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  1. Regarding VAPP, you should be able to manually edit the speed restrictions via the MCDU F-PLN or VERT REV page. If that's not working, please let me know. VAPP is also an editable field. 

    Regarding extending the centerline, you can do this via a place, bearing, distance (PBD) waypoint off of the final fix. It's entered as FIX/BEARING/DISTANCE into the MCDU (i.e. KALB/5/10).

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  2. On 8/8/2018 at 5:16 PM, GerdD said:

    and what´s gonna happen if flight ends up with a crash?

    I'm not sure I follow you. If you need autorudder, enable it in the tablet.

  3. We agree - it only "changes" it while the aircraft is in use. It puts it back as you had it when you shut down the sim or change to a different plane (or, at least, it should be).

  4. @GerdD Our code implements a custom form of autorudder, hence we disable the default one while the aircraft is in use. We put the in-sim autorudder setting back to whatever it was when you unload the aircraft. The indication on the tablet is the one you would want to check to see if it's in use on our aircraft.

  5. The problem with SGSS has existed since release. It is a problem with Direct2D, the way the rendering engine is implemented in Prepar3D, and the way SGSS works. If I remember correctly, toggling hardware rendering in the Addon Manager will allow use of SGSS. The reason no other aircraft so far have this problem is because they don't use the same rendering technology (Direct2D). I believe the Aerosoft Airbus does use it, if I remember correctly - do you have that aircraft?

  6. 1.) Yes, our FIX page is limited.

    2.) What cost index, weight, and altitude were you at when you saw this? That does sound awfully low for standard descent.

    3.) It is likely incorrect - I will review and correct it as much as possible. The engine startup sequence has always been a sticking point due to how our systems are coded.

    And an eyebrow-free model is something we have considered. It may still happen, I just can't promise when.

  7. @Shomron Koush This DEFINITELY sounds like an issue with SimConnect or the sim. The lack of thrust makes sense because our FADEC likely can't read the engines properly either, so it thinks it's already maxed and won't increase the throttle. Would you be able to schedule a TeamViewer session with me to take a direct look? If so, please PM me.

  8. This is actually an oversight, really. We only implemented the force persistence save option to help us with debugging. We don't have a formal system for loading custom panel states (but we probably should add one).

  9. @Stefan888 thank you for the support! We're glad to get to be a part of the community we develop for.


    Regarding the aircraft, it's hard to say exactly what the future will look like. I know there are a few things we would like to do, but they're not super high priority. As time goes on, I could see periodic updates for quality of life/bug fixing, but I can't promise if/what major changes are coming. 

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  10. I have never seen a report like this either. The 1.1 update did not touch the brakes at all. We actually don't even directly write to the brakes, so our code isn't even involved when braking at all.

    As much as I hate giving this answer, I'm going to say there's likely a conflict/sim issue happening here, especially if it's inconsistent.