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    FMC Speed and Altitude flux

    Dan Moore
    • Status: Pending

      717 Version:

      MCDU Report Category: Display Related

      Departure Airport (ICAO): KATL

      Arrival Airport (ICAO): KORD

      Departure Runway: 26L

      Arrival Approach and Runway: N/A

      Full Route: VARNM2 GLAZR Q118 MZZ VEECK3

      Current Leg: On ground

      Cost Index: 55

      Cruise Flight Level: 36000

      Zero Fuel Weight: Don't Remember

      Gross Weight: Don't Remember

      Minidump: https://forums.tfdidesign.com/uploads/

    This is my third flight with and on the third flight I noticed the FMC SPD/ALT was all over the place along with the magenta line trying to keep up. It seemed to stabilize once in the air. This happened while I was sitting at the gate. I tried loading the plan again with the same results. I decided to fly anyway and once I got airborne and went direct to MPASS the problem went away. I noticed the magenta line was doing a loop after departure instead of a straight line to the next fix.  To help I had 100 passengers and 13K on the gas for this flight. This will help with the ZFW and GW. 



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    I am not able to replicate this, can you send me your panel state file in Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\XXXX.fxml.xml (automatically saved after you save flight)


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    Here you go. I believe this is it. I didn't do a flight after this incident

    Previous Flight.fxml.xml 

    Note: Just loaded up the same flight from yesterday, same time, sid, same runway. Getting the same issue. I also tried different runways and sids and some did it and other didn't. Don't know if this helps but if I remove the INTCPT the problem goes away. Did this on several SID. Seems the INTCPT is beyond the first fix which is causing this issue. I'm using the latest Nav data. Come to thing of it I was using the default nav data when I first installed the plane my first two flights. Not sure if this plays a factor. Just trying to provide all the info I can. 


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    I appreciate your efforts, but I need the saved panel state right after you save.  The panel state you attached only contains an arrival airport as I believe that save has been overwritten by FSUIPC autosave.

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    I don't use FSUIPC autosave and I only have a few files in the folder you mentioned. The one I sent is the only one that fits the format you requested. If we need to do a team viewer session let me know because it does it every single time I load that flight, sid and route. 

    Note, do you want me to load the setup again and than save the flight and send you the file? I don't save flight so I not sure what you mean by this. I just start the sim, load the plane which starts already in cold and dark <-- not set by me, and start my checklist . 

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    For what it's worth, I have exactly the same issue.  I didn't know how to describe it so posting the video was an excellent idea.

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    For what it is worth, I also have this issue. Attached is my save - I'm sitting at the gate in EDDT with the RAKI3L SID in the FMC. Full route should be as in the also attached document. I am currently on version TD7171.0.9.18 with the 1713 database.

    Numbers are entered into the TFDi launcher like this: image.thumb.png.f4bcb9459d3f04c5c37c4a2e598d53ad.png

    Bug Report.zip


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