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  2. patco lch

    Anyone know what happened to AVSIM?

    OK, I'm in on my PC. Seems to be the AVSIM Log in bookmark on my tablet. My bad. Thanks for the replies guys.
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  4. dgraham1284

    Anyone know what happened to AVSIM?

    You would get an email if you did. Open a command promp type "ipconfig /flushdns" and then reboot. Then try again
  5. gamesyns

    GSX refuel

    GSX Already has a system for this, just select the option for an external loading utility.
  6. gamesyns

    Window Reflections and Banana Bar

    The 717 does not have a Banana bar in real life, so this is not something we'd have added. In regards to the window reflection, I'm not sure this is something we have within the scope of this project.
  7. gamesyns

    Crew Sound and Cabin PA

    See our new project called PACX. More info to come.
  8. gamesyns

    Low FPS in the cockpit, P3Dv4.1

    Are you still seeing these issues?
  9. gamesyns

    CTD on load 717 v1.0.9.31

    Try deleting the persistence files in the 717 folder in your My Documents location.
  10. gamesyns

    Crash report for crash on approach

  11. gamesyns

    Crash on Load

    Try deleting the persistence files located in the 717 folder in your My Documents folder.
  12. gamesyns

    FIX Page Radials

  13. gamesyns

    Drawing problems (still not resolved)

    @Joshua Che.
  14. gamesyns

    WXR Range limited to 80 NM

    It is due to performance constraint of the weather radar sources we use.
  15. patco lch

    Anyone know what happened to AVSIM?

    Thanks. I don't know what my problem is. Maybe I've been banned.😕
  16. gamesyns

    Anyone know what happened to AVSIM?

    Their website seems to be online for me
  17. Please forgive me for asking here but this is the only other sim forum I read. For three days they seem to have dropped off the radar. Everytime I go there I get "unable to reach site". I know they are planning to upgrade servers but I don't think they would go down this long without an announcement. I've seen nothing on Facebook and tried Googling for an answer with no luck. I'm sorry if it's inappropriate for me to ask here but I know TFDi developers are active there from time to time and hoped someone here would know something.
  18. helberger

    Tablet Checklist

    Thanks for looking into this, the checklist.png file is located in the Tablet folder, just won't open, not sure what is going on. Something else missing perhaps???? Helmut Berger
  19. gamesyns

    717 D3D10.1 Error

    Okay, try running the latest graphics drivers and verify the sim is using the correct graphics card.
  20. gamesyns

    TrueGlass Problem

    Make sure you are running the sim as administrator.
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  22. Burnsie22

    717 D3D10.1 Error

    Currently I am running P3D V4.2 and version 1.09.32 TFDI 717
  23. CaptKornDog

    FIX Page Radials

    Example attached.
  24. zarbus

    TrueGlass Problem

    hi, No I don't see the trueglass in addon menu. Ialready reinstall the b717 but no change.
  25. Lisler

    TFDi 717-200 Air New Zealand

    Heya, nice repaint 1. thing the Koru (the emblem on the tail) is upside-down, I hope you will be able to fix that
  26. VirtualPilot

    TFDi PAX Questions

    Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to preview and release. Cheers Bruno
  27. CaptainNodrog

    CTD on load 717 v1.0.9.31

    Follow up action. I uninstalled and then re-installed the 717 using the Addon Manager, in case this would fix the issue. The same issue is occurring with the new installation.
  28. gamesyns

    TFDi PAX Questions

    It will be sooner rather than later, we will have a full video or blog article explaining it soon. Our team took a short break from development after FSExpo for some much needed r&r.
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