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MD-11 Pre-Sale and Pricing Revision



Happy Holidays! As we move into December, we have an exciting holiday presale event to announce.  

Starting December 1st, 2022 at 1200z, we will be offering a limited number of copies, 1,000 to be exact, of the TFDi Design MD-11 Collector’s Edition for $80 USD! The Collector's Edition will work on both MSFS and P3D simulators. 

In addition to supporting us, purchasing this special, limited-edition release gives you: 

  • The TFDi Design MD-11 Base Package 
  • The Freighter Expansion 
  • The Extended Simulation Package 
  • This includes advanced failures and the in-flight instructor system 
  • The ER (Extended Range) Variant 
  • This special variant will never be sold outside of this presale 
  • Guaranteed beta access 
  • Access to an exclusive Discord channel where development updates will be previewed early 
  • A personalized certificate of sale showing your MD-11's sequence number 
  • This will be unique to our customers – only purchased versions will be issued with a certificate! 

Although the TFDi Design MD-11 is still in development, we are near the final stages and still intend to release the aircraft to the public by the end of September 2023, early supporters will be able to access beta builds when ready and provide direct feedback to our developers working on the project. 

The price point of the product has also been revised. The new structure is as follows: 

  • $70 for the base pack (passenger or freighter, both engine models) 
  • $10 for the freighter/passenger version (dependant on which base pack was bought) 
  • $5 for the Extended Simulation Package 

If you are interested in getting your hands on the TFDi Design MD-11 early and working with our team as we finalize the development, you can save $5 on the entire package as well as gain an exclusive pre-sale expansion. 

The pre-sale will begin on December 1st, 2022 at 1200Z and our team will be available to answer questions live in Discord at release to help you out! 

(And to crazyforiphone#9110 who guessed this was about smartCARS 3, wait a month 😉 ) 


Also, enjoy some photos:




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I’m gonna get it right on the dot! Will it come out under products to purchase?? 

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9 minutes ago, endlesswonderair said:

Hope to jump on this when it becomes available though I’m on a cruise and want to know what times zone it’ll be released in.

If you have an iPhone you can set a world clock time to London time. That will tell you when Z time is. Then use math to figure out what the local time is where you are at on your cruise

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2 hours ago, 135boomer said:

If you have an iPhone you can set a world clock time to London time. That will tell you when Z time is. Then use math to figure out what the local time is where you are at on your cruise

Just FYI- that trick only works for part of the year because the UK adjusts their clocks in the summer (and on different dates than the US and some other parts of the world no less). You should select "UTC" instead of "London". UTC and Z are short for Coordinated Universal Time and Zulu. They're the same thing.

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Just found out. Is it over? I would love to be part of best testers by purchasing the aircraft in advance. well.. cannot find any link for the product so far.

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Excitement aside, I have a few pre-order concerns that I hope the devs can clear up.

First and foremost: Refund policy. Your current refund policy is no refunds, which makes me worried about paying $80 without seeing the product and having practically zero guarantees on when I will receive it or even if I will receive it, and worst of all, making sure that if the worst case scenario happens, I will basically lose $80. So will this no-refund policy also apply to pre-orders? What guarantees do we have that we will receive the product?

The second: What is the reason for limiting the sale of the -ER variant to pre-sales only?

I hope my concerns are answered and depending on the response, I may pre-order it.

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18 minutes ago, jeffg said:

It’s 0810z here in Florida is there a link yet?



Link is on DISCORD - I was #553 so going quick.


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Finally got it after solving some paypal problems, got it purchased in the first 10 minutes of the sale but it showed unpaid.

Finally, hours after ticket, got it solved and got one of the lastest serials 8XX 😎😉

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