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  2. Please let us know if it continues - we will check into it if so.
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  5. I get the same message (and I use the "Ready to Fly" option), but I have not yet conducted a test flight. I guess this means that I may encounter problems? The fuel load is 8.5 tons for a quick circuit, so there defintely IS enough fuel for the trip!! EDIT: This is with the latest version of the 717 in P3D v4.5HF2
  6. I tested the reversers last night, and they seem to activate (CH Flightstick button) and close (quick flick of the throttle wheel) just fine.
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  8. Your flights can now be accessed from the app itself: Main Menu / View Records / Select one of your flights from the list / View Hope this helps Florin
  9. Further investigation has revealed that pushback works in VC mode when loading the aircraft directly from the selection screen. However, something happens during set up (date/time/weather/displays/views etc) that results in subsequent pushback problems. I am going to conduct further tests to see if I can isolate what is happening....
  10. Ryz

    Two Suggestions

    1, please add the 737 originals. I added them myself but they really should be in there by default. I even mentioned the 737 originals when I suggested retro aircraft. Was disappointed to see they weren't added. 2, also, make the boarding music pause during announcements. And make it last until takeoff. In real life it pauses during announcements and the airlines I've ridden on have it play until take off. it also plays after landing and continues until the plane is at the gate. I'm loving PacX. the latest update is awesome. The specific announcements are kind of jarring but I understand why its like that.
  11. Am I not able to use the normal "Shift+P" command to pushback in this plane? I am using the "Ready to Fly" configuration.... EDIT: Well, that's very strange. I just tested it again, and it seems that "Shift+P" does not work in VC (F9) mode, but it does work in 2D (F10), Spot View (F11) and Top Down (F12) mode Interestingly, if I use my joystick hat switch to look left or right in 2D mode, I get a VC view in that direction......and the plane comes to a stop!! It seems like any VC view is disabling pushback mode.....
  12. 57Pixels

    BEST worst landing

    pmdg 737 sorry for late reply been busy in real life
  13. i remember being sent to a page but i cant find the page
  14. Don't discard the follow me, please !
  15. As in the Subject I can't quite figure out how to add a Fix. I have tried 196/050, 196/50 and /50 (admittedly these are from how I use the Fix in the PMDG 737) but it doesn't seem to want to enter anything but no error message is generated as well??
  16. Absolutely! I make no promises, but the ambient noises for turbulence and the point of interest system do sound interesting. I've added them to our list.
  17. I've got the cabin pressure item on the to-do list and we will be expanding the API soon. I will include the ability to generate events via the API.
  18. This is definitely on our list for the near future!
  19. This is a nice example of what I'd like to hear when it comes to boarding/boarding:
  20. Recently I bought the TFDi-717 for P3Dv4.x after experimenting with it in Flyinside VR 6.x where it is a default plane and I am very happy with these little bird and want to make my compliments to TFDi for these excellent plane. A friend of my told me that he had the older version and that there were a lot of bugs (including the Real Light Performance Bug) but after reading about a lot of bugfixes in the latest version, I decided to make the jump. Well, a lot of bugs where fixed indeed BUT the real light bug is still there. In 2D on the Computer screen, it's not a big or noticeable issue but in VR, it's completely destroying the performance... It is already very hard to trim my rig for using the 4K HighRes Reverb VR headset with a lot of sacrifices (Ohh boy, the 717 in Flyinside is running in VR with 90 fps) but in P3D I am glad to reach 30 fps and yes, it is still possible with these little airliner. but there comes the big BUT again, without any lights on.... as soon as I do the " ready to fly) on the tablet or manually in the Cockpit Prep, It's falling back to 7... and have to switch ALL the lights, including the NAV's off to recover back for flying. I am glad that I can put off the Real Glass now in the setup manager to save some performance but maybe it's a good idea to do the same with Real Light in future releases or fix the bug in another way. The Maddog MD8.x 64bit version has also Real Light and I can use it in VR and no problem at all. Just my 2 cents.... Happy landings... (in these situation without any (landing) lights)
  21. Hello Turbofaunde: 1.- Actually I mean that the offer of drinks or meals could also be controlled by the player-user not only automatically. The announcement and setting of movies could also depend on the player. This does not matter if the player flies in career or private mode, but always respecting that those services are provided only in private luxury airplanes or airlines. 2.- It would be great if the cabin could warn of storms, turbulence or other phenomena during the flight, and that consequently we could hear sounds of fear, fear, jolts, or voices of the passengers that of course would affect the general level of their satisfaction. 3.- Yes, announcement of the overflight over points of interest, and as you say this could affect the levels of passenger satisfaction. If you do, you might consider including sounds of satisfaction, admiration, amazement, etc. 4.- Follow me PACX, with its car, flag or emblems rolling on the runway while guiding the airplanes, is such a necessary complement that its presence would not only advertise the product, but also distinguish it from any other similar and would make it indispensable for users. Just imagine for a second a user with a huge 757, lost in a labyrinth of runways, doors or gates of airports such as JFK, Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas or London-Heathrow, and suddenly comes the PACX follow me, and rescues the pilot from the labyrinth. Great truth! Greetings and thanks for your attention to these humble suggestions. Translated with
  22. We will be updating PACX, but the updates will not be daily - we have a number of projects happening at the moment, so we need to make sure they're all moving along. That said, it will not sit for months with no changes.
  23. Keep up the great work turbofandude, looking forward to the future of PACX!
  24. Hi there, I picked up a copy of PACX at Cosford and so far so good... As an X-Plane pilot, I'm a little disappointed with the immersion though - I like doing things through the cockpit switches and so on rather than through selections in other programs! I do appreciate that support for native aircraft using the PACXBridgeXP plug-in is on the horizon (I'd be happy to help out with this in any way I can), but am I correct in thinking that, for the time being, the method of communication between sim and PACX (with the exception of the in-flight messages going from the program to the sim) remains as being through XPUIPC? If so, then it is possible to map X-Plane datarefs through to FSUIPC offsets in the XPUIPCOffsets.cfg file which can be found in the "<XPlane>\Resources\plugins\XPUIPC folder". The problem is, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution and it's almost certain that different changes will be required for each aircraft type. By way of example, for the FFA320 the following configuration snippet maps the seatbelts switch on the overhead through to the same offset that FSX andP3D use... In my XPUIPCOffsets.cfg file I've put it right at the end (I'd recommend taking a backup before playing with the file as there are other things in there that, if they get broken, could stop things from working). Dataref ffa320Seatbelt a320/Overhead/LightBelts float Dataref alt sim/flightmodel/position/elevation float Offset 0x341d UINT8 1 r $ffa320Seatbelt $alt 3048 < + 1 > In short, when the SEAT BELTS switch is "On", the lights are reported through XPUIPC as on, when it's "Off" they're reported as off and when it's "Auto" they're reported as on when the aircraft is below 10000ft and off otherwise (there is some discussion online whether this is the correct "Auto" behaviour for an Airbus, but I couldn't find a definitive answer). Unfortunately, there's a bit of playing around required when you start up a flight to get it to work. Because that "a320" dataref doesn't exist when the XPUIPC plugin is first loaded, you need to force XPUIPC to restart after you've loaded the aircraft. That's achieved through the "Enable/Disable" option of the "Plugin Admin" selection on the "Plugins" menu. Look for "XPUIPC/XPWideFS" in the list (you may need to click "Next" to find it), disable it by clicking on the green tick (it takes a few seconds to turn off) then re-enable it. I'd be keen to understand if this works for others, so please let me know! Are there any other data offsets required to provide the full level of immersion that the program offers? It's likely that a similar technique could be employed to get them working in other X-Plane aircraft.
  25. Yes, of course. I miss a lot, I think like a lot of people using XPlane, FSCaptain that computed a lot of variables like: Time Schedule delay for take off and landing, proper use of lights, taxi speeds...etc. I would love a software that monitor every aspect of an airline SOP.
  26. The question is the same as in the firts post, Is PACX in good healt state? Can we expect a good and quick development to final version and subsequent updates?
  27. 1.) This should be possible now (minus the movie). Are you referring to airline/career options? (i.e. Specifying if the airline has in-flight entertainment, etc.?) 2.) Can you elaborate? 3.) This is an interesting concept - have it that, when you're near a point of interest, you can announce it to the passengers and they'll react to it? 4.) I don't know that this is quite in the scope of PACX, currently, although it is not a bad idea!
  28. This is on the list for the next list of refinements and additions (there are still more coming, for sure). With the big update out of the way, we can focus on improving and adding the smaller things.
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