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[19JUN20] Product and Community Updates



Good afternoon!

Over the past few weeks since our announcement of the MD-11, a lot of progress has been made to the aircraft alongside ongoing work with our Passenger and Crew Experience addon. This blog post will bring you up to speed on what we are doing in the background.


We have noticed a few bug reports regarding extreme taxi conditions. Upon further review, there were parameters involved with the extreme taxi conditions that often triggered the message in the client. As a result, the decision was made to remove this event from PACX as it is almost impossible to define every single parameter accurately to trigger the event.

As part of our ongoing updates to PACX, we now also fully support Prepar3D V5 with PACXBridge, several new comments, eight new statistics, and the ability to close PACX from the main menu. Furthermore, our detailed statistics now show your passenger satisfaction as a percentage!

And finally, our major features that are currently out to test in our Discord feature the following:

  • SimBrief Integration
  • Discord Rich Presence
  • Exported data files for streaming overlays.


The full change log is available to view here for the upcoming version,


To join the beta, and to help test new features, join our Discord at https://tfdidesign.com/chat.


Community Group Flights

Over the past few weeks, we have been completing group flights with members of both the JetStream Radio and TFDi Design teams with the community on most Friday afternoons. We find these are a great way for you to chill with the developers of the aircraft, ask some questions and enjoy flying. All announcements for the group flight are posted on the official TFDi Design Discord, to which there is an invite on the right of this post, and you are free to join us on a flight!

If you have any suggestions for group flights, we are all ears! Let us know in Discord and we will pitch the idea to the rest of the team!


Photo: Josh Riley


What next?

We are working on the MD-11 in the background and have some amazing work to show you. We expect to publish another post next week with some brand new screenshots taken during the development of the aircraft.

Thank you all for your continued help and support with everything we are doing, and we look forward to bringing you another great aircraft in the near future!

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