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  1. turbofandude

    Arrival Time

    I'm glad we were able to get something sorted for you!
  2. turbofandude

    TFDi Design 717: What's Next

    @richcam427 It's currently on hold, but not dead.
  3. turbofandude

    Display flickering in VC view

    @jetfish Can you try setting your FPS limit to 60 in P3D to see if it improves? Also, are you using SLI graphics cards?
  4. turbofandude

    ILS Approach Altitude hold

    @jetfish Ah! I've got this on the list - we'll have a pretty comprehensive post V1.1 patch at some point in the relatively near future, I'll do my best to throw this in there.
  5. turbofandude

    Flight attendant announcements

    Currently, these parameters aren't an option.
  6. turbofandude

    Tablet "auto-lock" timer is not saved

    We'll get this reviewed/looked into.
  7. turbofandude

    AFS goes from RETARD back to THRUST on nose touch

    @it0uchpods I'll get this reviewed/fixed.
  8. turbofandude

    717 AutoRudder Issues

    @orbmis It is on the list for the first update post V1.1.
  9. turbofandude

    FMS prof during landing

    @Joshua Che.
  10. turbofandude

    ILS Approach Altitude hold

    Just to make sure, have is captured the glideslope? (Are you seeing LOC and G/S with the green AUTOLAND annunciation?)
  11. turbofandude

    A couple of questions

    Regarding VAPP, you should be able to manually edit the speed restrictions via the MCDU F-PLN or VERT REV page. If that's not working, please let me know. VAPP is also an editable field. Regarding extending the centerline, you can do this via a place, bearing, distance (PBD) waypoint off of the final fix. It's entered as FIX/BEARING/DISTANCE into the MCDU (i.e. KALB/5/10).
  12. turbofandude

    717 AutoRudder Issues

    I'm not sure I follow you. If you need autorudder, enable it in the tablet.
  13. turbofandude

    717 AutoRudder Issues

    @orbmis Ah! There lies the issue. Yes, it's supposed to be restoring it to your setting anytime you're not flying the aircraft. I will take another look at it.
  14. turbofandude

    717 AutoRudder Issues

    We agree - it only "changes" it while the aircraft is in use. It puts it back as you had it when you shut down the sim or change to a different plane (or, at least, it should be).
  15. turbofandude

    ND does not show course

    When you say "course", what are you referring to? Can you send some screenshots? What do you mean it doesn't follow the FMC?