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  2. Version 1.0.0

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    just copy to another livery
  3. Hi,What’s the simple way to install liveries I’m by any means not a computer expert thanks Sal
  4. I am experiencing the same problem and do NOT have an SLI enabled video card. Any suggestions? i will say, I’ve never had this problem until recently. Only change i can think of is i recently turned hyperthreading off for my cpu. Any advice?
  5. Hey @turbofandude Its super exciting to see the 717 team active again to try and make progress on the CTD issue and the VECTOR disco discussed above ! Any chance we will see a decent arrow/banana bar in the future ? Thanks !
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  8. @sparrows1969 This does not sound like the intended/normal behavior (something seems like it's set wrong). Would you like to setup a remote support session so we can take a direct look?
  9. @thibodba It is likely not something we are going to see in the immediate future.
  10. smartCARS stops recording/freezes when i start my decent in windows 10
  11. ozkev


    hello i am new here and was wondering if pacx has had an update and if for updates does it do it automatically or do we point at pacx on our system to update? thanks kevin
  12. Thank you for implementing this.
  13. This pack makes me wish we had the option to remove eyebrow windows.
  14. @turbofandude About PBR to the external model?
  15. dorndorn


    I am trying to buy the Smart ACARS program and I am required to provide an airline name and an executable icon during the purchase---I suppose I could just use a virtual aitline name for the airline part,---but what is an executable icon?---I have never heard of one in the context of buying a product!
  16. OAT is not entered into the TO page automatically. You need to enter the temp and then the unit "F" or "C" after the number.
  17. I understood that OAT was entered automatically into the TO page. Even after a reinstallation this does not happen for me. So I go to the prog page and there it is. I then try and enter the number, say 23degs (with the proper symbol in the prog page)....and everytime I am told a Format Error. There is very little information about this in the Guide but of course no OAT, no V speeds. I can calculate them from a table or just assume a lift off at about 145knots but this latter is very imprecise. Has anyone faced this error and has a workaround. It may be related but I am also getting a panel serialisation warning on startup.
  18. No one? So you all are able to hear NAV sounds and change the brightness of the PFD? Please tell me how to do this!
  19. I have no autorudder on. Doesn't Help. The aircraft is awsome, but this ground steering makes me mad.
  20. So we can understand the issue, did you have PACX already loaded up before the flight and we’re unable to reopen the window during your flight, or did you want to start PACX mid flight?
  21. You have to be at the gate to open pacx
  22. Version 1.0.0


    not my vest livery , those who want to fix it you have my permission but please publish it back in new version .
  23. Version 1.0.0


    hope you like do not publish without my approval
  24. Thank you, and good luck with the project.
  25. Can anyone tell me how to turn on the NAV sounds?I am using the little panel on the left side of the pilot,but with a VOR or ILS tuned in the FMC,I am not getting any Morse idents. What am I doing wrong?Also,I there a way to dim or brighten the pilots instruments?
  26. We are working on some fairly major changes and additions (unannounced features), hence the delay. We are expecting it to be finished before Oct. 1.
  27. Are u referring tp Chaseplane?? If so, I use it as well...and get the crashes when switching back to the VC. However I have mapped certain key shortcuts to switch to various views (both internal and external). I usually enable cinematic mode and switch back to the VC whenever necessary.
  28. I think I solved the issue:for some reason my appdata folder was hidden.I noticed in the log that PACX could not find the PACX folder in appdata.By unhiding the appdata file, things seem to be allright now.
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