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  1. turbofandude

    Squawk Code Settings

    @Slod My apologies for the silence. I've got this on my list of things to take care of in the upcoming week.
  2. turbofandude

    VOR radials are true tracks instead of magnetic

    This has been an ongoing discussion for a bit - our reference has provided inconclusive results. Traditionally, a "radial" is true, not magnetic, hence our code displaying it that way.
  3. turbofandude

    AFS goes from RETARD back to THRUST on nose touch

    Apologies for the late answer! This is resolved now and should behave as expected in the next version.
  4. turbofandude

    Need a little help with TrueGlass config

    The TrueGlass shader is somewhat hard to read, but one way you could do it would be to edit the v.p and/or v.t coordinates in the GS function. Although it's not the easiest solution, applying a transformation to the vertex data before triStream.append(v) call could rotate it. Here is a stack overflow post that explains it better: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28124548/rotate-quad-made-in-geometry-shader
  5. turbofandude

    VC Lights Flickering with SLI

    We should be able to improve this now. There have been additions to the SDK for SLI related usage. We will review it more thoroughly in the upcoming days.
  6. Prince, First off, thank you for taking the time to investigate all possible support avenues. I do sincerely apologize for the delay, and to be quite honest, I don't know why or how your request sat for so long. I have personally reviewed and resolved your ticket. I've replied there as well with more information directly regarding the request for privacy. Thank you very much for your patience and support. If you ever need anything, feel free to message me here.
  7. turbofandude

    AFS goes from RETARD back to THRUST on nose touch

    I apologize for the delay here - I will review/fix this for the update.
  8. turbofandude

    Arrival Time

    I'm glad we were able to get something sorted for you!
  9. turbofandude

    TFDi Design 717: What's Next

    @richcam427 It's currently on hold, but not dead.
  10. turbofandude

    Display flickering in VC view

    @jetfish Can you try setting your FPS limit to 60 in P3D to see if it improves? Also, are you using SLI graphics cards?
  11. turbofandude

    ILS Approach Altitude hold

    @jetfish Ah! I've got this on the list - we'll have a pretty comprehensive post V1.1 patch at some point in the relatively near future, I'll do my best to throw this in there.
  12. turbofandude

    Flight attendant announcements

    Currently, these parameters aren't an option.
  13. turbofandude

    Tablet "auto-lock" timer is not saved

    We'll get this reviewed/looked into.
  14. turbofandude

    AFS goes from RETARD back to THRUST on nose touch

    @it0uchpods I'll get this reviewed/fixed.
  15. turbofandude

    717 AutoRudder Issues

    @orbmis It is on the list for the first update post V1.1.