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  1. We just recently had an issue with Orbx Central not installing all RealLight textures, as well. I figure this may be related (as our distribution of the textures does indeed have the _n textures included). I've let them know and asked for their insight. Thank you for the help figuring it out @NBFlightSim
  2. Hello everyone, To say 2020 was a unique year puts it lightly. There has been a lot of learning, growth, and struggle. We saw Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D v5 bring new opportunities and challenges to the table. This year, our relationship with the community has strengthened through our forums, Discord, social media, and helpdesk. Our team has grown significantly and is ready to take on exciting new ventures as well as continue to deliver on promises we have already made. The PACX Early Access phase was completed, we announced the TFDi Design MD-11, and added two new simula
  3. PACX does not directly modify the volume of the microphone. This is likely other software causing this.
  4. This is something we can look into in the future but would require significant changes to the way we handle flights. I have put it on the suggestions board.
  5. You can hide it by right clicking the PACX icon in the tray to hide it. That said, we could make this an option, in the future.
  6. Thank you for the support! We will keep everyone updates as things progress.
  7. Regarding the new plane, there are quite a few of us who work on different areas, so the existence of the MD-11 does not mean no further work will come to anything else. As far as the issue at hand - we have rewritten a good chunk of the TrueGlass and RealLight rendering backend from scratch AFTER the initial V5 version initially came out. That was to address the VRAM consumption (which, for the most part, it did). Now we're grasping at straws trying to isolate the cause of the DXGI DEVICE REMOVED/HUNG issue. That's the only other main thing holding it back and we were hoping 5.1 would a
  8. There is currently a working beta. If TrueGlass causes issues, disable it temporarily. We have been working on it on and off for months, going back and forth with testers, monitoring feedback, and working with LM to try to isolate the problem. We're not "abandoning" it and we've made it clear we will support it, but the problems are proving more complex than we originally anticipated.
  9. Could you open a ticket with our support team? We can get an AnyDesk session with you so we can take a direct look. That may be easier.
  10. Are you receiving any error messages or similar? Or is it simply not working?
  11. They are compatible but we are currently experiencing more instability than we're comfortable with for a non-beta release. We're hoping future versions of P3Dv5 will bring us a more stable base to work from and we can then continue refining/fixing our pieces of the puzzle.
  12. This has been added as an option and will be available in the next update.
  13. (21 October 2020) Pre-release testing version of the update [FIXED] An issue preventing PACX HUD from appearing in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS2020) [FIXED] An issue causing PACX to intermittently freeze/hang [CHANGED] Improved the system that detects when joysticks are plugged in/unplugged [CHANGED] Improved PACX HUD DPI font scaling (09 October 2020) Fourteenth Testing Version of Version 1.1 - Release Candidate 1 [CHANGED] Successive point of interest and humorous public addresses unreasonably increasing satisfa
  14. That's definitely something we can take a look into!
  15. Apologies for the late answer! We're expecting a public stable release today.
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