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  2. Feature to release the Flight Attendants after 10,000 feet. Letting the passengers know that the seat belt signs coming back on due to severe turbulence. The CPT let the Flight Attendants know to arm the slides on the doors as the aircraft is starting to taxi. Adding an actual departure instead of using the x amount of hrs/mins to departure, and adding a calculation to the boarding time (I hope this makes sense) Thank You
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  4. While I understand the idea you're trying to give, when you touch down and start deboarding the plane, that flight has concluded. You would need to submit a new flight plan, and you would have a new callsign. This means that having a continuous flight with 2 separate destinations is not possible. We have a setting which allows you to signal to the crew that there is a continuing flight and they will dialogue as such. Hope that explains our stance on it.
  5. Is there any chance of an independent slider or something like that? The external audio volume is insanely loud compared to the in-app crew voices. If I turn that down I'm not gonna be able to hear them. Unfortunately the only way I can get a proper audio file is ripping from YouTube, and they can get /really/ loud or really quiet. There's no way to source match with the crew volume.
  6. This is set through the "Crew Volume" setting, which controls the volume of the spoken audio from the crew.
  7. Are you running Microsoft Flight Simulator in fullscreen?
  8. What is the file size and duration of these files? We recommend files no longer than 10 minutes and not exceeding 100MB. This is because PACX has to process the audio to filter it, and this can take a lot of time with larger or longer files.
  9. How much time have you spent at the gate with your engines off?
  10. Have you checked our solutions article about this issue? https://support.tfdidesign.com/support/solutions/articles/62000083870-there-was-an-error-initializing-the-xaudio2-sound-engine
  11. It could be that you have run out of activations. Have you checked this in the client area?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hiya! I've gotten a custom set of boarding music and a safety briefing. While the boarding music is a normal volume thanks to the in-tool sliders for it, the safety briefing is max volume, unbelievably loud. Is there any way to sync the volumes? Last I saw, custom safety vids didn't have a volume slider.
  14. Hello, with the cost that the program has, greater accessibility and room for maneuver would be appreciated. SLC for half, gives you more control over both the cabin crew and the ads. In-flight services must be manual or automatic, but it must be the user who selects and not automatic by default. Speech synthesis is not enough, some can not use it for various reasons, the insertion of text is a better idea, for playback just add the option (captain, first mate, cabin crew). So that you can add ads for each stage of the flight, without using text-to-speech.
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  16. when I launch my PACX for the first time for the user, I see the HUD but as soon as I switch to MFS and well the HUD closes and I can no longer launch the program... every time I run the PACX program on mfs it puts it on normally but as soon as I change the page it's as if I turned off the program...
  17. Same issue it is taking them a LONG time to realize I am up at cruise it just considers me in the climb phase for about 50nm into the cruise, my best guess is that might be looking at the actual baro and not the STD 29.92 in the pmdg 737-700. when I enter a new region in the sim and the weather updates they realize it and switch over to cruise. on a side note they are very late to notice the descent also, generally at around 18,000ft they realize it and switch to the descent phase which is why I believe the baro is at fault.
  18. It plays for me but threw my speakers instead of headset even though headphones are set as the default. toggling the output to another source and back to the headphones fixes it for me. Only been an issue for me since the last update though.
  19. When selecting certain .wav files for boarding music and/or safety video pacx does not play any sound.
  20. Hi I’m using Concorde but it never gets to deboarding when I get to gate it still says taxing to get which is annoying after a 3hour flight this doesn’t happen with any other aircraft. I’ve read all the previous posts on this but no change . Could someone advise me how to get round this please
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  22. Good morning! I tried installing the B717-200 software after some months away from simming, but I got a message stating "There was a problem activating; please contact the development team". Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance! Pedro / DVA10287
  23. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what's happening but it does not reinitialize from the very beginning so you will be out of sync as it were when you restart the flight. I typically do not start the flight in PACX until I've opened the doors and connected the jetway. If I restart the flight in MSFS and APL2, I typically am restarted from Cold and Dark, and yet passengers are loading before the doors are open! If it's not too hard to code it would be sweet to have a simple Restart Last Flight--that would retain that data even when Windows is shut down. Thanks for your consideration ;o)
  24. Hi I recently did a long haul flight where through my own mistake I temporarily shut down two of my four engines. PACX recignised this as an engine failure and put passengers in "worried mode" which is understandable. As the issue was caused by me, I soon realised what the issue was and got the engines restarted. However, there was option to let passengers know that the problem has been rectified. The engine failure status continited for the rest of my flight and on approach to my destination the cabin crew shouted "brace, brace, brace". Could you add an interaction option that we can let crew/passengers know that a fault was recitifed so that any emergency status in PACX can be cleared when appropiate? Thanks and kind regards, Marek
  25. Ok so in the real world some times you have a flight lets say from Boston To lets say Los Angeles, and some flights are direct flights, and some have stops lets say Boston to Dallas Then From Dallas Continue on To Los Angeles, Pacx, should be able to have that option when you start a flight, saying your departure, then your first arrival, then your final Arrival. This Would be realistic, reason some flights do this is well some times they make more money to take people from Boston to Dallas, And then also pick up some people from Dallas to Los Angeles, and also to refuel as well to keep the weight down as well. so if Pacx could simulate that, this would be great, some passengers you loaded at the start, are going to Dallas, And some get off and then more gets on to get to Los Angeles, when you continue on, you could also have the time your stop is at your stop before you continue on to your final destination. Any Way is this something that could be considered to add to Pacx in your next update? I think this would be a great feature to add and also add to the realism.. Donny
  26. No luck unfortunately, still the same issue. I remove all the files related to PACX and clean install, on first run i get this error about the sound engine. Then i have to force quit PACX and run again, where i get the attached cache error
  27. Try deleting the %localappdata%\PACX\Cache folder and re-opening PACX. It could be possible there's a corrupted file that's stopping PACX from starting.
  28. Hi there, I have been having issues loading PACX the last few weeks. I cannot open it. When I start it, it comes up with a message that it is regenerating the cache but never goes past this and into the app. I have the latest version of FSUIPC installed and I run it with administrator rights. A clean install of both sim and PACX didnt work either. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks
  29. The problem has been resolved with help of DISCORD TFDI Support. the msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll in Window SysWOW folder did not correct key update when reinstalling the 2010 C++redistributable. Everything is working great now. Thanks for following up on this.
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