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  3. Kenml

    Flight Route Input

    Can I import flight plan with a .pln extension. i.e. KPVU to KSEA.pln ?? Regards, Kenml
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  5. nobleord

    Block time

    Colin, Thanks for the reply. I do understand that there is a version 3 in the works, but hope you can understand some of the frustration is that there has not been any information about version 3, possible features, possible timeline, etc.. So, when hearing that is something that will be addressed with version 3 it is hard to relate to that. If there has been a post with information about version 3 (and I just haven't seen it) then my apologies. Thanks, Bryan
  6. @turbofandude I wasn't on the forum for a long time,but did you add a decent arrow or banana so that we can descent like normal process? If not,do you plan to include it in the next update. Thanks
  7. Hi All, This issue has been reported to me by members of my Virtual Airlines. Whenever, they use weather engines such as active sky, Smartcars will not be able to report that the aircraft is at their cruising altitude especially at places with a higher QNH even though pilots are already cruising. I also understand that you have to input a cruising altitude in order to start the tracker. Is there a work around for these situations? Thanks
  8. Version 1.07


    This is the Aircraft Operations Manual and FCOM for Airtran Airways 717. Includes: Emergency Checklists(some are not simulated by the simulator) Operations Procedures System Descriptions Performance Revision 7: 1/15/2002
  9. Also, to further Josh's point; we don't even necessarily know what portion of the model would require reworking. There are SO many textures, materials, and surfaces in the file and there's no guarantee that a redone model wouldn't have the same problem. We will not be redoing the model to attempt to fix a problem we have a workaround for in the knowledgebase. Edit: This KB article and this forum topic both describe workarounds. If you haven't completed a full flight in a year, it's because you haven't looked at the solutions we've provided.
  10. I believe you may have misinterpreted my words from Discord. It would require an entirely new model, something that would take many months to actually complete if we had a team working on it full-time. I understand the frustration, but the problem is not with us, which I am always feeling like I have to keep repeating myself when people ask this. Lockheed Martin have told us it is their bug, not ours, and they need to fix that. We have given them test builds, sent emails back and forth, worked with testers on our end to find out what the bug was. Before jumping on forums to slate us after taking my words to assume we can rework the model, please consider that this is a product that has been out several years, and worked fine on the 32-bit version of the software without issue. It is with the 64-bit applications where we experience the problems.
  11. Good afternoon! Our developers have found a possible fix for the SLI flickering issue. In order to test this fix actually works, we are going to be needing a couple of testers with SLI setups to assist us. Ideally, we would request to use your system via a remote control software, such as AnyDesk, and will use your system for a couple of hours to run some tests. If this is something that you are interested in helping us out with, or if you have any questions in reference to testing this out, please send me a PM on the forum or email me: jriley[at] Cheers! Josh
  12. Hi. My question is if the 717 simulates icing conditions (I.e. Icing affecting performance, etc) Thanks.
  13. When asked recently "So what is it with the 717 that triggers this swizzle bug and why can't something be done to the 717 to avoid it?" The answer received included "If we were to fix it, it would involve a huge change to the exterior and interior models, something that we do not have the ability to carry out at the moment with our ongoing projects and other involvements, especially when LM have acknowledged it is on their side and not ours" This would suggest that TFDi could in fact rework the model to fix this instead of waiting for Lockheed Martin to get around to it at some future date. I can't really see Lockheed Martin having an incentive to jump on this anytime soon seeing that no other plane exhibits this behavior. I don't know about your experience, but it's now been more than a year since I bought this product and have yet to complete a flight without a view change CTD. If TFDi can't get a solid commitment from Lockheed Martin they need to get on with reworking the model instead, in spite of "ongoing projects and other involvements". Unfortunately from time to time in our business we've had to dip into the slush fund and/or rework project timelines to rectify issues that impacted customers even though we could have legitimately pointed the finger at others.
  14. Hey! i got it fixed! thank you for the help
  15. It hasn't yet, but it will be for the 1.0 update (which we are currently working on).
  16. I am working on getting some remote support sessions setup to try this again. It isn't the bug we initially believed it was.
  17. @Scotty From my knowledge, Lockheed Martin are working on a solution, but we do not have an ETA from them
  18. Hi, thanks for the suggestion - a work around wasn’t the question. Has the issue been solved ? Have LM got an answer and a patch on the way? Various posts say they do then the last post says they haven’t had time to look at it ? Is there a fix/patch coming - not a workaround ? thanks Scott
  19. @Scotty check our knowledge base under the support header on the website for possible fixes!
  20. Hi, A thing that could be added under the settings menu, is an option to reconnect to the sim. I know when the sim crashes it ask if I would like to reconnect, but I sometimes experience that it can't reconnect and thus all my progress is lost. That's why an option to reconnect would after you restart PACX would be great
  21. Installed the files from the attached .zip and still no change. Nav lights are still dim when on.
  22. VIDEO: Aviones intentan aterrizar en medio de los fuertes vientos en Europa por la tormenta Ciara La tormenta, que afecta el norte del continente europeo, ha provocado numerosos retrasos y cancelaciones en el tráfico aéreo.
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  24. Ginns, yeah it can be annoying as hell. I do prefer to pay more, but to be confident that my business class would have a good level of service. Visit site and you will understand what I'm talking about. That website does care about the potential customers and potential passenger, and allow to choose the perfect airline operator with a combination of the cheapest ticket for it.
  25. No Worries. I Understand😉
  26. I'm afraid I really cant give anymore details out! Sorry!
  27. Any updates on this issue yet?
  28. I will try installing these tonight and let you know the results.
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