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    As discussed in a forum--thread some week ago, please have a look into the VOR distance showing in NAV-display. If I insert an specific VOR in the FMC, I get it displayed in the NAV-display, that´s good so far :D. But you will get VOR-informations regardless of the distance to the VOR. Normally one can safely receive VOR over a distance of 100nm, sometimes also 120-130nm, under best conditions up to 150nm. Please check this issue.

    Attached an example - for me a personal Highlight: more the 7800nm miles away O.o.


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    I have noticed this too. It appears that the system is using the VOR's database position to "point" at it, rather than using the VOR receiver emulation. It's probably either a case to "too much" or "too little", as the default FSX/P3D VOR ranges are notorious for often being too short. With other aircraft that use strict SDK VOR emulation, an LVOR often can't be received much beyond 40 NM, even though in r/w ops, an LVOR can often be received much farther out than that.

    Jim Barrett


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