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  1. I've added the cruise altitude and passenger reactions to a rowdy passenger to our bug list to get reviewed.
  2. There is a setting in the Addon Manager that allows strobes on the ground - it's a customer option on the aircraft.
  3. I'll add this to our backlog and get it looked at - strange indeed!
  4. The strange part is that all of those airports are coded as "RU", meaning it should be selecting those names. Is this recreatable?
  5. My apologies for the late response! Thank you for the offer! I do believe we have some of this information in digital form now, so I wouldn't want you to go through the trouble of sending it just for it to sit. That said, that is an awesome piece of aviation history now.
  6. Can confirm this was a bug and it is now fixed in my build. We (somehow) had a hardcoded constant gross weight, so it wasn't respecting the actual flight parameters. Now:
  7. I don't believe we ever said it would be 4.5 only. It will support both v4 and v5.
  8. I just took a quick look through the code and we do indeed use 145 as a placeholder if the approach speed isn't valid. I'm not sure why it's being forced to it currently, though. If you manually edit the speed, does the FMS speed reflect it?
  9. We are hosting a live development Q&A session on 22nd of May, 2021 at 11:00EDT (08:00PDT/16:00 BST). This Q&A and live stream event will be hosted via our public Discord stage channel and broadcasted via our Twitch. It will cover the TFDi Design MD-11, smartCARS 3, PACX, and touch on the TFDi Design 717. Everyone is encouraged to come and chat with us, ask questions, and see what we've been up to.
  10. turbofandude

    Landing Data?

    We track landing as the last vertical speed before the on-ground condition becomes true.
  11. That's awesome! If you need any other vars/events, please do let us know!
  12. This is included in PACX by default now.
  13. Just to further add to this - we aren't ruling it out as a possibility. We are focusing on the core functionality and development at the moment. We are writing the majority of our code in a very platform agnostic way and will make every effort to reach as many as platforms as possible when the time comes. Only time will tell what is possible as these platforms develop.
  14. The best way is to trigger the event associated with it - that'll give you the sound and the associated function more than the variable will.
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