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  4. I decided to see what can be achieved with the released PBR model. Going to take a lot of work but looking good so far I think as far as overall effect!
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  6. Mine takes about 30 seconds, this one I send you is from one of our pilots
  7. This could be a delay from the Virtual Airline side. Are all your smartCARS instances behaving like this?
  8. Good afternoon, when I start SmartAcars it sometimes takes up to 6 minutes, it is up to date my internet speed is 600MBS and the pc is completely clean and up to date. Solution? Thanks
  9. The .SWV files are proprietary, so there isn't a way to convert files into our format.
  10. Thanks for the response and sorry for my late response Fabio, Is there a website where i can convert MP3 to SWV? Greetings.
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  12. After a certain amount of time, PACX will recognise the plane is no longer climbing and switch to the cruise phase automatically. Is this not happening? While this would admittedly be hilarious if it was the case, it could be that the flight is simply too short to have a service. What is the typical length of a flight for you? Unfortunately, this would be the responsibility of the cabin crew. Hence, we do not allow the pilot to manually trigger a flight service.
  13. The 717 is not at End of Support. Critical bugs or crashes will still be supported, but there will be no more minor changes to the 717 unless something changes. While I understand that is disappointing, the 717 has been in the market for a long time, supporting a range of platforms from Flight Simulator X to Prepar3D v5. You can search for TFDi_Design_717 in the Effects folder and this should show all the available effects the 717 has.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional Repaint of KLM PH-DNA Livery Real One [ DC-9 KLM PH-DNA ] Repaint Made by Jip [ oomejip ]
  15. @CheapCharlie hit me up if you want. I'm take a few days to get back into simming a bit and was look at the enabled PBR for the 717. If you want to get this full PBR I can help it along. Attached should be an example of what I did in a few minutes, it obviously is not a real reprsentation of my work, I was just ensuring PBR actually worked before I wasted my time. If you contact me I can get it done a lot faster and better though with access to the original files.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional Repaint of KLM PH-DNR Livery Real One [ DC-9 KLM PH-DNR ] Repaint Made by Jip [ oomejip ]
  17. My passengers are thirsty. 😀 A lot of times the drinks aren't served because either the program does not recognize the plane is in cruise (even when the cruise altitude matches the flight setup) or even when its in cruise, the flight attendants are on strike and refuse to serve. These issues are mainly in MSFS and particularly in the CRJ. Is there anything that can be done to either manually trigger service or have the program recognize the appropriate mode? Thanks.
  18. Thank you for your reply, but with my apologies, I find this completely unacceptable. I have paid good money (£50+) for this product via Orbx and to now be told that the product is at “end of life” and as such not in the support scope of the company any longer, I think that is very poor. I do not expect to have to go into complex and critical files within a program, to modify parameters, just to allow basic effects, when I have paid so much to have the privilege of having it on my system in the first place. I will however try this, but if you can, can you at least tell me where to find these effects files? All I can seem to find, in my FSX effects files, is the “TFDi_Design_717_Touchdown.fx” file Nothing more. Again, thank you.
  19. Thanks Fabio, I've just opened up a support ticket.
  20. Will be very happy to fly this when finished
  21. You cannot do this, I'm afraid. This is something we considered when PACX was created. It would be incredibly time consuming and inefficient to record, filter and then have your computer search through every single city name or destination and play this file. Many major destinations or states are recorded, while smaller destinations are not, which is when a generic announcement will be played.
  22. Can you please open a support ticket via the link in my signature?
  23. This is actually something our team went into great discussions about what to name. Time to takeoff refers to time until wheels up, not block time. Flight time refers to wheels up to wheels down. The issue with block time is it also considers taxi out and taxi in time. PACX stops the clock as soon as a flight is safely on the ground and sufficiently slowed down to not consider a go around. I do not believe this system will change anytime in the near future. I will lock and close this post, as I have also locked it's duplicate.
  24. The issue with block time is it also considers taxi out and taxi in time. PACX stops the clock as soon as a flight is safely on the ground and sufficiently slowed down to not consider a go around. I do not believe this system will change anytime in the near future.
  25. This is exactly why we don't do this, I'll put my response from @Ryz's post here as well:
  26. No worries at all! I'll lock this post for you.
  27. Thanks Fabio! The automated response has given me the solution. I can now install the 717, you can ignore my ticket I opened. Thank you!
  28. Unfortunately, the 717 is at End of Life. If you wish to modify the brightness of the lights, you are more than welcome to edit the values in the Effects files to match what you are looking for! Unfortunately, we do not control the Immersion Pack, as this is produced by Parallel 42.
  29. Thanks Fabio! I shall do so!
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