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    AP NAV following lost in a sharp turn

    • Status: Pending

      717 Version:

      Autoflight Category: NAV

      Departure Airport (ICAO): LEVC

      Arrival Airport (ICAO): LFRS

      Departure Runway: 30

      Arrival Approach and Runway: 21


      Current Leg: a fix automatically set for RNAV approach, lying between NEMOT and MAPTS

      Cost Index: 35

      Cruise Flight Level: 370

      Zero Fuel Weight: 43.3

      Gross Weight: 49.0

    Passing LAROK the plane continued in NAV for an RNAV fix requiring a sharp turn left for final approach rwy 21. When the plane reached this waypoint, it could not make a turn and continued straight swinging left and right instead. I had to go to HDG mode and then use DIRECT to get back to the next flightplan waypoint and resume NAV.

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