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    Weather radar echo

    • Status: Pending

      717 Version: TD7171.0.9.22

      System Category: Weather Radar

      Minidump: https://forums.tfdidesign.com/uploads/

    The wx radar does not have a good echo. I flew this latest COB version of the 717 into an airport with 0SM because of rain. The radar was only giving me very lite and scattered returns. I boosted the gain and it made a very small improvement but if you are flying thru heavy rain at varying airspeeds, the radar return should be solid green with some yellow and red cells where the pockets of moisture (rain) are higher.

    Possible solution: As developers, Can you simulate a big rain event in another study level add-on plane and see how their radar gives you a return? After doing so can you figure out how to re-program the wx radar for more accurate returns?

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    I use Active Sky, and in another study level plane the wx radar in the same conditions gave me a very different, and dense, echo.

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    Radar returns in flight sim aircraft  is based on simulated cloud type and density (not the actual NOAA weather radar precip images that one sees online). There is a wide variation of results depending on the cloud model that is employed in the sim. The default P3d cloud models are the least reflective, followed by those used in Active Sky Cloud Art. The most reflective are REX Sky Force, which uses very intricate 2.5D cloud models. I find that depending on the weather radar gauge being used (Roland's freeware, built-in aircraft or Milviz/REX), it is sometimes necessary to adjust the sensitivity to get a realistic return pattern.

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    I have very recently noticed that if I boost the gain significantly from the default Auto position, it begins to give an echo that other study level aircraft show.

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