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    This morning, we posted a (not so) cryptic tweet on our Twitter. The time has come for the announcement we mentioned. So, without further ado, I would like to announce the development of the TFDi Design MD-11. Before the questions come in, I will answer some of the important ones here. Project Status No, we cannot announce a release date. With that said, we are actually announcing this project a tad earlier than we originally expected. Although progress has been solid (and relatively quick), our intent was to show the aircraft off working in-sim as the first preview. We’re still a bit out from that (although, not TOO terribly far). We decided to do this today as recent announcements would have left the community wondering if there was going to be one in this market at all. We are happy to announce that we will be filling that gap. We have a larger team working on this aircraft than we had on the last, as well significantly more experience, which will allow us to develop it better and faster. We will, as always, keep the community up to date on development via our official social media and our Discord. Fidelity Our last aircraft, the TFDi Design 717, was a fantastic learning experience for us. We intend to build on that experience to create an even deeper, richer, and more realistic simulation on the MD-11. The similarities in the systems, as well as refined processes and technologies, will allow us to create something even the most experienced MD-11 crew and enthusiasts will enjoy. Simulation Support As of today, our intent is to natively support Prepar3D v4 and v5 at the time of release. It is a possibility that we will create a modified version of the product to support older simulation platforms (FSX, FSX:SE, Prepar3D v1-3), but we do not want to limit the potential of the product by designing it around dated standards. We have not yet made an official statement regarding Flight Simulator 2020. We will continue to monitor the development of this platform and will do our best to support it. We intend to develop this aircraft in a format that will allow cross-compatibility in a much more practical way. Want to get Involved? As some of you may remember, when we announced the TFDi Design 717, we also put out a call to all community members. This call was to help us by providing documents, videos, photos, sound clips, data, or even their personal experience and knowledge. It was thanks, largely, to this help from the community that we were able to deliver the level of accuracy that we did. Once again, we would like to put this call out. If you have any of the following, please do reach out to us to help us create the best product possible. Aircraft reference documents (FCOM, FCTM, etc.) Any aircraft photos (even of the most obscure items) Sound clips (such as aural warnings, unique flight deck sounds, etc.) Videos Engine data (such as EPR charts/tables, fuel flow data, etc.) Although we do already have a good amount of reference material, the more we have, the better we can do. We will, of course, continue to research and acquire our own reference material. Thank you, in advance, to anyone who is able to help! To submit information, please use this form. House Keeping TFDi Design 717 for Prepar3D v5 This is still in progress. We have the aircraft and its associated dependencies working in V5 and will be starting formal testing soon. We appreciate your continued patience. TrueGlass and RealLight for Prepar3D v5 To our commercial customers, we are working on this, as well. They are both operating in Prepar3D v5, but we are awaiting answers from Lockheed Martin to help us eliminate a few snags before we begin formal testing. If you are interested in testing the current iteration of the Prepar3D v5 versions, please reach out to your point of contact. PACX We are using the feedback we received from the community survey to develop and refine the product. We have some cool items in progress that should be ready for testing in the near future. Our intent is to wrap up a solid version 1.0 over the next 3 to 6 weeks and complete the Early Access phase of the product’s life. smartCARS 3.X This is something we have been alluding to for quite some time. We are working on a few potential directions we can take the development to create the best possible product for our customers and their pilots. There will be more announcements and development updates relating specifically to smartCARS 3.X as they become available. Closing Well, that about sums up our current status. We do intend to be more active in our Discord and on our social media regarding development updates for all products. A huge part of what makes us who we are, as a company, is our presence in the community and we intend to continue developing that relationship over the coming months. Thank you all for your support and for reading. We’re looking forward to embarking on this journey together!
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    Not sure if anything in here helps, but it's a good watch.
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    Hello 🙂 Im a bit scared to make this topic.... i didnt have too much luck talking to devs (not here) in a way where its a conversation more than a reply from the dev that feels stepped on his toes when someone says anything. Im not here to do that. I like the 717 pretty much. At least since the view change ctd is gone. Im also aware that this is a beta and maybe things are changed. Maybe you even work on it atm. If so, just ignore it. Let me say one thing right here at the beginning. Please, really, everyone who feels like he has to post a pic to prove something is better off saving his time ^^ It wont help in any way. So let me start....i think you know already in what direction it will go now ^^ At the moment of writing the 717 is not really usable for me in v5. We all know about the vram "problem" here and how directX + win + p3d handles it isnt the best. Things improved in HF1 and while flying other planes like PMDG 747/8 i nearly forgot that there was a problem. Seems this plane brings it right back into discussion. My setup is a i7700 and a RTX 2080 with 16gm ram. In v5 i DONT use Truesky to make this tests. Ive tried now in 4 airports and everywhere it ends on the startup with a GPU hang because im running out of vram. Im not someone who runs with high settings. They are all around medium, besides 2k textures are used. I dont run with max shadows too, its on "low". Reflections on "middle" and no other plugin is used. No GSX, no AI traffic, nothing. Not even ActiveSky. The shots coming are with the "Fair weather" theme of P3D. I dont have much time atm to make screens of many planes so i only post 3 comparison pics now, 3 different planes in the exact same situation. Im nearly sure this would continue like this if i would post the 3 other payware planes i have atm. That pics are done at KORD, fair weather theme, no other plugins used. TFDI 717, 6.3 GB / 6.6 GB load (i got a gpu hang when i opened the vehicle selection....any more light would have also caused one.) Majestic Dash , 3.7 GB / 6.6 GB PMDG 747 , 3.8 GB / 6.6 GB That shows there is a nearly 3GB (!), 2.8 GB to be precise, difference between the 747 that comes with PBR and the TFDI 717. That is not ok for the fact that many things in the vc are way more blurry in the 717. Ive tested this on 4 airports now and on everyone i reach the maximum easy. And this is without a single AI plane, no GSX, no real weather with more clouds and like said, no further addons. This is not ok ^^ Im really sorry to say. I know that your model looks pretty good but also the one of the 747 looks pretty good, that can and should not be the excuse. Reallight alone is using 600MB. Thats a lot.... Just some mins before posting this ive talked to a few ppl with lower end GPUs (4 and 6GB) and they cannot even start the plane... It hangs already on scenery load. And i dont talk about the LatinVFR scenery that is insanely high on vram usage. Are there any plans to improve this or is your view of the things that we should decrease our settings further to be able to fly it? That was it already. Like mentioned in the beginning. I dont want to be rude, nor do i want to step on your toes, nor is this a rant or anything in that way. I like the 717 but its not usable for me in v5. I will NOT decrease my settings to a point where all other planes would run with 100 fps and 2GB load, where everything looks like FSX when only a single one is using the double amount. Thats the reason i also dont fly FSLabs (not bec. the vram issues, we all know its not in v5 yet. I mean in v4 because it has ultra low fps and would require me to set everything to minimum. ) No hard feelings please, Have a good day.
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    No, just lucky timing. It is an automatic service as the cabin crew should be more knowledgeable on serving passengers than a pilot.
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    Please re-open this issue if it happens in version!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Fictional repaint based on the NASA DC-9 Weightless Wonder VI, this is the Weightless Wonder VII as a 717.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a fictional Helvetic Airways repaint for the 717. Install instructions and more info is included in the zip. If you see any errors or mistakes please write a comment below this content. Repaint created and tested for P3Dv4.
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    Thanks for the reply, I assumed it was a long shot but hey. Anyway I saw the request was already made by someone in the MD11 suggestions category so I'll add a yes vote there. Really looking forward to your work on the MD11! Hope you let us know when you have some mature betas for that one!
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    I did one, you can check it out here:
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    Version 1.0.0


    all of delta 717 ops manuals ENJOY
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    With the 717 in beta, unfortunately the higher VRAM usage is a known bug for us. I've asked our Support Team and they have suggested you could try disabling TrueGlass or RealLight and see if this helps. To disable TG / RL, you can do one of two ways: The most confident way is to cut and paste TrueGlass.dll and RealLight.dll to another place such as your Desktop. That makes 100% sure that both modules are gone from your simulator system. The quick way is to rename "TrueGlass.dll" to "TrueGlass.dll.bak" by adding a .bak extension to the full name. Same goes for RealLight to "RealLight.dll.bak". See if that helps and if not, go back to v4 for now. There are many new custom technologies we have in our aircraft to enhance realism so that is part of why this may take some time to port over to the new simulator (v5 is a product of its own, not just "v4 enhanced").
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    Hello TFDi Developers and all MD-11 Fans! I hope that MD-11 will bring entire FMS functionality, including: "ALTN ROUTE" (F-PLN page); "CLIMB FORECAST" (ECON CLB page); "DESCENT FORECAST" (ECON DES page); "PATH ERROR" (ECON DES page); "NAVAID" (REF INDEX page); "RNP/ACTUAL" (POS REF page); "IRU 1/2" (IRS STATUS page); DNTKFX , E TO, DTG, ALT (FIX INFO page); ABEAM (FIX INFO page); INTC FIX/CRS (DIR INTC page); Temperature and wind (ACT F-PLN page 2); "TRIP" (HOLD page); "LIMIT UTC/FUEL" (HOLD page); "RTA PROGRESS" (VERT REV page). All above are missed in 717 FMS. That is my suggestion.
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    Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\TFDi_Design_717..... is where it will work.
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    Hoppies ACARS/CPDLC integration in the CDU's would be an excellent feature. Can it be considered? Glen
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    some other aircraft I fly you can flick switches in the overhead panel with the mouse scroll wheel. So scroll fwd and switch goes on, and back off. that would be nice to go with the left click/right click thing.
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    Very content with this little pup after the latest update. There's just a few things I'd love to see added/matched to the real-world counterpart: -ability to enter an intercept course when selecting DIR TO (commonly referred to as "direct radial in" on the Airbus, if that rings a bell. essentially creates an indefinite line on a specified course towards the direct to fix, helpful when receiving radar vectors for an approach and to judge the distance, as well as having the F-PLN sequenced in a way that makes sense) -des forecast page -clarify CG in the EFB. Is that zero fuel weight CG, current gross weight CG? Can we make the load manager in general more predictable? -VHF1 silent when switching to MIC on VHF2 - Output is silenced on VHF1, meaning I can't hear ATC on VHF1 when I switch the MIC to VHF2 (to make animal noises on guard, for example). Shouldn't be like that, I think.
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