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Web Hosting Launched




We have launched our web hosting service for virtual airlines and flight simulation organizations! We feel that as a virtual airline software provider, offering web hosting solutions will allow us to help consolidate virtual airline infrastructure. There are several key features about our hosting platform that should prove appealing to virtual airlines and I have outlined them below.

Our web hosting system is run and managed by flight simulation professionals. We know what virtual airlines and flight simulation communities need to succeed and we’re doing our best to provide it. This includes the way we’ve chosen to integrate and manage our billing system and control panel. It also includes what software we’ve installed on our server (such as the Softaculous one-click installation system, which allows for easy installation of software like MyBB or phpBB).

Free off-site backups that users can restore. This means that every day, our server takes a complete backup of all user files and database information. Then, you as a user can choose to restore some or all of this data at will via cPanel. For example, if you accidentally delete an important file, or you delete the wrong database table, you can fix it immediately. It also means that even a complete TFDi Design server failure cannot lose your data.

Account migration services. Switching web hosts can be a nightmare, we know. We’ll move your website and databases to our servers (and configure them) when you order the $5 account migration service.

Two virtual airline-tailored plans. We offer a Standard and a Plus plan. The Standard plan offers 5GB of disk space, one addon domain, and unlimited resources – this allows a VA to start and grow without restriction. We also offer a Plus plan with 10GB of disk space and unlimited addon domains. Airlines that require large amounts of space or have more than two domains on their account can utilize this option to meet their needs.

Free phpVMS installation and configuration services. Looking to get started with a new airline or you don’t quite know where to start? We’ll do it for you and guide you through the process.

Get started with Standard Hosting for $6/month at https://tfdidesign.com/accounts/cart.php?a=add&pid=5

Get started with Plus Hosting for $9/month at https://tfdidesign.com/accounts/cart.php?a=add&pid=6

The product page for our web hosting is available at https://tfdidesign.com/index.php?p=hosting.



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