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  4. Mistrfiksit

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Wrapping this up but finishing another before I send it out.
  5. Last week
  6. Hi, I would like to know if there is a tutorial on how to use the TFDI B717 paint kit. I do not understand how it works, I have worked with other paintkits (MaddogX, PMDG ...) without problems. I use Photoshop, with which I have never had problems making paintings. Thank you very much ... Alberto.
  7. Rob Ainscough

    Real light fps problem on new airbus

    I'll toss in my 2 cents, having major performance issues with TrueGlass and TrueLight when in SLI (oddly no flickering as has been reported). Specifically the MV 310R. If I disable SLI, then no issues. I did bring this up with LM and they seem to feel it's a driver issue and not much they can do their side. Thoughts? Cheers, Rob.
  8. GerdD

    SOCI ODCB Error P3D v4.4 and 717 v1.1.1.1

    For activation problems You have to wait untill tomorrow when TFDi team will be on duty again. Best would be You open up a ticket for this meanwhile. What was the former version You did the last update on?
  9. jeansy

    SOCI ODCB Error P3D v4.4 and 717 v1.1.1.1

    Im still assuming so as it was working fine today prior conducting to the update, besides that ive lost my tablet after several reinstall attempts im now getting a activation error so im annoyed as last night i just bought the 717 immersion everything worked find, then the update error and now i cant even activate to download
  10. daniel.burke01

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    I would love to see a possible JetBlue, AeroMexico, or Allegiant! All fictional I know! -Dan-
  11. GerdD

    SOCI ODCB Error P3D v4.4 and 717 v1.1.1.1

    Do You have MsAccess installed? If so, check here if You find some kind of solution:
  12. Hi guys, i did the update to the most recent version today and im getting this error after selecting the aircraft and click on load flight. Prior to the update i had no issues, ive uni stalled the 717 twice and addon manager and reinstalled only to find the same message with only the 717 Now after i close all the error boxes the aircraft still loads without the tablet, no setting in the addon manager has changed. Im using Win 10 pro and as stated p4d v4.4 with the 717 v1.1.1.1
  13. dc9man

    Auto Fight Panel Knobs will not turn,

    I solved it with a wireless mouse instead of using the touch pad cursor
  14. nfinger

    Is smartCARS dead?

    i do not have a map problem on my server at all, all flights are showing - no issues.
  15. dazza1980

    Addon Manager download error

    Thanks Alberto! That worked perfectly!
  16. Angulo50

    Addon Manager download error

    Hi dazza1980 and Stevo: I had the same mistake last week, try the following, for me it worked: Appdata / Local / TFDi Design Addon Manager / Downloads / 13 I have only deleted that folder (13) and I have been able to download the program and install it. Regard Alberto.-
  17. Stevo

    Addon Manager download error

    ive been having the same issue
  18. dazza1980

    Addon Manager download error

    Hi, I have decided to do a full P3d reinstall to update to version 4.4. This included removing all add on aircraft. Ive downloaded and install the addon manager, but when it comes to downloading the actual 717, the download throughs up an error on file 8 of 10 stating "An error occurred while downloading". I have downloaded the addon manager a number of times and disabled my antivirus. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. BlackCloud58

    Boeing 717-2CM Hawaiian Airlines (Circa 2019) N490HA

    Your work is very, very good and am really looking forward to it. Thanks very much for making this effort!
  20. coqui297

    Night textures

    Anyone home ??
  21. GerdD

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    about 6+. But before it crashed on anyone. (after 4.4 update) This might be different on other Systems, depending on it´s overall configurations.
  22. Just came back to the 717 after having it for FSX back in 2017. Since moving to P3D a year ago I installed the 717 on P3D V4.4, everything seems to be working fine so far. The 717 was installed and is update to date on the addon manager. There was a post I found about this a while ago but doesn't resolve my issue of the checklist.png image not displaying on the EFB/Tablet. As directed by the documentation I verified that the image was saved in Tablet>Documents, a side not the 'Example' image works perfectly and is also under the .png format. As a result of opening this the EFB displays a white screen.
  23. molleh

    Repaint installation in FSX SE

    Hi Tom, If your FSX Steam Edition is installed in the default location, your TFDi airplane folder in FSX would be located in c:\program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\simobjects\airplanes\TFDi_Design_717.
  24. I'm having a helluva time finding the aircraft config file so I can install a repaint. When opening 717 under sim objects and aircraft all the config says 'stat.config' and opening it there's no [ sim no's] . This use to be easy with plain old FSX but this Steam Edition is another story, any ideas or directions? Tom Helwick NWA retired
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  26. klh1228

    Engine On/Off logging is incorrect

    Within the last week, around the time my Steam XPlane version moved to 11.30, I am seeing a recurring "Engine 1 is off" followed immediately by an "Engine 1 is on" message in the flight log. This caused me to have to disable the setting in smartCARS to pause the sim when an unusual condition is detected, or my sim pauses constantly. Recent flight log attached. Flight log.txt
  27. Templar

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    Can you confirm the number of flights you have done since you disabled Transparent Surfaces?
  28. M3AP

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    CTD only on view change.
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