• Flight plan deleted after picking a STAR

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      MCDU Report Category: Function Related

      Minidump: https://forums.tfdidesign.com/uploads/

    After selecting and inserting STAR, everything except that STAR is deleted from a flight plan. You can see more reports here.

    Route example:

    ENBR (RWY 17) TUXI3C TUXIL P603 ZOL AMSEV L621 AAL P622 TOMGU (RWY 27 via ODNEV, tried both ILS Z and ILS Y) EKBI

    Yes, I'm aware that this is an approach and not an actual arrival procedure (there is no STARs in EKBI), but I don't think it really matters - others have experienced this with the "actual" STARs.

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    I'm not able to recreate this (though, I am not denying that it is happening, as I did change code in this area). What waypoint were you enroute to at the time? As well, what else did you enter into the MCDU? (Weight, cruise, CI, etc.)

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    @turbofandude I had this same issue. I was flying KMSP-KMSN and my route was COULT6 DLL to the ILS 18 with the DLL transition. I was on the last leg of the departure (LMFRY-DLL) when I inserted the ILS and it deleted the DLL and inserted a discontinuity into my current leg. I did have a CI inserted (38).

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    As it turns out, it wasn't specifically the CI, however, the post @dimkzr linked me to was sufficient to identify the cause. I will be rolling out a fix today.

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