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  1. All commercial aircraft are supported. You will not have PACX dropdown menu in-sim like you do in Prepar3D/FSX, but other features will work as expected. Regarding the vocal recognition, there isn't currently a main list. That said, we are considering creating an editor for various information (airports, aircraft, names, comments, etc.). We could include vocal recognition mapping, as well. That would both allow you to see what the expected input was and add more.
  2. turbofandude


    @bob57 What exactly do you mean? The PACX menu should appear in-sim at all times.
  3. @Rhinozherous There are definitely quite a few aircraft missing from the older days. I'll get them added in the next update - that said, they can be manually added in the mean time:
  4. I just replied to your ticket - I apologize for the delay.
  5. We will correct this in an update tonight or early tomorrow.
  6. @Granite We do not directly offer support for phpVMS or IPS, as we are not the developers of either. Please refer to the developer of your web system for more information.
  7. Please read the user guide and it will help you.
  8. @Ryz I've got both of these on the list.
  9. @tonaz We aren't currently running an internal beta. That said, a demo isn't a bad idea. That may be something we do in the future.
  10. We will review and fix this - it sounds like there's an issue with the automatic seatbelt sign control and deboarding.
  11. Please have him ensure he has the Visual C++ 2010 redistributables installed.
  12. @Ryz Agreed - we will add them.
  13. @Ifikratis Can you send me the log of the flight that encountered this? It sounds like it may have detected something other than what was intended. Normally, excessive taxi is considered large will roll during taxi or extremely high speed taxi.
  14. This is a request we've had more than once. It's on the radar, but it's a matter of finding a qualified voice actor/actress.