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  1. The TFDi Design 717 isn't currently under active development. Much like our other products, we will periodically update it to improve quality-of-life and keep it current, but other products are now the focus.
  2. Perfect! I'll see about getting this amended.
  3. This should now be resolved. Please ensure the aircraft is up to date.
  4. We will get this resolved in time for Christmas flying.
  5. We've seen that particular bug happen once every so many months, then go away again. The crash on initial load, however, is new (and didn't happen to any one of the beta members, either). If you're experiencing that, PM me and we will get it fixed ASAP.
  6. I debugged the crash dumps and I was unable to trace them - they may have just been the regular "random" CTDs we all get. If you're able to recreate them reliably, please let me know.
  7. There are some limitations on usage of ILS/VOR together (that is one of them). Regarding removing an ILS, if the ILS is auto-tuned by the flight computer, it cannot be removed until it isn't needed. If it's manually added, deleting it will remove it.
  8. @orbmis I've figured it out. We actually removed the custom autorudder implementation, as it was deemed unnecessary (the default setting controls ours, now). That also resolves it adjusting the default autorudder setting.
  9. I found the issue. It's resolved in
  10. @Mistrfiksit Any idea? The only reference I have for this says the layout is this: # is the digit affected. Left Base: x#xx Left Top: #xxx Right Base: xx#x Right Top: xxx# Ours was wrong (even by the above), so I've corrected it to match.
  11. @kmax59 You should find it behaves far better in Does this appear correct? https://gyazo.com/d020254dea42cd61992279be93542e0f
  12. We put nearly in full time work, 5 days a week, for almost two years after the product was released. We also did not charge for the P3Dv4 version (which required work) or any of the work we've done since (it was a lot). So, although I understand your frustration, please keep that in mind. As big of a deal as this may seem to you, it is, overall, a smaller issue to resolve, technically, hence the slowness. We are also working on a decent size update (aimed for release this month), you can track its progress here: .I've added this to the list of items that must be fixed before can come out.
  13. @Slod My apologies for the silence. I've got this on my list of things to take care of in the upcoming week.
  14. This has been an ongoing discussion for a bit - our reference has provided inconclusive results. Traditionally, a "radial" is true, not magnetic, hence our code displaying it that way.