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  1. @sparrows1969 This does not sound like the intended/normal behavior (something seems like it's set wrong). Would you like to setup a remote support session so we can take a direct look?
  2. @thibodba It is likely not something we are going to see in the immediate future.
  3. We are working on some fairly major changes and additions (unannounced features), hence the delay. We are expecting it to be finished before Oct. 1.
  4. They do vary (it's not the exact same file), but it is the same flight attendant. The next update will bring more variance within this sound pack.
  5. It's been added and will be available in the next update. The variables will be the following: Left: B717_exp_l_baro_setting Standby/ISIS: B717_exp_isis_baro_setting Right: B717_exp_r_baro_setting
  6. It's going decent. We've made some discoveries and at least been able to successfully prevent the crash (without a second window), but it was by removing the external model (obviously not a great solution either). We're talking with LM again to see if these new findings can shake any information loose.
  7. There we go. https://gyazo.com/2ac85b8692e516ff788fb90b3f23aa61 It was apparently a bug with the duplicate waypoint detection system. Corrected that and the VECTOR came back. The next update will resolve this, I apologize for taking forever.
  8. turbofandude


    What sort of compatibility/features are you looking for in VR, specifically?
  9. Have you changed the hardware edge null zone in the Addon Manager? It sounds like that may be affecting you.
  10. PACX does not yet have this feature. There are a lot of other systems available (virtual airlines, etc.) that have this, so we didn't add it. It's been a popular request, so it's something we're looking at making a native feature.
  11. Indeed. We intended for the release to be a bit sooner.
  12. I will figure something out for the next update.
  13. I will correct the VECTOR discontinuity issue in the next update.
  14. Just open a ticket with technical support from https://tfdidesign.com/ticket and mention that you're looking for remote support. It'll get into my queue.
  15. @mem1991 Alright - would you mind opening a ticket with us so we can schedule a remote support session? I want to be able to look at it directly.
  16. What do you mean? That sounds like a bug to fix, not a new feature. I know there's an outstanding issue somewhere, but it got lost somewhere.
  17. @John Please open up a ticket with us so we can schedule a remote support session. I really want to get this resolved fully for you.
  18. I don't believe any HGW versions were actually used by airlines, hence us not supporting the variation. Airstairs and eyebrows were/are on the wishlist list, but they're definitely not a priority at this moment. More than likely, we'd see those features with a service pack for a new simulator or something else.
  19. We are aware of and debugging an issue that seems to cause the PACX menu not to appear in FSX. Just to confirm - is this Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition or boxed?
  20. @egon94 Would you be able to reach out to us via a ticket? We can schedule a remote support session, which will make it easier for me to debug. It seems like this might require code changes and it'd be helpful to be able to debug/test real-time.
  21. @DanielJEllis First off, welcome to the community! This guide covers it fairly well:
  22. @egon94 That's likely the source of the issue (the vocal recognition language). Regarding PACX - can you try moving the DLL (and adjusting the path) to somewhere inside your FSX directory? I want to see if that's a factor here.
  23. @TKessel I'm very sorry for the late answers. We're working on restructuring our support system/team and it's causing a bit of a backlog. It should be resolved now. As well, you should have access to complete any pending purchases.