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  1. First off, thank you for sharing the process! We are looking to improve this for more aircraft as time goes on. As our understanding of how third party aircraft manage this in X-Plane grows, it will become easier to handle and we can do so natively (without the need of per-aircraft tweaking by the user). Regarding communication, yes, XPUIPC is the foundation of the simulation data.
  2. 1.) I don't know how I missed that, I've added them to the next update. 2.) I've seen this request before - I will make sure it happens in the next update. Regarding the sounds, they will be heavily refined for the next update. The timing/volume definitely needs some tweaking.
  3. Please let us know if it continues - we will check into it if so.
  4. Absolutely! I make no promises, but the ambient noises for turbulence and the point of interest system do sound interesting. I've added them to our list.
  5. I've got the cabin pressure item on the to-do list and we will be expanding the API soon. I will include the ability to generate events via the API.
  6. This is definitely on our list for the near future!
  7. We will be updating PACX, but the updates will not be daily - we have a number of projects happening at the moment, so we need to make sure they're all moving along. That said, it will not sit for months with no changes.
  8. 1.) This should be possible now (minus the movie). Are you referring to airline/career options? (i.e. Specifying if the airline has in-flight entertainment, etc.?) 2.) Can you elaborate? 3.) This is an interesting concept - have it that, when you're near a point of interest, you can announce it to the passengers and they'll react to it? 4.) I don't know that this is quite in the scope of PACX, currently, although it is not a bad idea!
  9. This is on the list for the next list of refinements and additions (there are still more coming, for sure). With the big update out of the way, we can focus on improving and adding the smaller things.
  10. The forum has been a bit slow as we were working on the update (the product hadn't changed much until we released the update). Regarding the delay, you may have caught us during our time away at Flight Sim 2019 in Cosford, which did extend our response times quite a bit. That said, no tickets should be waiting more than 24 hours Monday-Friday now. If your question wasn't resolved, please let me know and I'll personally answer it.
  11. Joe, thank you very much! I know it means a lot to the team to know that you're enjoying it so much. We really made an effort to round the product out and bring out some exciting new things with this update, and so far, it seems like it is working. We're all very glad to hear that! I'm excited to see the response everyone has had!
  12. We have to be careful about door simulation, as they don't always report properly from third party aircraft. That said, we can add the cabin pressure issue natively. The API doesn't currently allow the creation of events, but we could add that. Is that a feature you see yourself using?
  13. I did end up collecting and attempting to build an SLI setup here and the GPUs I purchased were apparently damaged. Upon installing them, they shorted my PC and never worked, so I wasn't able to test. I'll get back at it, but I am definitely picking a different source for the GPUs.
  14. We'll definitely be building a list of airports/names to refine. Some are specific (such as airports that are called something else). We do also intend to record countries as a fallback in the coming weeks. I make no promises about changing the descent announcement, however. @PilotRockey thoughts?
  15. turbofandude


    It is now out! Hopefully, you'll see why we took so long!