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  2. It's in the title. LOL
  3. I've noticed a trend on any longer flights, that after about the 2 hour mark the PACX status bar at the bottom of the screen disappears and PACX no longer responds (but does not crash - it still shows PACX.exe and PACXBridgeMSFS.exe as running in task manager). When I double click the PACX icon on my system tray nothing happens. I've checked the event viewer logs and nothing shows as an error related to PACX (nor any warnings or information for that matter). I checked the PACX log text file in the appdata folder and it shows nothing after the public address event. I've also created dump files for both the PACX and MSFS bridge files. Please let me know if you need any further info or if you'd like me to upload somewhere. For reference I'm using it with VAS ACARS and flying the FBW A32NX on Windows 10. Lines from the log file as follows: [GENERAL][18/05/2022 07:37:50]: Starting up, version [INTEROP][18/05/2022 07:40:13]: File "FlightConfiguration.xml" created [INTEROP][18/05/2022 07:40:13]: File "FlightConfiguration.xml" changed [SIMULATOR][18/05/2022 07:40:30]: Flight phase changed from NotStarted to Boarding [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:40:48]: Muting sound (IsInInteriorView: False, IsXPlane: False, IsSoundMuted: False) [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:41:32]: Unmuting sound [EVENT][18/05/2022 07:43:35]: Added event of type PACX.PublicAddress [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:43:45]: Added "{C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\1 - Welcome\P1\Variant 3.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\1 - Welcome\P2\Variant 2.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\1 - Welcome\P3\Variant 1.swv}" to Crew queue [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:44:27]: Muting sound (IsInInteriorView: False, IsXPlane: False, IsSoundMuted: False) [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:44:47]: Unmuting sound [SIMULATOR][18/05/2022 07:46:57]: Flight phase changed from Boarding to ReadyForPushback [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:46:57]: Added "{C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Crew\Boarding Complete\Variation 2.swv}" to Crew queue [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:48:48]: Pausing sound (IsPaused: True, IsConnected: True) [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:48:48]: Muting sound (IsInInteriorView: True, IsXPlane: False, IsSoundMuted: True) [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:49:00]: Unpausing sound [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:49:00]: Unmuting sound [EVENT][18/05/2022 07:50:52]: Added event of type PACX.PublicAddress [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:51:01]: Added "{C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\2 - Doors Closed\P1A - Flight #\Morning\Flight Variation 2.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Generic\Numbers\2H.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Generic\Numbers\24L.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\2 - Doors Closed\P2A - Service To\Service To Variation 6.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Generic\Destinations\Cities\Sydney.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\2 - Doors Closed\P3\P1 - Flight Time\Flight Time Pass 2.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Generic\Numbers\3H.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\2 - Doors Closed\P3\P2 - Hours\Hours 2.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\2 - Doors Closed\P3\P3 - And\And 1.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Generic\Numbers\6H.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\2 - Doors Closed\P3\P4 - Minutes\minutes 2.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\2 - Doors Closed\P4\Doors Closed P4 Variation 2.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\2 - Doors Closed\P5\Doors Closed P5 Variation 3.swv}" to Crew queue [SIMULATOR][18/05/2022 07:52:04]: Flight phase changed from ReadyForPushback to Pushback [EVENT][18/05/2022 07:52:04]: Added event of type PACX.PublicAddress [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:52:18]: Added "{C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\3 - Pushback\P1B\Video Announcement Variation 1.swv, C:\Users\danie\AppData\Local\PACX\Temp\x10bnuos.guh.wav}" to Crew queue [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:54:26]: Muting sound (IsInInteriorView: False, IsXPlane: False, IsSoundMuted: False) [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:54:29]: Unmuting sound [SIMULATOR][18/05/2022 07:56:38]: Flight phase changed from Pushback to TaxiOut [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:57:28]: Added "{C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Crew\Cabin Status Complete\Variation 2.swv}" to Crew queue [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:58:33]: Muting sound (IsInInteriorView: False, IsXPlane: False, IsSoundMuted: False) [SOUND][18/05/2022 07:58:37]: Unmuting sound [SIMULATOR][18/05/2022 07:59:27]: Flight phase changed from TaxiOut to Takeoff [SIMULATOR][18/05/2022 07:59:50]: Flight phase changed from Takeoff to ClimbOut [SOUND][18/05/2022 08:02:42]: Muting sound (IsInInteriorView: False, IsXPlane: False, IsSoundMuted: False) [SOUND][18/05/2022 08:02:46]: Unmuting sound [SIMULATOR][18/05/2022 08:06:24]: Flight phase changed from ClimbOut to Climb [EVENT][18/05/2022 08:06:24]: Added event of type PACX.PublicAddress [SOUND][18/05/2022 08:06:33]: Added "{C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\4 - Passing 10K\Passing 10K Variation 2.swv, C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\4 - Passing 10K\Wi-Fi\Variance 1.swv}" to Crew queue [EVENT][18/05/2022 08:13:12]: Added event of type PACX.PublicAddress [SOUND][18/05/2022 08:13:19]: Added "{C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\Seatbelt\Off\Variant 3.swv}" to Crew queue [SIMULATOR][18/05/2022 08:21:25]: Flight phase changed from Climb to Cruise [EVENT][18/05/2022 08:21:25]: Added event of type PACX.InFlightService [EVENT][18/05/2022 08:22:26]: Added event of type PACX.PublicAddress [SOUND][18/05/2022 08:22:34]: Added "{C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Sounds\Standard\5 - Service\Meals\Meals Variation 2.swv}" to Crew queue [EVENT][18/05/2022 10:01:34]: Added event of type PACX.InFlightService [EVENT][18/05/2022 10:02:35]: Added event of type PACX.PublicAddress Thanks
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  5. Hi guys, Any update on when there will be a fix for seatbelt sign recognition and a fix for the 'unsafe takeoff'? Thanks for all your hard work over the years. Great product. Ilya
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  7. Your best option would be to open a ticket with us via the link in my signature.
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  9. It binds to any IP on the port specified, so port forwarding would 100% work (as far as I know).
  10. I'm sorry Fabio it is the default Cessna Citation Longitude included in MSFS. While you're here: I wonder if you might consider an option to retain the boarding music selection? I only use one, don't want to change it except every once in a while, yet I have to select it each time. Thanks
  11. That'd be awesome! Thanks for your reply!
  12. I'm not sure if we will have this aircraft available, but you can make your own cabin using this forum post: Once you've created your cabin, you can also share it on our forums through the downloads section.
  13. It is not currently possible to host the IFE elsewhere, but I will ask @turbofandude if perhaps port forwarding is the solution?
  14. You can reset your activation limit. You can find out how to do this here: https://support.tfdidesign.com/support/solutions/articles/62000083868-how-to-reset-activation-in-pacx
  15. With the release of the JustFlight BAE146, would it be possible to get the BAE146 (100/200/300) added to the program?
  16. Will not let me install the latest update due to activation limits? I've only installed once and have been able to update in the past. How do I resolve this?
  17. I was half expecting to read some kind of appreciation, for my post! Ah well........................
  18. Dear all, I am currently on my first flight using PACX. So far the start has been wonderful and PACX appears to be a great product from what I have seen. I've just got one minor question regarding the IFE. I am running my main PC and a laptop on the same wifi network. During cruise, the laptop mostly sits idle as I mainly use it preflight and during climb and appoach for displaying METARS, charts etc (I should really use it more to work on my master thesis but thats another topic... 🙈). Since the IFE opens in a browser window would it be possible to access the IFE from the laptop even without the remote installation? Since the laptop I use is a Macbook the remote installation isn't an option here. Running it remotely would add quite a lovely feature for those running a second computer without having the remote installtion. Maybe there's a quick option and if not - it's a great product nonetheless! Best regards! Paul L.
  19. Yes! I found it now, and i'll send it herlogs.rare! The software has Thank you for the support!
  20. I've seen this report but I have yet to be able to recreate it. Can you open a ticket with us so we can try to do a one-on-one AnyDesk session?
  21. Version 1.0.0


    PACX Cabin layouts for the BAe 146. Includes cabin layouts for the -100,-200 and -300 variants. These cabin layouts are based off a generic economy layout found through some google research. The -100 variant seats 80, the -200 variant seats 100 and the -300 variant seats 112.
  22. @turbofandude Could you take a look at this?
  23. I'm quite unsure what you're question is, but you'd be better off waiting for the release on Orbx.
  24. When I was still on Windows 10, and using Pacx version, the HUD still works as expected. But as soon as I install Win 11 around June 2021, and using the same Pacx version, the HUD doesn't work. I know this is a compatibility issue with Windows 11 because the same PACX version was working in Windows 10, but it's no longer working in Windows 11, so I leave it as is and I continue to use PACX without HUD. Basically when I run Pacx and start the flight, the HUD sometimes appear at the bottom of my screen for a few seconds, then it disappears, never to be seen again. Pressing the hotkey to show/hide hud also doesn't work. And sometimes it doesn't even appear at all from the start. Now after Pacx has an update to the latest version, I was hoping this HUD issue was fixed by then since Windows 11 would have been in common for almost a year and that's plenty of time for this issue to be noticed. But apparently, the HUD is still missing in the latest PACX version with Windows 11. Steps to replicate: Install Windows 11. Install MSFS on Windows 11. Install FSUIPC on Windows 11. Install PACX on Windows 11. Start the flight on MSFS and PACX on Windows 11. Notice the HUD might appear for a few seconds and disappear, or never appear at all. Pressing the hotkey to show/hide the HUD doesn't respond to anything. I hope this can be resolved soon, I've been using PACX for the last 11 months without HUD being usable.
  25. I love this add on and what potential it has but one thing that bothers me is how the passengers deboard. Most time they don't exit to the rear and when they do exit they usually do it as one row at a time as opposed to spontaneous as simulated. Other then that. I'm excited to see what's next
  26. Version V1


    This is a configuration for the Delta A321 Neo. I had absolutely no idea how to do like I'm a complete noob to all this. With the help of discord i got in contact with Fabio Almeida who actually fixed my problem. So I give him 100% credit. I'm still learning so my next project i'll be doing all by myself.
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