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  1. Folks, as promised, we have made several changes in to improve performance, and preliminary testing results have shown remarkable improvements. I've detailed the specifics of the changes below. We introduced a new display rendering system that is not only significantly clearer, but also faster and less resource intensive. We created a bridge that allowed us to render our displays using the same system RealLight and TrueGlass use to render at higher refresh rates with low performance impact. This is good all by itself, but even better when it replaces the archaic, horrendously slow gauge rendering system that was previously required.* We created a new texture processing system to allow better compression without reducing visual quality of RealLight textures. This has allowed us to reduce texture memory consumption by approximately 66%. Users experiencing issues due to video memory consumption should notice a reduction of around 300MB from the 717.* We also rewrote and re-optimized the custom sound engine to reduce unnecessary resource consumption. This change is minor, but should help edge case performance drops and FPS stability. Remember, we are testing new technology with the displays. There may be some hiccups - if so, we will fix them. Please let us know your experiences with the new version. *These items apply to the Prepar3D v4 version only. We are investigating options to further help both other simulator users and Prepar3D v4 users who still have sub-par performance.
  2. turbofandude

    Drawing problems (still not resolved)

    I was able to enter this arrival properly and didn't have to enter BENTO manually (it was the transition for I24-Z). Can you save a flight in this scenario and send all files associated with it? That way we can tell exactly what's happening and debug it.
  3. turbofandude

    Crash report for crash on approach

    The faulting module of the crash was "nvd3dumx.dll", which is part of the NVIDIA code. That's not a DLL we've seen associated with any other CTDs, so I'm going to say this is likely a system-isolated driver/GPU related crash. Is it happening often?
  4. turbofandude

    backup baro still in inHg

    Fair enough - thank you! Sorry for the late answer (FSE and catchup time set me back a bit).
  5. turbofandude

    Stuttering and Flickering (P3D V4.1)

    Please do provide a video and we can work on it.
  6. @Mattyb21 Due to the vocal interaction and similar, it'd be easiest to do it via a linked interface. For example, you could open PACX on another machine and link it to the instance running on the sim machine, then control it from the remote machine. Would that work or does it need to be a browser?
  7. turbofandude

    CTD on Aircraft Selection in P3D 4.1

  8. turbofandude

    Sim crashes to desktop when changing views.

    It's not a regression, it's just another issue reappearing. We're working with Lockheed Martin to debug it.
  9. turbofandude

    WX Radar...same WX on differente NM setting

    This is still on our list, it's just very hard to debug.
  10. turbofandude

    CTD on Aircraft Selection in P3D 4.1

    Is this still happening? We did fix an initial load CTD recently.
  11. turbofandude

    CTD with no error before first flight

    This should be resolved with the latest update.
  12. turbofandude

    CTD with 717 in P3D v3.4

    This should be resolved now.
  13. turbofandude

    Poor Performance Reports

    Is that still happening with the latest version? That makes absolutely zero sense that textures would cause a CTD. Are you able to get event viewer logs or anything for the crash?
  14. turbofandude

    manager update

    We may revamp our original tutorial. @gamesyns Do you want to start on that?
  15. turbofandude

    FIX Page Radials

    To the best of my knowledge, this is how the aircraft behaves. It displays a constant ring around it, not necessarily a particular distance.
  16. turbofandude

    717 D3D10.1 Error

    Can you post a screenshot of the error? As well, what is your GPU and Windows version?
  17. turbofandude

    Progress page wind data

    @Maveric751 You are correct - I have fixed this for the next release.
  18. turbofandude

    Documents Not Showing In Sim

    @Xilef I just confirmed that it is working properly. Please confirm that the image itself is correct. What image are you testing with?
  19. turbofandude

    WX Radar...same WX on differente NM setting

    It only requires a source (Active Sky or REX WX Advantage).
  20. turbofandude

    backup baro still in inHg

    @Mistrfiksit thoughts?
  21. turbofandude

    VOR2 slash is Blue

    I'm impressed somebody caught this. You're absolutely right - I've corrected it.
  22. turbofandude

    WX Radar...same WX on differente NM setting

    @L-1011 I truly don't know what would be causing this. Did you notice particularly high GPU usage at the time? Can you also confirm you're running the latest version?
  23. turbofandude

    APPROACH Page - rwy still in feet

    @L-1011 as far as I know, the MCDU does not honor the feet/meters option on the FCP, or the metric airline option.
  24. turbofandude

    backup baro still in inHg

    As far as I know, the standby barometer does not change its unit with the primary setting.
  25. turbofandude

    Sim crashes to desktop when changing views.

    @Alexander90 please try with