• STAR is not inserted correctly

    • Status: Pending

      717 Version:

      MCDU Report Category: Function Related

      Departure Airport (ICAO): LICJ

      Arrival Airport (ICAO): LIPX

      Departure Runway: 02

      Arrival Approach and Runway: 04


      Current Leg: TAQ DCT AMTEL

      Cost Index: 64

      Cruise Flight Level: 320

      Zero Fuel Weight: N/A

      Gross Weight: N/A

      Minidump: https://forums.tfdidesign.com/uploads/

    After selecting the OSTEG1G arrival for runway 04 on LIPX, I get this flashing result. The display is flashing constantly between these two screens along with the MCDU flashing. Besides, the radial is on drawn correctly as it should be according to the charts. I had to delete all waypoints of the STAR and fly manually.  Any idea why this is happening? Looking forward for your reply.



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    I have the same issue with many many sids and stars and reported it. I had no solution. Hope it will be improved in next update as I have the 717 parked and not flying anymore. 

    If any developer could confirm at least that this is being checked...

    Thanks very much.


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    I would prefer a refund if possible. 

    I regret having bought it.

    I know there are missing things and I accepted being a beta user but having no updates, no info and not having that issue solved that even cheaper addons don’t have is not fair. 

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    We've been knee deep in other code (working on performance improvements and HOLD, both popular requests). @Ifikratis We've fixed a few things in the SID/STAR leg processing that may actually resolve this. @Xiropillo We've updated the airplane very regularly over the last year and been extremely vocal and transparent, so your argument is a bit flawed. I can't guarantee that a developer will be able to see/read every single post every day - if things like this come up, they get forwarded where they need to go, but it may take a bit.

    If you tag one of us in a topic, you will hear back MUCH faster.

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    I do apologize for the delay on that - a month is absolutely way too long. We're working on some other awesome things for the next update, but we're getting close.

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