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  3. This is only compatible P3Dv4 or P3Dv5. FSX does not support PBR maps.
  4. My offer for Beta testing is still available. My favourite of all time PMDG dropped us all.
  5. Is ts valid also for the tfdi 717 on FSX?
  6. Version 1.0.3


    This includes external and internal PBR textures for the 717. Please note that at the moment RealLight Floodlights have terrible color palette-ing. As a result, I recommend only using the PBR interior textures during daylight or only using the RealLight integral lights.
  7. Last week
  8. This seems like a phpVMS issue, rather than an issue with smartCARS. I would go to the phpVMS forums and ask them about this issue: https://forum.phpvms.net/
  9. Thank you for your PACX flight. I see what you are referring to with the time being off and it saying that you were moderately ahead of schedule. While there's nothing that I can do at this moment. I've put this issue to be investigated by our development team so hopefully this is resolved in the next PACX version.
  10. Not sure if this is posted here, I am adding flight schedules to use with smartCARS, I have added the airline to my phpVMS admin panel, When I try to add a scheduled flight it says airline with code LOC does not exist, can anyone help? I will add pics of the problem
  11. Unfortunately yes. I have found out that there is a mechanism to force the reverse thruster throttles into an open position so the full axis is available (fixes not idling issue). The side affect of this is that I can not use the actual reverse thruster action on the hardware. Hardware explanation: The hardware is made up on 1 axis for each lever. The axis extends from position -1.00 to +1.00. Within this range on the axis, the hardware provides a reverse thrust action. This is done by pulling a lever on each throttle to bring the lever into a "reverse detent mode" (Just lik
  12. @Fabio Almeida Sure https://pacx.online/flight/34273b0e-f597-4f0d-b0ae-5ee03760433b In this example you can see a conflict: How can I be both Considerably Ahead of Schedule and have an Unexpected Arrival Delay? I also landed a bit early and the "Actual Arrival" is showing it was after the scheduled arrival. Does it use PC time or something instead of simulator time?!
  13. Are these throttle positions happening on any other aircraft?
  14. We do not have a cargo variant for the 717 planned at this time.
  15. Can you try putting the volume of the crew sounds higher and see if this changes the outcome?
  16. Can you open up a ticket via the link in my signature?
  17. @BobK @atav757 Are you able to link me to the pacx.online flight reports so we can investigate this further. Please @ me when you have this so I can see it
  18. As stated in your support ticket regarding this issue, this is not something that relates to smartCARS directly. It seems like these planes are disabled in phpVMS. We recommend going to the phpVMS forums regarding this.
  19. Hello! I recently bought the Thrustmaster TCA side stick and throttle set. In regards to the throttle, the idling position on the hardware is not idle in the aircraft. I am aware that this is an issue with all non-airbus aircraft due to the thrust and reverse thrust being on the same axis. Does anyone happen to know a setting I might be able to change within the config file for the 717 to adjust this setting? Any help would be great! Thanks, Skyler (KingKennedy) [ The picture attacked is when the hardware is in 'idle' position.
  20. Could it have anything to do with the volume settings for Crew/boarding sounds/boarding music?
  21. I tested it in control panel with a microphone test. When I pressed F12 without PACX running the volume slider did not move. It only happens with PACX running.
  22. I noticed some calculation issues during decent to two (2) different airports LCLK and LGAV. While on top of decent procedure starts normal..After while, a flashing and a continuous change of time of arrival to the next waypoint appears and the plane stop decenting normal.She decent slowly and during approach is very high near airport. I noticed that i have to change altitude and speed to specific waypoints in order to correct somehow the issue...After correction the plane decent as she should but ILS Autolanding and engangement is not possible. After repetition of the specific fligh
  23. resolved, I downloaded the Microsoft minimum requirements and this solved the issue.
  24. Hi, when trying to install the software I'm getting the above message tells me my the .dll is not installed, it is, but the software throws back this error. Does anyone have a solution to this? Your help would be very much appreciated🙂 Thanks Phil
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  26. Hi, I’d like to fly with a certain VA but they use smartCARS and I’m on XP11/Linux. Question: Is it possible for me to write a connector/tool that parses the XP UDP stream and send information to the VA’s smartCARS server so Linux as a flying platform can be supported? If so, is there any specs on a smartCARS client API that I could code to. Thanks!
  27. Hey. I have the same issue with same scenario (MSFS2020 & FBW A320neo), log.txt provided here. log.txt
  28. I am adding planes to the database, I have been told different things about adding them, while adding planes I am adding each plane I want in there, but I am being told there needs to be 2 of the same.but only 1 to select from. The greyed out parts are non selectable, does it need to be this way or can I just have the darker ones. Thanks
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