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  3. Hello, So I've been reading and searching and I think after a few week I'm stuck. Step-by-Step, I'm a Pilot whose airline just got smartCARS. I downloaded and installed the smartCARS program exe. I'm ready to go: "How do I get my aircraft to show up on the map?" Step-by-Step please so I can send it to my pilots. Thank you. Ivan
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  5. angel

    TFDiDesign 717

    Sorry Iam already tired of the matter. Goodbye 717.Thanks.Angel
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  7. Try the attached file. Airports.xml
  8. The next iteration of smartCARS (3+) will natively support the newer phpVMS, as well as PHP 7.
  9. It sounds like you may need to redownload the aircraft. Can you try deleting the exists in %localappdata%\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\13\ folder and retrying?
  10. How far can you get in that path before something doesn't exist?
  11. angel

    TFDiDesign 717

    That does not exist for me.Thanks.Angel
  12. Can we have a clear answer on this please, now that shared hosting is no longer an issue?
  13. There is something wrong with this installation. When I launch P3D and go to select my aircraft, the TFDesign 717 does not show up anywhere in the list of aircrafts. I checked the aircraft folder in P3D and I found a problem. It looks like several files are missing from this aircraft folder that did not get installed. In FSX, all the files are there. What's the problem? It appears to me that the installation did not install the files. One file that is missing is the Aircraft.cfg file. Why is this file missing in the first place after running the install? Ken.
  14. The "" file exists in %localappdata%\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\13\. Does that exist for you?
  15. Please try the attached file. Airports.xml
  16. I am going to explain my problem. The 717 worked perfectly in my FSX;SE,I needed to reinstall it and used the addon manager and I then have to update it an then when I reinstalled the surprise: "An error ocurred while downloading" The same foto as Sascha1002. Your solution:delete the file%localappdate%/TFDiDesign Addon Manager/Downloads/13/Configuration/ Worked for Sascha but i don´tfind it anywhere Thanks.Angel.
  17. Please guys after update still no LTFM in database
  18. What error, specifically, are you encountering?
  19. We may have to modify PACX to specifically support the NGXu. I've added that to the list for the next update to keep it compatible.
  20. Indeed, we're trying to get that issue closed out while we're working on other projects.
  21. I have tried everything.In my Windows 10 I don´t find what you tell me.Ihave erased all things.I have downloaded again the instaler.Nothing Works .I can´t play the 717. Always the same !an error ocurred while dowloading! Angel
  22. I guess you guys are trying to fix the CTD issue and then focus on other projects more, that's totally fine, the plane is one of my top 5 planes I use in P3D. You all have been doing a great job so far, thank you!
  23. nisx

    PMDG NGXu Integration

    I can't seem to hear PA's in the PMDG NGXu, has anyone been able to get it to work? If so, how? nisx
  24. after setup pacx , I activated. the message (I mentioned) above appeared then clicked "ok" and into manage careers. I filled a few information (first page) same message appear again. anyway clicked once again and pacx dont move. I couldn't write anything anymore....uninstall and reinstall also (3 times) not improved. now is, appearing when I reinstall serial key invalid or reached limit message.
  25. Bad news so. I hope things change. Good luck and thanks for your work.
  26. Well, we eventually will need to stop developing it. We'll keep it current, but it hasn't been under active development in quite some time. I can't make any promises.
  27. But it will come? Not many updates since long time. I hope you continue improving this awesome aircraft. Regards, Xiropillo
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