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  1. About 75% of these already exist - but we will get the others recorded.
  2. Fantastic! I have another recording session booked with our voice actress on Monday (Dec 9), so we'll be able to get these all knocked out.
  3. We want to spend time and make sure it is done properly, hence us pushing for commercial airline flight first. We're aiming to have that wrapped up by the end of the year (assuming there are no unexpected delays). Once that's done, we can focus on nailing general aviation support in the months after.
  4. I'm glad it's working now!
  5. That makes sense. We're working on identifying a strange issue with PACX Bridge on FSX (non-SE).
  6. I do not have an absolute estimate yet, unfortunately. Our developers are working on it.
  7. Do you happen to have the TopPilot module installed? If so, does removing it solve the issue?
  8. I'll pass that along to Joshua. @Joshua Che.
  9. Which simulator(s) do you have running/installed?
  10. That's excellent to hear! I'm glad to hear it's working as expected now. Getting the data loaded and configured properly can definitely be a process, but it's a good one to have mastered.
  11. Absolutely! There's a topic I started here for requests:
  12. turbofandude


    We should definitely have another solid update out before Christmas (a lot of audio improvements and refinements as well as some new features).
  13. Can you send a screenshot of what you're seeing? I want to make sure it's displaying as intended before I try debugging anything.
  14. It would appear that something is killing your PIREP filing script before it finishes (hence the blank response). I'd verify with your hosting provider regarding script execution time.
  15. We could add this but it may not be soon. In the mean time, there are many utilities out there that will suggest random passengers/cargo already (smartCARS, PACX, many VA sites, etc.).