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  3. I'm not sure. I am going to the relevant Airport file, I right click on it, and open the file using Notepad. I don't see any options to open as Admin. The file then opens in Notepad. However, when I try to save the file (as an XML file), it says I don't have the proper permissions.
  4. Are you running notepad as Admin?
  5. hi there, unfortunately this is a limitation of Microsoft Flight Simulators logbook system. There is no way around this. It seems that the end of flight is triggered as soon as engines are turned off.
  6. Please raise a support ticket with us and we can help fix the issue.
  7. Can clarify the memory issue?
  8. I have edited the airports xml file using notepad to insert info for ENTO, but when I try to save in XML format I get an error message saying that I don't have sufficient permissions to open the document. How do I resolve this issue?
  9. Ethanb_UK

    Cabin layout

    Hey! Here is the manual for adding more cabin layouts Adding aircraft, flight comments and names to PACX - PACX - TFDi Design Forums
  10. You can also request airport to be added using the forum linked below Missing Airports Thread - Reports - TFDi Design Forums
  11. @AstroLiam Has this issue resolved itself? If not, please open a ticket using the link in my signature.
  12. I forgot my password and have done the step but I did not get a email to change it. It has been 20 minutes
  13. If airports are missing from the program completely, you can add them yourself. If it is audio, it is not currently possible.
  14. Last week
  15. Stevep92

    Saved flight

    Hi does anyone know weather u can reload pacx again with a saved flight?
  16. Is there a way to integrate airport names ???? I fly from Reunion Island (where I live) to many places in Indian Ocean and Africa There should be a way for users to add names This is a suggestion Could tou make that ???? Software is great Just tired to land to fly at your destination all the time
  17. Hi Something is wrong with the b717 in P3d V5 ... concerning memory... what to do? All the best Jens
  18. How come APL (A Pliots life add on) supports pause mode and PACX does not? It also uses FSUIPC7.
  19. I downloaded PAXC today with msfs2020 and was excited to use the feature of recording your voice and then having it play back in the cabin. When I got into the menu, I clicked the voice Icon but it took me straight to the little menu that is supposed to pop up after you make an announcement. I have airpods connected and I know they work because I have tested them with the voice recording app in windows. I was wondering if I am doing anything wrong or something because I'm not sure what to do.
  20. Hello, Please, what is the deboarding trigger in PACX ? As soon as we arrive, I ask for the gangway to be attached and the passengers can unfasten their seat belts. I also seem to be forced to shut down the engines which ends the flight and FS2020 shows me the flight summary screen with options to return to main screen or continue. If I continue, after a few moments it seems to trigger unboarding but FS2020 add systematically a new new in my logbook. Thank you for your assistance. Regards
  21. mikael 140

    Cabin layout

    Hello there ! I hope everyone is going well ! 🙂 Just a question, I would like to make the layout for the entire fleet of SWISS, but I do not understand how to make it... There is any manual ? Enjoy and take care ! Best regards, Mikael
  22. The world is constantly changing, and PACX is often missing airports that have been recently opened or built in the real world. This thread is meant to be used for users (that's you!) to tell us of any airports that you have found to be missing in PACX. We expect to have the following data from any requests we receive to add airports: Ident - This is the identifier of the airport, usually a 4 letter combination which is unique to the specific airport Name - This is the name of the airport Latitude and longitude - These are the co-ordinates of the airport. You can usually fi
  23. Hi Dan, you can add the airport manually following this guide:
  24. The entered departure airport (ENTO) wasn't found... How to remedy this?
  25. Good evening, Is there any forecast for the launch of the MD-11?
  26. Thanks Nick. Had a play with it last night and made some progress. Not quite there yet but thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  27. Hi all, Quick question about career mode and MSFS2020. Is there any way to add in PACX a compatible class plane so I can start my career on msfs 2020 ? all aircraft proposed by PACX whit aircraft restriction class A does not exist in MSFS 2020. I am maybe missing something ? Thanks a lot !
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