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  2. Hi. I recently bought P3D 4.4, and have noticed that I get some stuttering with the 64 bit angry puppy. I get very smooth performance in FSX. I have changed all the 717 settings to lower textures, true-glass off, etc to try to get it a little better. Also have backed off P3D settings like shadows, reflections, etc to try to smooth it out. I have 3 other planes installed in P3D that I also have in FSX, and they work without stutter in P3D with middle-of-the-road settings. I will end up just flying her in FSX, but first I'd like to see if there is anything else I could try to get it smoother in P3D. It isn't terrible, and frame rates are good either locked at 30 or unlimited. The stuttering generally gets more noticeable during banks and turns, when there is ground scenery moving across the field of view. Any ideas? Thanks!
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  4. Lerimer


    as soon as I hit TOD my system crashed. DMP file is attached
  5. molleh

    Download Activation error

    Open a support ticket. Someone at TFDi will need to reset your activations.
  6. SteveS

    Download Activation error

    Tried downloading the 717 through Addon manager after a clean install of prepar3dv4.4 but get an Activation error listed below, tried deleting folder 13 from Appdata as mentioned in other posts, but I didn't have folder 13 shown.
  7. Nice system, I have similar 2 gtx 1080 ti I7-8700k ,like you I don't know which monitor to get. I am currently using a 55inch TLC tv @ 60hz and I feel I want more. Like 144hz I just don't know yet . Let me know what you have decided on and why.
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  9. lucky_885

    V4.4 CTD seems to be fixed

    Haven't flown the 717 for a while, recently came back to it and have the same issue. I use EZDOK2 as camera manager. So far crashes seem to happen when switching from an external view to the VC. So far it's always proceeded by a about 30 second sim freeze. PC Specs: AMD FX 8350, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1070. Sim: P3Dv4.4. I hope a fix comes out soon. Maybe with re rumoured P3Dv4.5 update.
  10. BrianThePilot

    Boeing 717-2CM Hawaiian Airlines (Circa 2019) N490HA

    Hey! I was curious if there will be an option to add a texture to make the eyebrows to disappear if you knew of any. Not at all demanding nor asking for it but was just curious if you thought of doing it. Thanks! Brian
  11. Hawaiianstyle25

    717 awesome

    I honestly don't know. I did a 100% uninstall of P3d v4.3 and installed V4.4. I then updated ALL drivers , sound, chipset, graphics, SSD, mouse, yoke, wireless keyboard, Motherboard, wireless internet. Updated my Orbx products, reinstalled my PTA shaders , Updated tfdi 717 to most recent version. Also I uninstalled Bonjour which was on my Programs Installed onto PC. I think it runs Apple iTunes but it was causing me to have CTD when I was getting them with the 717. I was seeing info in the Event viewer and it was linked to Bonjour. I uninstalled Bonjour. Ive flown 5 flights with 717 and no CTD. Did: KSFO-KSAN KMSP-KGRB KSAN-KOAK PHLI-PHNL KATL-KCLT NO CTD.....I will keep evaluating but so far so good. I love the FPS now. TFDI needs to make MD-11 like will sell like crazy. I will be first to buy. Miss my PMDG MD-11
  12. GerdD

    717 awesome

    Thats good to hear. Could You retrace what solved the CTD finally You had half a year ago?
  13. Hawaiianstyle25

    717 awesome

    My 717 finally runs flawless ! I love it ! FPS is so good. Flight dynamics are good . U guys HAVE to make a MD-11 with the 717 performance of the VC and exterior . It would sell so much. I miss my pmdg md-11 . Only thing is the tail logo light is very faint blurry like fs2004 texture. It needs to be updated cuz u can barely see the airliner logo. Other than that please make a MD-11
  14. Mistrfiksit

    Airtran Special Livery Paint 2

    You're welcome. 😁
  15. Anthony96

    PMDG Global Flight Operations

    Good question
  16. BlackCloud58

    Airtran Special Livery Paint 2

    Been waiting for the "original livery" as I like the engine paint better. Thank you for doing this!
  17. cgustafson89

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Is there anyone that would be up to doing a Northwest Airlines final silver livery repaint? Seems fairly simply. I attempted to start it myself but I dont have PS and opening .psd files from the paint kit in is almost impossible to work with. Thanks!
  18. GerdD

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    Totally understand and agree with your argumentations. But, as a matter of fact, TFDi obviously is not willing or able to fix this problem. So, to get the 717 running, we only can help ourself and can give solutions further to others. I also do not believe that all buyers are having the same problem as, regarding the downloaded numbers of repaints, there must be thousands of copies been sold and compared with the number of posters here there might be a big silent majority. It also does not help anybody that other aircraft are running fine. This plane does not, and if I want to fly it I have to find solutions within my system (hardware settings included). About the unacceptable behaviour of the developers everything has already been said. We only can keep it in mind.
  19. bravomike

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    Agreed, an elaborate statement on Tfdi's part is long overdue.
  20. elgato

    Exterior lights issue

    Hi there, Congrats for this great aircraft. Love it. I have FSX+Acc running on Win7/64 with a Nvidia GeForce 780 GTX graphics board. The exterior lights - except the beacon lights - are very-very dimmed, hardly perceptible at day or at night. The strobe lights (Hi Int lights) are properly reflecting on the ground at night, but are otherwise not visible. Nav, taxi and landing lights are not visible from more than a few meters distance. Any fix in sight for that issue? Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.
  21. dimkzr

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    Knowing LM, I can totally believe that the problem could be at their end, and they're like "we'll fix it... someday... in P3Dv6... maybe". TFDi can probably rework the 717, and implement some sort of a "hack" to temporarily solve this (with a usual risk of breaking something else). But if LM will suddenly decide to fix this in 4.5 or 4.6, it will require yet another rework from TFDi. This is kinda understandable. What I cannot understand, is why TFDi is so passive about this? If this is indeed LM's fault, then give us more technical details, so we can press LM with facts on their own forums. Or, if you are unsure on who's to blame, create a debug tool (like QualityWings did for their 787) and collect all the data you want from those affected by CDTs. "We cannot reproduce it" is not an answer.
  22. canadagoose

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    It's unprecedented IMO, that a Developer has been so Quiet in the forums regarding any kind of issue. It's almost like a Ghost Town in here. It's very strange that the Developers have not responded at all, I recall maybe one thread somewhere with respect to the CTD issue, indicating that it was an LM issue. Maybe they are passing the Buck, maybe not. It's like the Developers are laying low, in hopes that the problem will go away on it's own. I hope they are not going to fold up camp and just sail off into the sunset. I am concerned, because it was one of my favourite planes to jump into and do quick regional flight. I am over reacting I guess, and I do hope the Developers really do care about this issue, don't they?
  23. Quique

    Addon Manager "Forgets" I have B717 Installed

    I have the exact same problem. Windows 10 and Prepar3d v4.3 too.
  24. M3AP

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    Completely agreed, though I dont see many people mentioning it running well at all sadly (CTD wise) and the only other known fix is using another VC panel which heavily impacts the FPS. I tried your suggestion along with a variety of graphics settings on P3D and I havent been able to address the CTD issue. If anything the CTD was now sort of freeze framing the flight deck before the sim window hangs and then just disappears. But also being said, I dont think people are bickering per se, rather, I just think people are becoming frustrated that this issue has been present for so long. Other aircraft work just fine with the settings I am running, I also run the PMDG 737 and several Carenado aircraft from a BGA down to smaller planes like a C206 and they work fine on my settings not a single CTD with these add on planes.
  25. Mistrfiksit

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Sooooooon... But that top pic makes me want to alter what I've started. 😬
  26. bryank1988

    CTD when changing views

    Just had a CTD for the same issue after an hour of flight. Really frustrating.
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