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  1. You can add any aircraft to PACX by editing the C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Assets\Airplanes.xml file.
  2. I agree! This will be something we'll make work in 3.
  3. @jangulo0626 It will prompt you to update when you open PACX.
  4. The folder is exactly at the location I put in the comment. Also, I apologize for the delayed response, it's been an unexpectedly hectic week!
  5. We have a fix. Lockheed Martin was able to confirm with us what it was (a texture format issue compounded by a bug in Prepar3D, it seems). We've done some internal testing over the last few weeks and it appears that it is solved. We are doing a final round of testing now, but we expect the fix to be public relatively soon.
  6. turbofandude


    It is, but you need to enable the SDK broadcast for the NGXu. This can be accomplished by adding these lines: [SDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 into the ini file inP3Dv4\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGXu\737NGXu_Options.ini
  7. There may be a small cost to existing customers, but previous smartCARS license owners will receive a steep discount on smartCARS 3 (it is a complete rewrite from the ground up).
  8. The in-flight service is handled automatically by the flight attendants (as it would be in real life), unless something prevents it (emergencies, severe flight conditions, etc.). I can expand the description of the interaction in the manual, however, to better explain how it works.
  9. We will be extending features like this in smartCARS 3.X (we will be opening up more discussions about that in the coming weeks to months, as other products wrap up).
  10. Indeed there is! The PACX User Guide is installed with the product and is also available for download here.
  11. Can you open a ticket with us so we can schedule a remote support session? I don't want to waste your time with the runaround and I feel this will require a hands-on fix.
  12. No worries! I'm glad to hear it's working now!
  13. You said this is on a completely clean install? Absolutely zero left over files?
  14. I'm not sure if I even understand the issue fully - can you possibly capture a gif/video of it?
  15. If it's only the night textures, that's RealLight - have you modified the RealLight.xml or the panel.cfg at all?