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  1. This is them: TFDi_Design_717_Fx.zip
  2. You'll want to map events, not variable control - i.e. make pressing your switch trigger the button press event. Most of our code is built with that idea in mind.
  3. Are any of you seeing the bulb illuminated like my screenshot? If not, there's something wrong.
  4. We've never been able to isolate one setting, addon, etc. that re-created it. It's comforting to know they're on it.
  5. Hmm. I suppose that's possible I suppose. I see it like this in my sim: They're definitely not the brightest, but they are indeed on/visible.
  6. We will be natively supporting the new phpVMS (and newer PHP versions) with smartCARS 3.
  7. They confirmed it is on the list but they haven't had time to work on it yet (per the latest email from them).
  8. It is indeed part of the AIRAC. It should be read from your arrival airport (if I remember correctly).
  9. I'm checking with them now to see if there has been any further progress.
  10. None of our reference actually states that the transition altitude is editable. It's an easy fix if it is, but that's why it's locked now.
  11. If the problem was in the code, I'd agree. The issue they found is a bug in an texture-related operation, which is more difficult for us to work around.
  12. Folks, As we are approaching the end of the year, I wanted to give an update on the status of the project and the plans going forward. Right now, there are 15 open items on the list for us. These vary in complexity and importance, but overall, they're focused on smoothing out the user experience and polishing the product as we approach version 1.0. The list includes items like: More flight comment types More passenger interaction options The cabin lights dimmed announcement Fixed/improved integration for certain third party aircraft (NGXu, Quality Wings 787) Serious improvements and refinements to sound volume, timing, and splicing There are already several changes listed on the change log here that aren't on that list. Once version 1.0 is out, we will be able to look at corporate, military, and general aviation support. We've had some requests but interest has been mixed, so we will working with the community to determine the best plan. Thank you all for your support and feedback and have a great New Year!
  13. This is not an intended behavior, more a side-effect of the UI kit we used. I remember reviewing this recently and did not find any code that explicitly sets it. Future versions (smartCARS 3.X) will not have that issue.
  14. The project is still actively maintained, but it is not under active development. We periodically fix things or add minor improvements as time goes on. Do you have any particular requests? I make no promises with ACARS/CPDLC functionality - it's something we'd like to see, but time/technical limits may not give us an easy path forward.