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  2. "The Concept" "PACX seeks to bring the feeling of responsibility and the significance of traveling with passengers and crew to your simulator. It is designed to be unintrusive, varied, dynamic, and simple to use and works with any aircraft across all of the major platforms." The list check is a substantial element of the PACX concept.
  3. P3d just shuts down completely, and this is the only payware aircraft that does this, never encountered this with Aerosoft Airbus, PMDG, Carenado, etc.... no warning, freeze or anything, it just completely shuts down P3d.
  4. This guides you pretty well. Thanks @g5flyer
  5. Ron might be correct. You may also want to look at this article from our knowledge base on the tablet or instruments not working properly, hopefully it helps!
  6. Bobaux, What exactly happens when you crash? Is there a specific action that makes it reproducible?
  7. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing the same, either half way across on a flight or simply on Taxi, I just parked it and use my other products until they fix this problem.
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  9. Are you using it on FSX or P3D? The screenshots were taken in P3D. I adjusted my brightness and saturation a bit then. I've adjusted it again since so I couldn't tell exactly where to set it. I also didn't use any shaders.
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  11. Love the Eastern paint job. When I use the aircraft, the metal look is really dark. I don't get any shine like you do in those first 3 pics. It always looks like dark like pic 4. Is there some kind of setting I'm missing? Greg
  12. Dear TFDi team, I bought this aircraft last week and I have to say that it looks great. However, it's unflyable because the aircraft consume a lot ammount of memory at the level that I can't finish every single flight, there is a fix for this issue? Some update maybe that I missed? I'm already running the plane at FSX having Nvidia GTX1060. Expecting your answer, regards
  13. You'll want to map events, not variable control - i.e. make pressing your switch trigger the button press event. Most of our code is built with that idea in mind.
  14. The thing is, if you only have FSX installed you have no easy way to add them. It needs to be part of the Addon Manager FSX install process.
  15. Hello, I am using the Honeycomb Yoke and it comes with an app that allows the assignment of keyboard events or lvar events to the switches and buttons. I've been successful in mapping this with many of my other aircraft, including the Majestic Q400, FSW Learjet, Falcon, Mu-2, the Coolsky DC-9, Carenado C-185, and a few others. However, for the life of me, I can't seem to do this with the 717. An example would be for the Majestic Q400, I have a switch configured for a switch on the panel to turn on/off nose wheel steering: Basically it is just specifying the name of an LVAR and then setting a value, or if is a toggle, then no value is required. However, I can't seem to understand the analogy for the event list for the 717. I see the list and select, for example B717_ovhd_lights_bcn but I seem to need to specify an integer value, which isn't provided on the linked list. I've used Doug Dawson's p3_xml_vars_x64 gauge to monitor the LVARs as well and despite matching the integer values for on and off, it doesn't seem to have an impact. I see that when the lights are on the LVAR DEC value is 35 and then off it is 0. However, when I specify those I can see the variable change in the xml vars gauge, and I see the button move on the overhead, but the condition of the lights doesn't change. I also tried the simple approach of mapping to the built-in beacon light command in P3D and that doesn't work either. Has anyone had luck or can someone point me in the right direction with respect to mapping any of these events to buttons?
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    Hi. Basically, a VPN is used to access resources that are currently blocked. Or as an intermediate node for additional encryption and anonymity of your presence on the network. Most VPNs and proxies can be found here - . See for yourself. Prices are now difficult to suggest.
  17. Just purchased PACX today. I am using P3Dv4.5 and when I bring up PACX in PMDG 737 the cockpit and engine sounds go mute, the simulator is not paused and other sounds (environmental, ATC) can still be heard. I have Pause on Task and Mute on Lost Focus unchecked. I'm also using all the default sounds with PMDG. Any ideas/solutions? Thanks, Jay
  18. U 2! Happiness to all
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    Your experience using VPN. What did you use it for and what is the price?
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  21. Great livery! it would be nice to have the new colors though
  22. Hello everyone, I just installed PACX and currently halfway during my first flight. PACx is running aswell, howeever everytime I press a button in the flightdeck, talk to ATC, or somply do anything in X-plane 11. the PACx pop-up dissapears! Whenever I want to open it again I need to press the Windows-key and open PACx. Is ther a way to keep the PACx open all the time, no matter what I do in X-plane?
  23. Hello: Could the PACX, software include and play the background voices of ATC, and pilots on the ground or in the air? Good day, good luck!
  24. Yes but that is not what people are referring to. The model animation alone is way too subtle. You can barely tell they're on, especially off the ground where you can't see the light splashes. Try using the .fx files from P3D. It looks far better and I'm sure it's what the users here are looking for. I know the model was updated to use animations rather than standard .fx but the .cfg is still set up to use them, and it looks muuuuch better in FSX.
  25. Hi: I love this airplane. Would anybody know how to change the aircraft config. so I can custom add (increase) the fuel quantity? I want to be able to keep the airplane flying for around 10 hours or 5,000NM. Kinda use it as personal biz jet. Thanks much.
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