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  2. Virtual170

    Nav Data Issue

    Hi there, I've just installed V1.1 however for some reason I can't seem to get the nav data to update, I have run the Navigraph FMS data manager and the cycle info inside the data folder says 1807 but the aircraft is telling me I have 1610. I'm not too sure if I'm trying to install it into the wrong place but I can't figure out what I could be doing wrong. Thanks in advance, Mungo
  3. Today
  4. gamesyns

    Paint Kit?

    It's up now
  5. Darren Howie

    Flickering RealLight - no support topic?

    The option to NOT use reallight has not been optioned with the 717 hence i no longer fly it as i run SLI as well. This has been known about for over 6 months and nothing has been done. Th flickering is also effecting other addons like Milviz Turbo Otter and AS A319.
  6. HughesMDflyer4

    TFDi Design 717 Paintkit

    Version 1.0.0


    Layered PSDs for creating new liveries for the TFDi Design 717.
  7. Sanpp

    New Tomato Profile?

    I might expect one in the next 24-48 Hours, the guys from R&D presets may be working on it.
  8. Sanpp

    Paint Kit?

    expect 5 GB guys just joking, lol.
  9. gamesyns

    Paint Kit?

  10. CXA001

    Paint Kit?

    If we could get a possible ETA for the Paint Kit or at the very least blank textures, it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  11. Sanpp

    What? Nice coincidence!

    seems like mr president is having a ride with the air force one! (I was participating on this event that the guys had in Hawaii)
  12. signmanbob

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    I would love to have a fictional American Airlines new design livery for my Boeing 717. I'm sure that it would be a popular download too. I'm willing to pay or donate toward a nice job of it too, if anyone is interested. Thank you, Bob
  13. WowSoDoge

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Can someone paint a fictionnal Amerijet 717 ? Some photos
  14. Looking for an updated reflection profile for this new 717 model anybody know of one?
  15. Sanpp

    717 day!

    so guys, I would like to hear all of your thoughts about this new update!
  16. Sanpp

    Paint Kit?

    Today? or Can I go to sleep now? haha amazing work guys
  17. Anthony96

    Little Suggestion for PACX

    Not a bad suggustion
  18. Well I just bought this bird I need the updated reflection profile for the new model anybody know where to find it?
  19. signmanbob

    Little Suggestion for PACX

    Hello, I'm really excited about the coming PACX addon. It sounds like it will really add to the immersion and be very easy to use. I listened to the welcome announcement and thought it would be great if you could also include the type of aircraft. for instance "Ladies and gentlemen good evening. We welcome you to this Boeing 717, flight number 6155 with service to Atlanta..." or if we're flying a 737-700.. "Ladies and gentlemen good evening. We welcome you to this Boeing 737-700, flight number 6155 with service to Atlanta..." I have listened to cockpit videos and they always seem to include the type of aircraft that is being flown at the time. It would help people to know that they are on the correct flight. I have a friend of mine that goes to Las Vegas every year and it has always been on an MD80. This year he knew several months ahead that he would be on an Airbus A320 since the carrier stopped using the MD80. So the fact that the aircraft type is announced early on would help him to know that he crawled onto the correct flight. It would make PAKX more custom to the aircraft on each flight too. Thank you, Bob
  20. Dan Moore

    Logo light washout

    Is it just me or does the Delta repaint tail logo get washed out when the logo light is on?
  21. Jordi

    Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    Some metal/MD-80 style wings
  22. gamesyns

    Paint Kit?

    They are not done yet, please wait a little longer.
  23. Nominator

    Paint Kit?

    Does anyone know where the Paint Kit Files are Hiding?
  24. gamesyns

    Ability to save flight question.

    This topic has been archived.
  25. gamesyns

    717 first flight

    This topic has been archived.
  26. gamesyns

    This got me hyped!!! :D

    This topic has been archived.
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