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[14AUG20] MSFS 2020 Compatibility



Will X be compatible with MSFS 2020?” is a question that we have been asked a lot recently, both in Discord and on the forums. For the past couple of days, I have been testing the compatibility of both smartCARS 2, smartCARS Premium and PACX. These tests have not been thorough by any means, but we feel that enough has been covered to make this announcement.

smartCARS 2 and PACX will be compatible with MSFS2020 at launch.

From our tests using FSUIPC7, the results were staggeringly positive. All variables that our application reads to and from are all working and being recorded inside of smartCARS and shown in the flight log. PACX was also able to correctly identify the stages of flight, and all announcements were spoken at the correct time. You can view a log for the test flight here: https://hastebin.com/dudakudahi. 

Although these two pieces of software both run well, we have noticed a bug with the flight pausing system included within smartCARS Premium, in which abnormal flight (such as steep banking or stalling) would cause the simulator to pause. This behaviour is normal, but during testing, we were unable to unpause the aircraft while this option was enabled. At the moment, we do not know whether this bug is within our code for smartCARS 2, FSUIPC7 or the simulator directly. Until we have more test flights completed using smartCARS, we will not know immediately. In the mean-time, this option can be turned off, then re-enabled once normal flight has resumed, and you can still enjoy using smartCARS in MSFS 2020.

We look forward to the launch of the sim next week, and we will be asking for users to help test these products following the release of the simulator on Tuesday, 18th August. Should you wish to help test this upon launch, or if you have any additional questions, please ask in our Discord server and one of our team will reply to you.

At this stage, we have no immediate plans to bring the TFDi Design 717 to MSFS 2020.

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At this stage, we have no immediate plans to bring the TFDi Design 717 to MSFS 2020.

I for one sure hope this moves up your list in the near future. Thanks for the update.

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Please bring the 717 product accross to the new sim platform! I'm sure most customers will be happy to pay for the product 😊

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Since the update I have found that I am unable to use my Logitech pro flight controllers when smartCARS and FSUIPC 7 is in use (prior to the update I had frame rate issues when using both FSUIPC 7 smartCARS). I have tested both separately and found now with smartCARS is causing the problem

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I think that the B-717, so beloved by everyone, would be more in demand on the new MSFS2020 platform than your MD-11, which will then have to be finished for several years !!! 👎😨

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Prove to everyone that you are the best, give people what they ask for and everyone will be happy !!! 😊😇

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++++1 for the B717 in MS2020!!

I just purchased MS2020 but am disappointed the 717 is not being considered for it. I would buy the aircraft immediately if I could. There seems to be an overwhelming desire for this to happen judging by the comments above. Looks like it’d be well worth TFDi’s time to make this happen!

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Another vote for the 717 for MSFS2020.


Zero interest in the MD11, but very interested in the 717 on MSFS2020

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Concur.  The 717 is a personal favorite and would be an excellent aircraft in MSFS2020.  Please consider adapting it for the the sim.

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At this stage, we have no immediate plans to bring the TFDi Design 717 to MSFS 2020


 Dont Be Another Quallitywings  who have went Quiet Their 787 is another Aircraft i want to come to MSFS

theres 1-2 of our pilots in my VA that fly the TFDI 717  on P3D and i wanted to get it for MSFS.


Please make the 717 for MSFS guys

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Have not upgraded to MSFS 2020 as 90% of my flights are in the 717. It will be a shame and disappointment if you don't bring it over. Love your 717 but time to switch to a more visual realistic sim. Please bring the 717 to 2020. Thanks.  :roll: 

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