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  2. Can you show exactly where you are deactivating the autopilot?
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  4. How do you shut these off in flight or while landing, the proper way? If I lift the two covers under the Auto pilot, I get a constant Auto Pilot warning that I cannot shut off.
  5. Sorry to hear about your problem opening PACX. Please open a support ticket with the link in my signature so our support team can assist. Thanks!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi everyone really strange, and I'm out of ideas, however my pacx will open but then will immediately close? I am absolutely baffled, so if anyone can help, id really appreciate it, as MSFS isn't the same without it?
  8. Version 1.0.0


    TFDi Boeing 717 Korean Air 'HL7172' Livery. It's is fully fictional based on Real Korean air MD-82. Some details have been removed because of difficulties of painting. Please read 'Read Me' inside the folder. Thank you for using my paint. Have a great day Made by Junie Park, ds7szn.
  9. Last week
  10. Ensure that you are at the correct destination airport and it corelates to the airport you inputted into the FMS. Otherwise, there shouldn't be any issues with the flightplan depiction on the ND.
  11. You need to make sure you have permissions and make sure the file is not read only.
  12. The flight plan is not loaded on the IRS display and correct alignment on FMC but the display remains blank.
  13. I downloaded the official delta livery for the 717 and I am trying to add the text into the aircraft.cfg file but it says I do not have permission. Appreciate any help.
  14. Are you using a career with the aircraft restriction enabled?
  15. przemopi


    The point is that a large number of planes are installed in the PAXCX \ ASSETS \ AIRPLANES directory, while in the simulator, after starting PACX, there are only a few variants of planes to choose from. I do not know why? How to make the rest of the planes available.
  16. This would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible to do with smartCARS 2. This is because we pull the data from phpVMS, which does not show us which gates an airport has. Keeping a local database with this much data is incredibly difficult and time consuming so it is unlikely to find it's way to smartCARS 2.
  17. Can you clarify what you mean? We have included a large number of aircraft by default to allow the majority of people to install and instantly be able to fly.
  18. Just a thinking. Wouldn't it be cool to have a feature where you could request your arrival gate before you land at your destination? It could be choosen randomly by a system (or algorithm?). That system knows the available positons at the airport and choose one randomly. There is already an ACARS system that can do it like that. Espacially for offline flying that would be great.
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  20. It will be on support.tfdidesign.com a support rep has just responded
  21. How do you open a support ticket? I am completely new to this.
  22. I understand you have a support ticket open, I will let them deal with this issue there
  23. Just tried again and it is not working again.
  24. @Fabio Almeida Are you able to assit further?
  25. So it starts to work but if I close the tool and relaunch I lose it. Does the tool have to be launched in a certain order?
  26. I am using wav. I tried everything. I started with a .wav and it didn’t work. I converted it to 16 and 24 but using both stereo and mono. The mono one worked once or twice but if I close it out and relaunch it will not play again.
  27. Are you using .wav formats or mp3?
  28. It worked a little bit when I converted to mono at 41,400Hz but it is not consistent at all. Sometimes it works and the passenger audio cuts out or vice versa. I have been at it trying for 4 hours now and have about given up on it.
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