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  2. Since it’s fictional, I can’t see any problems with that. Can’t wait to take em for a spin. Thanks once again for your efforts.
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  4. I've been working on Air Canada's 2017 livery for the 717. This is still a beta paint. The eyeliner isn't going very well since the 717 has such unique cockpit windscreens. I might just leave the black out.
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  6. Hello, the problem has been solved. The failure was not from PACX, but from the configuration of the audio output in my PC, because I had two active outputs. So, I went to Control Panel, then to sound and there I marked Boom 3D, as the only default audio output of the PC, and the problem was corrected immediately. PACX, it's working great ! Thank you very much for your response and support, and please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. Good day, good luck and good health Translated with (free version)
  7. Version 1.0.0


    One more I had not uploaded yet. Repaint for the short lived (2004-2006) Independence Air.
  8. Hello, please see the attached link to fix this issue you are having.
  9. Yes it is now compatible with V5
  10. Hi, deflected aileron INOP operation allows only takeoff with flap setting 10 to 25, 28 is not allowed, dry runway up to 8500 ft press alt and wet or contaminated runways only up to 6500 ft press alt only allowed, also +1 to -1 runway slope possible. Takeoff in combination with antiskid INOP or antiice valve INOP closed or one brake set INOP or ctr gear retracted or ferry gear down flight is not allowed.
  11. Hello, as far I know MD11 EIS has no DU raster or stroke shutdown (as e.g B757/B767 EFIS has) in case of avionic cooling malfunction, the only way to save DU'S from overheat is a DU auto or manual shutdown (switchoff). If smoke or thunderstorm switched on, DU's going to bright.additional to manual or automatic brightness function. The DU's are designed to write 30 minutes stroke in case of cooling air loss. Then they shuts down.
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  13. Version 1.0.0


    Have had this one done for a while but never got around to uploading it. Repaint in Reno Air livery. If Reno Air would have stuck around long enough as independent carrier, I think they may have eventually picked up a few 717s to complement their all MD fleet (82s, 83s, 87s and 90s).
  14. I clarify my query by adding the following information: Facts: When I start my P3Dv4.5 simulator, which is usually set to the speakers option (High definition audio device), the complement named PACX, works, but it has no sound. Now, if I change the sound configuration of the simulator and I set speakers (Blaster Acoustic Engine) the PACX complement, it recovers the sound. Questions: 1.- Why does it happen what is told in facts? 3.- Doesn't the simulator recognize Boom 3D? 3- What can I do so that my flight simulator and its add-ons always run under Boom 3D? Thank you very much. Good day, good luck, and good health
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    Time in the log

    I didn't really notice this until now -- the time in the logs are either local/UTC to user based on setting. Has anyone figured out or is there a way to use simulator time? I was using timestamps and key indicators in log file to mark out preflight, pushback, etc - however when you look at them they are based on the pilots local time and not the actual flight. Our policy is that pilots set the simulator time to a value that provides 'preflight time' plus making departure time on schedule. I figure answer is no but wasn't sure if anyone had tricks or thoughts. I'm brainstorming on ways to do it on back end -- but coming up short.
  16. Is this sound pack useable with the NGX U and in P3Dv5?? Thanks Greg Soper
  17. PACX , gives me an error message and it works, but without sound. I have tried to correct the problem following the known advice on the subject, in fact I had managed to make it work, but it has failed again. I have attached an image of the error message, and I thank you in advance for your help Thank you, good afternoon, good luck and good health.
  18. Hello Ethan Thank you for your answer. At Pint 2 is meaning, if I can change some announcement by replacing the .wav or MP3 file. I did make some nice records on my flights, and would like to use that as well. Thank you. Cheers Stephan LSZH
  19. PACX is a standalone product so GSX will have no effect on the product. However I don't know what you mean on point 2.
  20. Hello Before I buy this PACK for my P3Dv4.5 and PMDG B747-400, I would like to ask something. 1. Is this a standalone Software/Programm? 2. Can I let play my own announcement recorded? 3. Do it work with GSX Level 2 together, or make it any problems? Thank you for your answer. Kind Regards Stephan LSZH
  21. The completed Air Canada repaint has been uploaded and is pending Moderator Approval.
  22. Wow, this is looking fantastic. Can’t believe this is coming so soon after my request. The new version and westjet would be icing on the cake.... Thank you so much.
  23. Repaint is getting close. I just need to fix a couple of minor attention-to-detail items like a reversed fin number on the L/H Horizontal Stabilizer.
  24. You can add it in manually Just make sure there is the space between the words
  25. Hi I am am new to the 717, the User guide refers to the folder 'User Documents\TFDi Design\717\Company Routes. The only folders shown are Documents, Persistence and Tablet - there is no folder for 'Company Routes' Can you help
  26. I forgot to mention, I would like to do a Westjet Encore 717. It is just that I need better examples of their tail logo. Everything I have found has been fairly low resolution and looks poor on the repaint kit.
  27. Yes, I am using the 1990 Livery Repaint as way to better learn the repaint kit since I just recently purchased TFDI's 717 product. Once I have the 1990 livery done, I am going to do the 2017 'Bandit Livery'. I'll keep both templates so to that I can make more repaints for different variations of JAZZ, AC Express.
  28. Would you consider a more modern version after this? Thanks for your contribution in any case.
  29. I am working on a 1990 'Green Tail' Air Canada Livery. Shouldn't be much longer.
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