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    Hello TFDI Team....I am hoping you can help me. My IP was apparently blacklisted by your domain hosting (or filter...whichever). I had no clue this was even going on, until I tried to download SmartCars for a VA that I joined recently. Can you help me? PM me if you need the IP address. Thank you!! John
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  6. Version V2


    This cabin layout resembles the layouts of Delta Airlines new cabin layouts for their 737-900 Fleet includes all three cabin layouts with correct jump seats and pacx areas. These layout are for the payware pacx by TFDI. This will work in PACX for MSFS as well. To install download and install the CFG file to your PACX Airplane folder which is located here --> Documents\PACX\Airplanes
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  8. Version 1.0.0


    Air India A310-300 cabin layout. Install by adding the file in \Documents\PACX\Airplanes With X. Koote.
  9. Is there a way to load up a routing to an alternate besides going to INIT page and changing the FROM/TO field ?? Thank you in advance, Jahil
  10. Hi there, when flying as mentioned in the subject the ADD ON Manager gives me a CG that is out of range. What can I do in order to fly 0 PAX and 0 Cargo?? Thank you, Jahil
  11. At this stage, we have no immediate plans to bring the TFDi Design 717 to MSFS 2020 Why??? Dont Be Another Quallitywings who have went Quiet Their 787 is another Aircraft i want to come to MSFS theres 1-2 of our pilots in my VA that fly the TFDI 717 on P3D and i wanted to get it for MSFS. Please make the 717 for MSFS guys
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Cathay Pacific B747-400 (74K) cabin layout. Install by adding the file in \Documents\PACX\Airplanes. With X. Koote.
  15. Is there a way to synchronise or coordinate the boarding of passengers in the PACX program to GSX Pro's? I wouldn't want either to finish before the other.
  16. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    A fictional Cebu Pacific Air repaint package for the TFDi Design 717. Cebu Pacific considered and had a cancelled order for the 717 to replace aging DC-9s but went with A319s and A320s instead. Repaint package provides 2 liveries, the DC-9alike (RP-C1579) with a fictional website text found on early A320s, and the 2005 yellow-orange livery (RP-C1417) in use til the mid 2010s.
  17. When using PACX I cannot use push to talk on any other apps. Am I missing something? Is there a way I can fix this?
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional Repaint of Japan Airlines JA8372. Based on Japan Airlines JA8372 (MD-87). Features: "837" Text - Nose Gear Door "Oneworld" Logo - Side Flag of Japan - Side "JAL" Logo - Side "JAPAN AIRLINES" Text - Side "JA8372" and "MD-87" Text - Side "We support Unicef" Logo - Engines Red Circle with Silver Lining - Vertical Stab. "JA8372" Text - Right Wing Topside "JA8372" Text - Left Wing Bottom Grey Area - Belly
  19. Hi all I recently installed an aircraft that had TrueGlass. (The Majestic Dash 8). I mistakenly selected to install TrueGlass which I really do not want. How can I now completely remove TrueGlass from my computer? Thanks in advance if you can help. Best wishes Bob
  20. Hey folks, I've only been able to find one mention of VR here in the forums, so this is a two part post. First is to anyone unable to move the mouse in VR. This is due to PACX's HUD at the bottom of the screen. It causes the mouse to only travel 1/3rd of the screen. Simply make a short cut to toggle it off in the settings and no issues. Other than that, it works fine in VR other than not having an in VR menu option. Second part of this is that's pretty small to make this 100% VR compatible. Tons of people have made mods to add things like PDF viewers to the VR menu and I certainly would if I had a product of any kind. So that said, I hope TFDI can simply make a VR menu option and panel and then you'll have a whole lot more interest since especially since SU10, VR is at least half the MSFS audience. If VR is truly not important to TFDI, then a minor change could be not to have the hud on as default, or at least mention of it making mouse movement inop in VR. Took me days to find out why I couldn't move my mouse. I have more addons than anyone I know so it took longer, haha.
  21. Hi, I saw some older threads on this matter, but they were closed. In the 717, we hit FMS Speed and it slows to Vapp on schedule with the flaps 18 and 40 extensions. In my flight tonight on P3Dv5, I hit FMS Speed, per the procedure, and it slowed all the way to Vref and was much to slow. I manually adjusted the Vapp in the box and it did not change the speed in which the airplane was targeting. Is there a fix for this or an update that I missed somewhere? Thank you, MD
  22. Version 1.0.0


    This cabin layout resembles the layouts of Frontier from the A320 to the A321 Neo. These layout are for the payware pacx by TFDI. This will work in PACX for MSFS as well. To install download and install the CFG file to your PACX Airplane folder which is located here --> Documents\PACX\Airplanes
  23. Right now if I need to change from Speakers to Headphones that is the end of Audio coming out of PACX. Sometimes I need to go to headphones in midflight. Choice be is at least allow the audio to continue when the user changes from Speakers to Headphones, etc. Thanks
  24. I dont know, if anybody is still working on SC2?! Since we have Floatplanes in MSFS, there is a big problem with SC. Its really difficult to start a SC-Flight since the aircraft needs to be stationary. But even with props on feather, the aircraft often is not stationary. I need to switch off the engine. But for turbine aircraft then I need to wait a long time, before I can restart the engine without overheating. My question: is there any chance for a little hotfix to SC2, that I can start the flight at any speed below 10kt? And mybe if possible: when I start my takeoff run and the aircraft lifts of and touches down again (thats a very common incident for floatplanes), then SC say "Flight ended". If possible SC should wait 60 seconds after takeoff, before it can go to the "landing state".
  25. I can assure you that this aircraft is no where near vaporware, if you look here you can see that there is a development update from Wednesday!
  26. After installing cycle 2210 I’m getting all kind of errors I know this is a navigraph issue the 16 works i downloaded into the data folder any suggestions
  27. Its been many months since they told us anything about the MD-11. Where is it? Is there ANY news? I am waiting to give them my money, but its starting to look like this aircraft will be vaporware.
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