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  4. sdflyer

    smartCARS doesn't work

    Can anyone help? Ticket response is very slow.
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  6. Ken G

    How to fly a manual ILS not using the FMS

    Yes, I entered it in the NAV / RAD page.
  7. PilotAslan

    Phpvms7 Support

    Hi Josh, Thanks for reply. I have a shared hosting from other company and i install phpvms 7 on my hosting. Working good. Still beta i mean no stable release yet. Anyway i am happy to know that you guys are looking into this. I'll be waiting for smartcars 2 for phpvms 7.
  8. Josh Riley

    How to fly a manual ILS not using the FMS

    Ken, Would I be right in assuming that you are programming this from the NAV/RAD page in the 717's FMS? If not, that should be the place to go to fill in all of the required information. Let me know if I can help further.
  9. Josh Riley

    Phpvms7 Support

    At the moment, we don't officially support phpVMS 7, however we are actively looking into this. For now though, especially with those VAs hosted through TFDi Design, we are not able to support phpVMS 7 being run on our shared hosts just yet either. This is due to limitations with the level of SSH access needed for an install. Although we don't have any immediate plans, I have seen that Nabeel has posted here about making it for shared hosting and there is a plan to get it available for shared hosting in the near future. However, for now, it is only able to be run on servers where the user has, essentially, full root access which for some large hosting companies is a security problem if many people have that access. I am all ears if you have any further comments on this
  10. Alessandro

    Alisarda & Meridiana Pack

    Thanks for your appreciation. Probably I'll do a Jetstar livery.
  11. PilotAslan

    Phpvms7 Support

    Hello, Owner of phpvms (Nabeelio) working on phpvms 7. He already has beta. Our smartcars 2 will work on that one also? Because i had chance to check the beta and phpvms 7 seems much better than older version and i think many of virtual airlines would change their system to new one. How it's gonna be guys?
  12. barbarotto

    Alisarda & Meridiana Pack

    very nice! thx: can we get maybe? a oriental liveries china? malyasia?phillipines?japan/Korea next =none exist =they used 2 but since updated all beautiful liveries we had are gone cant use them in this new plane version-anyway thx and please consider request
  13. Phil Dowling

    Flight Deck Lighting

    Hey guys. Love the aircraft....a job impeccably done! One question. When flying at night. I have the light controls on the overhead. However they look like the center of the switch is supposed to turn independently of the outer part of the switch (so 2 functions). Is this correct? because mine doesn't LOL I am finding I have to fly with the dome light on to be able to see many things. Is this per reality or is there some functionality I am missing? Searched the manuals and these forums and cannot find much about it. So perhaps I am supposed to fly with the dome on. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :) Phil
  14. sdflyer

    smartCARS doesn't work

    Here is how it looks
  15. sdflyer

    smartCARS doesn't work

    I deployed smartCARS according documentations. I can login into smartCARS. However, smart CARS doesn't show me any of my bids, any existing schedules, list of airports or let me create a charter flights. All buttons except "new" are disabled. I have already created ticked but due to slow rate of response I'm hoping to get solution here. The log doesn't show any errors [09:18:26 PM] Windows 10, Build 17134, Suite Mask: 0x100, 64bit Architecture [09:18:26 PM] Browser emulation mode set to 11001 [09:18:27 PM] Logged in to airline 912 as pilot 1 with dbid 1 [09:19:06 PM] set_color 4 [09:19:06 PM] set_color 7 I checked my databases to make sure that one used by samartCARS are populated. Please help!
  16. How do I control the NAV source referenced by the AFCS? I was flying into Boston and was told to expect the ILS 15R and I programmed that into the FMS. Then I was changed to the ILS 27. When I tried to reprogram the FMS it did not want to take so I figured I would just manually fly the ILS. I programmed the frequency and course into the radios section and selected the approach view. The system seemed to understand I wanted the ILS frequency that I programmed in, yet the AFCS was determined to track the airplane along the original FMS course still trying to bring me around to 15 R. I followed rule #1, when automation doesn't give you what you want, punch it off and hand fly. It would be nice to know how to make the AFCS follow a VOR, ILS, LOC, or LDA that I have not put into the box. I was also able to repeat the FMS 1 issue I had at Boston. Going into the BNA I was given the STAR and programmed that in, without the approach. Later I was given the approach and when I tried to select KBNA it gave me NOT ALLOWED. I tried FMS 2 and selected the same KBNA line and it allowed me to program the approach. Fortunately, the FMS are synced, but it seems awkward to have to use the FMS 2. I am not familiar enough, is this a feature of the 717 FMS? -Ken
  17. Rowan Atkinson

    Low FPS in VC

    Hi, I haven't used the simulator and this product for a few months due to being busy, after coming back to simming, I used very similar settings to what I had when I used this before. The performance now seems to have dropped quite significantly and I was wondering what settings could be changed to improve this. All other addons above seem to get nice performance into these sceneries. Thanks for your assistance!
  18. Slod

    Squawk Code Settings

    Hi guys - I'd really appreciate a reply. Thanks
  19. Following the flight director in PROF mode during descent is impossible. If you move yoke forward, bar goes WAY up, if you move it back, it goes WAY down. This is just like the issue I reported a while ago, in all pitch modes, but now it only happens in PROF mode on descent. When in PROF IDLE, PROF V/S, or any other pitch mode it is fine. I also noticed the yoke gently rocking back and forth with AFS fully engaged, and the FD pitch bar moving opposite it slightly, not sure if that is related or not. Kind Regards, Josh
  20. Cavok Repaint

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Our first repaint for this beauty! As you can see a lot of work remaining before release! - -
  21. Denzelstark

    Texture problem

    Hi all guys, i installed the iberia livery made by Alessandro Monti, but when i open the sim (p3d v4.2) the texture is completely wrong. Send you 2 images of the problem. Help me please All the best.
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  23. PilotRockey

    Help us help you (TFDi)

    @Dan Moore We have been digging deep into the code so we can work with Lockheed on producing a permanent fix which is why we have been some what radio silent. We hate updating with "We are still looking into it". We would rather give you tangible information (i.e workarounds, permanent fix date). As for the 717 Immersion, we have publicly announced it via our Instagram and Facebook page. We have plans coming up soon regarding this however, and the 717, so please stay tuned on our Facebook Page for more information!
  24. PilotRockey

    717 Immersion: OldProp Solutions inc.

    Glad you like it! Feel free to drop some screenies!
  25. ronprice46

    Reset Activation

    Seems TFDI dont like to respond to tickets or posts. Nice Customer service
  26. ronprice46

    Reset Activation

    Can i get my activation reset for
  27. ronprice46


    So i guess there is no fix for me then
  28. ronprice46

    Activation Error

    Guess tickets arent being answered so the 717 is stuck in the hangar for me for a while. Not good customer service here i guess
  29. ronprice46


    What is causing the Activation Error telling me to contact the developement team. Reinstalling the 717 due to getting a new hard drive and now i cannot install the 717
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