• Incorrect SID representation on ND and in FMS

    • Status: Pending

      717 Version:

      Autoflight Category: Magenta Line

      Departure Airport (ICAO): YBAS

      Arrival Airport (ICAO): YBBN

      Departure Runway: 30

      Arrival Approach and Runway: KEVIE 4A to ILS Y rwy 19

      Full Route: N0438F350 PULOL2 PULOL T11 ROM G326 WOODY Y79 KEVIE KEVI4A

      Current Leg: SID

      Cost Index: 16

      Cruise Flight Level: FL350

      Zero Fuel Weight: 93489

      Gross Weight: 112252

      Minidump: https://forums.tfdidesign.com/uploads/

    Hello TFDi team,


    Not sure if this is a fixable one or how the real 717 handles VOR intercepts as part of an instrument departure but the 717 is drawing a SID out of Alice Springs (YBAS) completely wrong.  The SID is the PULOL TWO departure and calls for a straight out departure out of runway 30 tracking 295 degrees, then at 3600' right turn heading 120 degrees to then intercept the 100 degree radial out of AS (Alice Springs VOR).

    Here is what the ND and F-PLN pages show when programming the SID:


    And here is my rough interpretation of what it should look like:



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    @turbofandude @Joshua Che. another example.

    This is the CRISI ONE RNAV departure out of PHKO.  The departure calls for a climb on runway heading then a turn at 560 feet direct CRISI after a departure from either runway 17 or 35.  The 717 is drawing the northern climb fix (i.e as if you are departing from runway 35).  It should draw a fix south of the field for a runway 17 departure, no?

    EDIT:  Actually, I just tested setting up a runway 35 departure and it's placing the turn fix for that departure south of the field, so it looks like it's reversing the two?




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    Tested runway 35 too - same issue

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    Another example, this time PHTO (Hilo Intl) on the PARIS FOUR departure.

    I departed off runway 26 but it drew a fix on the east side of the airport for the turn.  The F-PLN page looks to be ok (climb out on rwy heading, then r/t heading 45 to intercept the R-355 ITO to SADPE) but the visualisation on the ND is totally wrong.





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