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  4. Good afternoon. I bought the B717 for FSX SE two days ago. I have the problem that the PFD, ND and MCDU on the pilot's side are black even if I put READY TO FLY on the tablet. Any ideas for a solution? thank you.
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  6. is there a way to build rings around fixes for crossing restrictions? Thank you Jahil
  7. When I try running Smart Acars I get the msg: There was an error initializing XASoundEngine. Please consult the TFDI Design knowledgebase for more information. I click ok and Acars loads though so how do I fix this error msg?
  8. I had same issue with FSCaptain but FSC's developer have already provideded a default profile that doesn't check flaps setting (and Baro setting as well) when using TFDi717
  9. Hi. I cant get FDC to connect with the 717. It keeps saying the aircraft has 0 flap positions. I looked at the flap section and it actually has 9. The actual plane in the sim has 5...so Im totally lost! Any ideas? [flaps.0] type = 2 span-outboard = 0.95 extending-time = 9999 flaps-position.0 = 0 flaps-position.1 = 1 damaging-speed = 250 blowout-speed = 260 lift_scalar = 0.6 drag_scalar = 1.00 pitch_scalar = 0.5 system_type = 1 [flaps.1] type = 1 span-outboard = 0.74 extending-time = 9999 flaps-position.0 = 0 flaps-position.1 = 3 flaps-position.2 = 6 flaps-position.3 = 9 flaps-position.4 = 12 flaps-position.5 = 15 flaps-position.6 = 18 flaps-position.7 = 20 flaps-position.8 = 25 flaps-position.9 = 40 damaging-speed = 250 blowout-speed = 260 lift_scalar = 0.55 drag_scalar = 1.00 pitch_scalar = 1.00 system_type = 1
  10. this is the log, it tells windows 10 but i have windows 11
  11. Version 1.0.0


    The classic Ju 52 is now available in PACX! As requested by a customer, I have also added this as a community download!
  12. On the very first time that im opening the software it gave me that ERROR i' have tried all the fixes.. doesn't work
  13. Hey, It's nice to have those neat announcements to the passengers, but can we have an option to turn them off? First of all once in a while I need a break hearing constantly the same stuff (like EXACTLY!), but also - aren't pilots only supposed to hear their FA when they call them directly? I'd turn off the FA sounds, but I still need to hear them giving me info about incidents. What I'd like to hear is: - Flight attendants reporting delay, emergency, and so on - Flight attendants reporting cabin ready etc. That's it. Ist that possible at all?
  14. We're looking forward to diving deeper into it publicly VERY soon.
  15. Unfortunately, yes, they are sold out, but there will be plenty of MD-11s later this year!
  16. Hi All, Seems the issue is addon scenery specific. You can't see the lights at Flightbeams KSFO but you can at their KMSP. Cheers Craig
  17. 717 to MSFS2020 please.. Its such a great aircraft missing from MSFS 2020...
  18. BobK

    Cabin Service

    I guess no matter how hard we try, the pax will always be "Thirsty" to "Very Thirsty". Funny how that can't be rectified.
  19. Im glad this was fixed but I don't know how to apply it. Is there a patch? Do I uninstall and download a new version and reinstall? Where is the information on what to do? It is my absolute pleasure to announce that this little critter bug has finally been squashed! (read: we fixed it!) After working closely with LM (thanks everyone!), we were able to pinpoint exactly what was causing this view switch CTD and resolve it. Our amazing test team that I had gathered last year (wow... time sure flies!) worked hard to assure us that the bug is indeed resolved and confirmed they had been getting no further CTDs related to the view switch. I'd like to take this time to thank the entire View Switch Test Team -- you know who you are -- THANK YOU for all your efforts in helping us improve our product. Thank you for the days and nights you spent in front of the simulator and Discord, giving us info that transformed a "needle in the haystack" task into something with much more direction. Without your part, we would have absolutely no clue where to even start, as none of us on the internal team has ever gotten this bug. And finally, to our customers -- thank you for putting your trust in me when I started to revisit this last year. Thank you for sticking around and showing your support with those positive posts on this forum thread. We are very excited to roll this update out to you and we hope you enjoy. Once again, thank you to our View Switch Test Team, customers and supporters, and my colleagues. WE DID IT!
    After start give food to passenger, it's block in 50-60 % and stay as to land.
  20. HSSK Khartoum International Airport 15o 35' 20.0" N 32o 33' 10.0" E 1,271 feet MSL AF SD Thank you!
  21. Hi, The light intensity of the taxi light and landing lights are too dim to be used for night operations. Is there a way to increase the intensity to make them useful? This issue reduces the realism of the simulation. Cheers Craig
  22. Since IRL the weight is based on AFM certification per airframe, and it could be due to operation limitation rather than structure, and even the structure is not simulated in P3D anyway... Basically even two physically identical aircraft IRL could still have different weight limitation anyway.... so just pick one you like from the manual you have....
  23. Hi. First time here. Just installed PACX for Windows 10 and FS2020. Is there a way to reduce the UI size? It is rather large on my 4K monitor. Thanks. Rimshot
  24. good morning greetings the question is as the header says I need to know the correct weights that the TFDI team designed this wonderful plane such as the oew, mtow, mzfw and mlw please I will thank you to be able to make the correct calculations excellent day
  25. Hey guys, your really not doing yourselves any favours by effectively stunning our interest in your project. I have to say that because of this, I for one am mow losing interest in this. You hyped it all up initially and now it's like a dying animal, slowly becoming extinct. Just saying.
  26. Is TFDI still alive or suspended? There is at least one VERY ANNOYING behavior in Smartcars2, which makes me (and several other users) crazy very often!! When a runway is bumpy and the aircraft bounces on takeoff for any reson smartcars says: And then I have to restart my flight in order do complete it properly. Couldn't you maybe insert a hotfix for SC2, that it waits 15 seconds after takeoff, before it counts an "touchdown early"? That would be sooo great! kind regards from Breenild
  27. Why have you decided to only use 'Discord' when you have a perfectly secure forum, here?
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