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  1. TFDI Honeycomb Interface utility

    Hi all,
    I've developed a freeware utility that allows you to assign all of the switches and buttons on the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant to the TFDI 717 aircraft in Prepar3D.  It does this directly using the aircraft's custom SimConnect events.
    This is currently in Beta awaiting feedback and some elements are a work in progress. I may also extend it to other TFDI aircraft in the future.
    This is a free alternative to other methods of programming your buttons for those that don't have FSUIPC or LINDA etc. 
    Happy to hear any feedback you have on format, usability, or bugs you've found in the comments below. 
    I should point out that I'm not affiliated with TFDI or Honeycomb in anyway. This is a private project, which was primarily for my own use.
    There's a small manual included but it should hopefully be intuitive for you to use. Apologies, I only speak English and basic Spanish and so everything is in English.
    Also, thanks to @turbofandude for your help with providing the information and guidance needed to put this together.
    NOTE: LEDs are currently a work in progress and not working yet.  However, I have just included a .JSON configuration file in the root of the folder which can be used with Aerosoft's Honeycomb configurator utility and will ensure the LEDs work on the Bravo throttle quadrant. Together, my utility and theirs should provide you with a complete experience.


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