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  1. There is no wait anymore - you can reset it on your own to avoid having to wait for us. https://tfdidesign.com/index.php/knowledgebase/53/How-to-reset-activations-on-717.html
  2. It did not ever get added, no. It is still on our proverbial list of items we know are missing, but it is not slated for the next update, no.
  3. Also, to further Josh's point; we don't even necessarily know what portion of the model would require reworking. There are SO many textures, materials, and surfaces in the file and there's no guarantee that a redone model wouldn't have the same problem. We will not be redoing the model to attempt to fix a problem we have a workaround for in the knowledgebase. Edit: This KB article https://tfdidesign.com/index.php/knowledgebase/44/Simulator-Crashing-When-Changing-Views.html and this forum topic https://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/topic/3754-view-switch-crash/ both describe workarounds. If you haven't completed a full flight in a year, it's because you haven't looked at the solutions we've provided.
  4. It hasn't yet, but it will be for the 1.0 update (which we are currently working on).
  5. I am working on getting some remote support sessions setup to try this again. It isn't the bug we initially believed it was.
  6. Is this possibly the view-switch related crash? If so, there are articles/posts that may help you in our knowledgebase/forums.
  7. This is them: TFDi_Design_717_Fx.zip
  8. You'll want to map events, not variable control - i.e. make pressing your switch trigger the button press event. Most of our code is built with that idea in mind.
  9. Are any of you seeing the bulb illuminated like my screenshot? If not, there's something wrong.
  10. We've never been able to isolate one setting, addon, etc. that re-created it. It's comforting to know they're on it.
  11. Hmm. I suppose that's possible I suppose. I see it like this in my sim: They're definitely not the brightest, but they are indeed on/visible.
  12. We will be natively supporting the new phpVMS (and newer PHP versions) with smartCARS 3.
  13. They confirmed it is on the list but they haven't had time to work on it yet (per the latest email from them).
  14. It is indeed part of the AIRAC. It should be read from your arrival airport (if I remember correctly).