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  1. We don't have an absolute time frame yet, as we're wanting to fully smooth out commercial aviation support first (we want to build on a solid foundation). That said, I'd IMAGINE it will be before the end of the year.
  2. At this moment, smartCARS has no way of knowing if the excess was requested or not, hence its lack of support for it. The only way would be an option to indicate it beforehand (i.e. a box/button that indicates you have requested it that must be pressed BEFORE you do it). That has the potential to become an odd workflow for the pilot, though, so it's a hard issue to solve properly.
  3. We will do what we can to support this style of flying in smartCARS 3.
  4. This was one of the things we had planned originally but didn't end up making it in. I'll get it back on the list to take another look at.
  5. In order: Currently, no, however, they will be added. We wanted to ensure the core functionality and audio was correct before we focused on little elements like that. Yes, we do intend to have more voice packs. Similar to the above, we wanted to make 100% sure we knew exactly what was needed before we started with those. Yes, if you click and hold on the green button, you can drag the window around. Thank you for the support!
  6. I'll adjust this to make sure the music is paused during announcements. Regarding the door close, it should not be waiting for pushback to do those announcements.
  7. We have quiet a few items on the list already, so I cannot make any promises, but we will continue improving the product and adding as many features as possible. Thank you for the input!
  8. We will be adding announcements for the completion of deboarding, as well as ambient sounds for passengers.
  9. Can you paste the text in that box into a post here?
  10. I can definitely confirm the flight options system to let you select more airline-specific settings. That'll make a big difference on the overall customization of the experience. The others are things we can review, but I can't make any promises. As well, customization of the aircraft itself is something we should be able to in the future.
  11. This may be due to a change in the RealLight loading system conflicting with the folder structure of the Turbo Otter. I've let the Milviz team know.
  12. Certain interactions are there to allow you to communicate with the passengers (and do not have a sound). Which ones have you tried? That said, we're also going to be adding sounds for the other announcements in the future.
  13. turbofandude

    Demo very needed

    @tonaz Once we get a little further to where we want it to be (we have a few fairly important items to add), we may very well do this to allow incoming users to understand the product better. That said, if you feel the site isn't well laid out or isn't explaining it well, we'd definitely be open to improving that as well.
  14. @FScenes The ticket queue has been handled, was your issue handled as well?
  15. Food and drink service is indeed automatic. You can verify if the crew is serving via the in-flight information flyout.
  16. Do you possibly have other software that could be conflicting? This is not an issue we've seen reported before.
  17. The built-in manual landing gear extension key should work for the emergency drop. We do not have the handle itself modeled, but the ability to gravity drop the gear was coded (if I remember correctly).
  18. Jeremy, Yes, I can make the PA effect of those files optional. Regarding the boarding sounds, this may sound like a silly question, but are you sure boarding is complete before you're pushing back?There is a bit of a delay, as well, so that can cause it to happen a bit later.
  19. This is something we could do down the line, absolutely. Currently, the announcements are vague enough to be correct but also actually explain what it is (i.e. it just says meal service, doesn't mention price, etc.).
  20. Does this only happen during lag spikes? How far does the pitch move?
  21. Yes, when you select several files, it will randomly play them (but will not repeat one back to back).
  22. turbofandude

    Mac development

    At this time, Mac support isn't on the immediate agenda, unfortunately.
  23. @ghant312 I've responded to each item below. Regarding the in-flight status icons: I agree and we'll see about expanding this in the future. Regarding the manual override: this doesn't really agree with the way the program is designed, but I understand your point. Are you experiencing issues with PACX not detecting your flight phase properly? There is code built in to handle reject takeoff, go-arounds, etc. Regarding settings, I agree. There is a bit of an issue with the apply button not being easily found. It used to be instant (the second it was changed, it applied), but some settings required more validation. The formats are pretty open for the start flight page. Times can be entered as hh:mm, hhmm, #.#, or just minutes. The same is true for flight levels: you can enter it as FL###, #####, ### (which will automatically become a flight level). It's built to handle input in as many formats as possible. The Cancel and OK buttons remaining disabled is a bug. I just corrected it in my version and it will be resolved in the next build. I agree. I've made the departure ICAO, arrival ICAO, and flight number box automatically capitalized. Part of why we did the time until takeoff and flight time options is because it became difficult to associate the simulator time with an actual time. The only way we could reliable handle this would be to make it based on system time. Thank you for the feedback! We're actively trying to improve the product, and feedback like this helps us.
  24. Excellent! I'm glad to hear it!
  25. This is a good plan. We'll get some default files shipped with the next version.