOF functionality
  • [ADDED] Fire FAULT TEST functionality
  • [ADDED] PRED TO functionality
  • [ADDED] Several missing alerts
  • [ADDED] Several missing annunciations on the ND
  • [ADDED] T/C to the ND and MCDU
  • [ADDED] T/D to the ND and MCDU
  • [ADDED] Deviation indicator circles to ND APPR mode
  • [ADDED] “VERT ALERT” annunciation and associated logic
  • [ADDED] MCDU annunciators
  • [ADDED] REF system
  • [ADDED] CO ROUTE support
  • [ADDED] “CHECK BALLAST FUEL” message when applicable
  • [ADDED] Localizer DME distance indication
  • [ADDED] Additional PROF functionality
  • [ADDED] Yaw damper turn coordination functionality
  • [ADDED] “CDU MSG” annunciation to ND
  • [ADDED] Independent FMC emulation
  • [ADDED] MCDU standby functionality
  • [ADDED] Support for latitude/longitude entry as a waypoint
  • [ADDED] Support for place/bearing/distance (PBD) waypoints
  • [ADDED] Proper functionality of landing lights and nose light with respect to gear handle position
  • [ADDED] Option to synchronize both altimeters when not flying in shared cockpit
  • [ADDED] Ability to synchronize the minimums when not flying in shared cockpit
  • [ADDED] Option to accelerate mouse scrolling for various knobs
  • [ADDED] Chocks and cones
  • [ADDED] Vertical deviation display to DESCENT PERF page
  • [ADDED] Proper handling of early and late descent to PROF
  • [FIXED] Inability to LAT REV to NEXT WPT via the FROM leg
  • [FIXED] Missing wipers in external model
  • [FIXED] View finder
  • [FIXED] Missing approach transitions under some conditions
  • [FIXED] Speedbrake behavior
  • [FIXED] FCP drawing bug relating to PROF status
  • [FIXED] Missing alerts and annunciator statuses during GPWS test
  • [FIXED] PROF altitude drawing bug on PFD relating to very low altitudes
  • [FIXED] Vibrations not displaying at the correct time
  • [FIXED] Display error on DESCENT PERF page
  • [FIXED] Circuit breaker light not functioning on “DIM” setting
  • [FIXED] GO AROUND page
  • [FIXED] Engine indications during startup
  • [FIXED] Some missing legs on SIDs and STARs
  • [FIXED] “WXR ON” only showing in WXR mode when WXR is on during ground operations
  • [FIXED] Distance based leg naming
  • [FIXED] An issue preventing approaches/runways from being listed
  • [FIXED] Some altitude restrictions not displaying properly
  • [FIXED] VMIN being way too high (preventing proper approach speeds)
  • [FIXED] Deleting the CLB THRUST altitude improperly resetting it to 1500 above the departure airport
  • [FIXED] ATS “RETARD” mode during non-autoland situations
  • [FIXED] MCDU scratchpad resetting when 24 characters are entered
  • [FIXED] PPOS displaying incorrectly on the PROG page
  • [FIXED] MCDU resetting to the start of the STAR if the runway is changed
  • [FIXED] AFS speed selection during departure
  • [FIXED] Missing information on DUPLICATE NAMES page
  • [FIXED] Erroneous FLAP DISAG with certain flap settings
  • [FIXED] Erroneous BANK ANGLE warning
  • [FIXED] Graphic issue with left master warning
  • [FIXED] Observers unable to pop out displays or hide yoke
  • [FIXED] Engine sound spooling down during takeoff
  • [FIXED] 2D popups appearing black until resized in FSX
  • [FIXED] Various MCDU operation improvements
  • [FIXED] A display bug on the IRS STATUS page
  • [FIXED] A bug that could cause pitch oscillations in HOLD and VS AFS modes
  • [FIXED] Landing light splash staying illuminated incorrectly
  • [FIXED] Data display on ND showing some characters too large
  • [FIXED] Data display on ND showing incorrectly at certain headings
  • [FIXED] Reversed animation on left aileron tab
  • [FIXED] Nose gear gravel deflector sticking through nose gear doors
  • [FIXED] Ability to interact via scrolling where it should not be possible
  • [FIXED] Pushing/pulling FCP speed knob engaging ATS
  • [FIXED] Several FMA related issues
  • [FIXED] Several VERT REV related issues
  • [FIXED] Speed of wing landing lights extend/retract animation to match real world speed
  • [CHANGED] Improved magenta line tracking
  • [CHANGED] Improved DRAG messages on MCDU
  • [CHANGED] Optimized rendering pipeline
  • [CHANGED] 2D popups can now be closed by clicking in the center
  • [CHANGED] 2D MCDU popups now honor click/release behavior similar to the 3D MCDU
  • [CHANGED] The default “reset altimeter” function (B by default) now works
  • [CHANGED] Improved 2D popup default sizes and positions
  • [CHANGED] Improved ATS response
  • [CHANGED] Middle clicking the nose/landing lights on the overhead now toggles them all
  • [CHANGED] Increased initial ground drag friction slightly
  • [CHANGED] Various minor interaction improvements
  • [CHANGED] FPLN and DIR TO page now display ” when the previous the prediction was the same
  • [CHANGED] Fuel flow rate
  • [CHANGED] Brake depressurization time

We have also released an update for the addon manager. To update both the plane and addon manager, just open the addon manager and follow the prompts.


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