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    717 pushback from the gates

    If they're threatening to sue now, I'd hate to see what they'd say if the sim crashed. Jokes aside, our code doesn't actually interact with the default pushback system at all, and therefore, should have no bearing on whether or not it works (this is actually the first and only complaint of this I've ever seen). I'd suggest checking key mappings and ensuring MCDU keyboard input was off (although the shift modifier should cause it to bypass it, even if it was). I truly have no idea what else to suggest, as there's nothing at all in the aircraft that would cause this.
  2. turbofandude

    Fuel & payload loading

    I can review this.
  3. turbofandude

    Constant left steering while taxi?

    @Rob Ainscough, yes, the legacy rudder/reverser assignment is due to compatibility with FSX. It's something we can look at improving for the next versions of the aircraft and/or future aircraft. Thank you for the followup on the other issue!
  4. Thank you! I will review this.
  5. turbofandude

    Fuel & payload loading

    Can you confirm if the problem is fuel or payload?
  6. turbofandude

    Runway selection problem

    @Tango777 I will definitely need a screenshot/gif/video, as well as full flight plan details to be able to properly research/report that one.
  7. turbofandude

    Have a question about install 717 and prepar3d.cfg.

    It's hard to say without doing further research (if there were no 4096 textures in use, likely not, but I'm not sure if P3D is allocating the extra space for 4096 without actually using it.) It's easy enough to try, so I'd say give it a shot.
  8. turbofandude

    Constant left steering while taxi?

    @Rob Ainscough I've never heard a report like this, so we'll have to do some digging. At first glance, something is most certainly mapped incorrectly or using the wrong assignment (perhaps trying changing anything mapped to SET AXIS to just SET, i.e. RUDDER SET AXIS to RUDDER SET). The centering/percent system in the SDK is cryptic, so it's possible there's a confusion there. That applies to FSUIPC/manual assignment, however, and I just reread your post and noticed you don't use FSUIPC for assignment. The brake controls shouldn't be deflecting the rudder, so that's definitely odd. It's possible something is jamming the rudder full left, causing the nose wheel to follow. What leads me to believe there's something up with the controls in general is that it still happens with autorudder enabled. When it's enabled, the only thing that can deflect the rudder is the aileron axis, meaning the aileron axis would have to be broken, too, as rudder input is ignored. Do you have some other piece of software managing inputs/controls that could be overwriting our input?
  9. Is this happening often or just on this flight? if possible, can you save a flight with the problem occurring and send us the files so we can debug here? (There should be the .fxml, .xml, and .wx file.)
  10. turbofandude

    Have a question about install 717 and prepar3d.cfg.

    It shouldn't be a problem - it will just scale down any TrueGlass/RealLight/gauge textures that were 4096 (most of which are not).
  11. turbofandude

    Engine start not working for me......

    @bobp How long are you waiting before determining that the engines won't start? The simulator will not allow us to instantly start the engine, so our system "pretends" the engine is started so the rest of the airplane works properly, then forces the in-sim engine to start in the background. The START VLV L/R OPEN message is there because the starter valve is open (to cause the sim to start the engines) but the systems think it's already started. It will go away once the engines start and can be safely ignored.
  12. turbofandude

    Freeze with latest 717 install

    What was the arrival airport were you entering when it froze?
  13. turbofandude

    Have a question about install 717 and prepar3d.cfg.

    RealLight and TrueGlass set the MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION to 4096, so that aircraft that use it at that resolution are able to.
  14. turbofandude

    Question about "old" folders before 1.1.

    Yes, we just kept that folder in the event that anybody made changes to the aircraft (CFG tweaks, sound tweaks, etc.) they wouldn't be lost.
  15. turbofandude

    Thank you TFDI Team

    I know I speak for all of us when I say, thank you all so much. At the end of the day, we're still flight simmers, and we never wanted to lose that. It's been a crazy ride, but I'm very excited to see everyone enjoying the aircraft as much as they are now.
  16. turbofandude

    Errors when selecting the aircraft

    @Alain The problem you're experiencing is because of a conflicting installation of the Microsoft Access Database Engine. Please completely uninstall/remove ANYTHING related to Access via Add/Remove Programs then reinstalling the aircraft.
  17. turbofandude

    ND Display not showing properly

    The black ND issue should be permanently resolved with 1.1.
  18. turbofandude

    Real light fps problem on new airbus

    If RealLight.dll is disabled, that means that the RealLight service should no longer be running. If you're still experiencing sub-par performance, it is not related to RealLight. Can you confirm if RealLight.dll exists in the panel folder of the aircraft?
  19. turbofandude

    wish for version 1.1

    I have corrected the the F-PLN page display and it will right in version 1.1.
  20. turbofandude

    backup baro still in inHg

    @Mistrfiksit This will end up on the wishlist, most likely. Is it a permanent option?
  21. turbofandude

    Real light fps problem on new airbus

    If you rename RealLight.dll from the Gauges folder (to anything other than its original name), do you experience the same results?
  22. turbofandude

    wish for version 1.1

    To the best of my knowledge, the radials are correct. Radials are true, by definition, and the line does display correctly according to the headings on the ND.
  23. turbofandude

    Real light fps problem on new airbus

    It's something we'll need to verify on their end. It sounds like it could be a VRAM issue or an issue causing constant redraw. Can you test if ANY light causes it, or just the main lighting?
  24. turbofandude

    wish for version 1.1

    Failures are not in the plan, currently. @GerdD I'll get that taken care of prior to V1.1.
  25. turbofandude

    Autorudder in P3D

    Our code will temporarily disable the in-sim autorudder, however, it should restore it to its previous setting once you leave the aircraft.