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  2. I guess at this point our only hope is that P3D v4.5 fixes it. If not then that's gonna be it since the developer seems to care more about their meme Pacx stuff that no one cares about, rather than the 717. On a sidenote, pretty much everyone at Tfdi except the CEO and some other dude left the team.
  3. Hello, in meantime I have solved this item, using mouse fields in FSUIPC was the hint, after deactivation I could move the internal illumination light switches. BTW I needed them only one time to get the event values, then I created bespoke events and use rotary selectors to control internal lights, i'ts working fine. Mouse field in FSUIPC I have activated thenafter, needed for better zooming, moving & scrolling.
  4. Maybe, but meanwhile this is an endless discussion and we all know that TFDi is not able to get this fixed as long as they cannot find a fixable reason.
  5. The problem is the airplane itself. Chaseplane has nothing to do with the ctd view switchting. Otherwise tfdi would be stating that chaseplane is the problem
  6. You can never expect that any addon is fully compatible with any tool.
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  8. It simply is down to LM listing it as being a rather low priority when considered with other bugs they need to fix. We've tried the nagging method, and we're holding out for it to be addressed in future releases in regards to the SLI problems. Sorry to keep you all waiting, I'm just as eager to see this get fixed for you guys
  9. Hey Kevin. Sorry to hear you're having some issues. Please open up a support ticket with us and we can look into this properly.
  10. Any word on release of the "temporary fix" mentioned 6 months ago? Has LM dropped the ball and not addressed the issue?
  11. Does your cursor change from arrow to finger if moved over the switches? If yes, are you using mouse wheel to turn?
  12. Last week
  13. Hello, both panel light switches on overhead panel have no function, can't turn or switch them on. No panel or integral lights during nightflight except dome, map or stormlight. Exterior lights and displays are working. Does anybody has an idea?
  14. As you can see on the first photo the same NAV Frecc. (DMN) Needle1 points one direction and neddle2 points other direction on photo 2 with VOR display on DU both needles points the same direction on the same VOR
  15. Thank you!! Been waiting for this forever!
  16. There is only one tablet display..(copilot) order to be able to use any autopilot dials I need to be on the copilot side of the cockpit. The pilot side nothing works. I thought it had something to do with sharing. No matter how I share the left tablet is unclickable. I uninstalled and re-installed all to no avail. When I installed it the first time when first released for purchased it worked. Any help will be appreciated! Kevin
  17. I have the same problem. I love this airplane, but when using Chase Plane, and switching back to an internal VC view, I've had a CTD. First was halfway from DEN-SEA. Second was on a 8 mile final from DEN-SEA (repeat of the previous CTD). Using "conventional method changing views" is not an option. Especially considering this is the ONLY addon that exhibits this behavior. Looking forward to a fix.
  18. Hey, Sorry to hear you're experiencing some issues. From what you've told us, it doesn't immediately strike me as an issue we've noticed before but that could also mean it isn't getting reported. If you could open up a support ticket for us, with your PC specs (and ideally your friend's), we will do our best to look into this for you!
  19. Could be worth a try using the conventional method changing views instead of camera tools.
  20. Only fix is not to change views which for some people is close too impossible..
  21. Have you made any expensive furniture purchases recently? What it was and how much it turned out to be expensive
  22. I am wondering if there is any handling of large variations in FPS when utilizing shared cockpit in the 717. A buddy and I were performing a first time test flight the other day and were able to connect and see each others actions in the 717 for the first half of the flight. We departed and were in the air for about an hour when we noticed something wasn't correct. It seemed like my friend was ahead of me in his game location wise while I was behind. We made sure to sync our addon manager settings so that we are using the same configuration. It then popped into my head to ask him what FPS he has his sim locked at and he has his at 60 while mine is locked at 30. Would this difference in FPS cause the shared cockpit feature to desync? Both clients sim version: P3d V4.3
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  24. Hi Brian, thank you for providing the xml codes, I'm trying them at the moment... Can you tell me what i have to write inside mcppro xml to get the speed window working? Best regards Ralf
  25. GerdD

    717 P3D4

    It´s not in beta anymore since mid of last year. Please update to latest version ( via Addon Manager. Will run fine in P3D4.4. Unfortunately You´re right about lack of official communication here, but those answers could easily be found in the Forums.
  26. Hey TFDI, I have a big big request for Smartcars: I'm often flying vfr, and sometimes without checklist. And unfortunately I often forget to activate smartcars. The program itself is always started, but I forget to activate the flight. So i have to return to the departure airport and to do the flght again 🤪 🤯 It would be very kind, if Smartcars could check, if I set Thrust-Levers to more than 50% and when this happens and smartcars isnt connected, then generate a alarm sound and send a message to the green message bar in the Simulator. That would be very great, if you could implement that!
  27. RAZ

    717 P3D4

    Hi there! Just wanted a little clarification on the 717 and P3D4. Is this model still in "beta" mode? Has it been officially completed/updated to function in P3D4? I originally purchased the aircraft and then took part in the beta so I can use it in P3D4 -- but its been a little too quiet and not sure whats going on with it? I'm starting to question my purchase and the recommendation of the product now (which has potential, its a great model), however there is very little to no information.
  28. I love the B717 but disappointed at the fairly limited selection of repaints available, A fictional Air Canada or Westjet livery would be fantastic along with a fictional Asian carrier would be high on my wish list. An Alaska Airlines would be also a great option in my opinion. I simply don’t have the skills to repaint unfortunately.
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