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  1. Thank you for the support! PACX will automatically detect cruise after you've levelled off. It takes some time (to avoid false positives while holding/slow climbing) but it should flip over to cruise after some time.
  2. We're using different technology than most of the others (with the exception of those that use our RealLight and TrueGlass) and we have different hurdles to overcome due to this. We're finding that the biggest issue in V5 is the immense VRAM consumption (and the color of displays/surfaces, but I believe we've got at least semi-fix for that). We've pushed everything down as much as possible and we're forced to simply recommend a reduction in settings now, which nobody wants to hear (understandably). Until this either becomes accepted or we have an updated sim that doesn't push back as hard as V5 does currently, we're going to be in "beta".
  3. In all honesty, it's because we don't believe the the experience is to the level required to be "production" (non-beta) at the moment. A lot of breaking changes occurred in the simulator and until we're able to either find a permanent, proper fix or at least identify and mitigate the issues, we want users coming into it to know it is not going to be the stable, polished experience you'll have in any other platform.
  4. Our intent is to support MSFS2020, assuming it is capable of supporting the product. Without more SDK information, we cannot make an informed, final statement on it.
  5. Assuming we're able to find real world reference for it, it will likely be on the radar.
  6. We will make our selection and roadmap for beta publicly known in advance, but we are way too to say anything definitive now. Thank you for the interest, however!
  7. Hello everyone, It's been a very busy few weeks! Over the last few weeks, we've released a moderately sized update for PACX (as it is nearly to version 1.0), we fixed a small snag in the TFDi Design 717's navigation display, and of course, have been hard at work on the TFDi Design MD-11. I've included some new renders and information from a few of the developers on the project. To start, I'll quote @Ricardo Ramos, the systems programmer for this project. @ozzman1997 has been doing some incredible work on the model as well. The exterior is nearing completion (still pending texturing, of course), but the cockpit has progressed immensely. Finally, I've been working on the FMC/MCDU (and its associated sensors, computers, and systems). I don't have a screenshot to show this time, as the majority of my work has been behind the scenes. That said, here are some key points of what's been added to the system recently: Triple, independent IRU simulations with simulated drift and realistic alignment behavior (for example, a fast align can be performed once the IRU has captured true north and has been previously aligned). The GNS systems are implemented and have the appropriate amount of sensors and information channels to integrate in a realistic way. The navigation database system has been optimized and brought into the MD-11 and is now being properly read by the FMC, including both primary and secondary databases. The next step is beginning to code flight planning and MCDU operations. Unlike our previous aircraft, we intend to simulate all (except maintenance/third-party software) features of the MCDU, such as wind entry and RTA. Of course, we're still early on, but progress so far bodes well. That's all for now and thanks for reading!
  8. Indeed, wind entry will be simulated.
  9. I found the issue causing this and have corrected it. An update will be out shortly.
  10. We are actually in the process of redoing the video and updating the product page to better describe the product. We agree that it does not have enough to understand it fully before purchase!
  11. If you copy the "LegacyRender" files in, does that work? (It's the same steps as this answer: https://support.tfdidesign.com/support/solutions/articles/62000104146-flickering-on-displays-lighting-or-trueglass-with-sli-enabled)
  12. What operating system are you on @atrailblazer?
  13. I don't see anything out of place. This sounds more like a hardware mapping issue.
  14. We will provide exact estimates when we have them and are prepared to share them.
  15. You cannot implement TrueGlass into a project without some access to the model, unfortunately.