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  1. @PilotRockey Hey Brandon, funny i was just thinking about this same topic the other day. Maybe I'm crazy but I thought in one of the earlier alpha builds there was more cockpit ambient sounds (rumble, shaking effect, etc.) Did you pull these or am I dreaming this? Greg
  2. This DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG problem has nothing to do with this aircraft specifically. Check out this post on Lockheed's forum.
  3. So uninstalling and reinstalling AS16 seems to have solved this issue for me. I have only done one flight so far KMEM-KLGA but didn't experience any stutters arriving into New York this time.
  4. +1, Josh and the whole dev team have done a stellar job! Bravo fellas!
  5. Thanks Molleh, I have posted on their forum. Seems to be more common than I first thought. If I find a fix, I will post my resolution here. Thanks everyone.
  6. @Ilya_Plt I wanted to first confirm if my issue was isolated or not. I will reinstall AS16 and test again. It seems this issue is something on my end if nobody else has encountered this same problem. Thanks.
  7. Hey everyone. I am experiencing performance loss when at any landing airport. I will preface that I am flying a minimum of 1.5 hour segments. This issue has been duplicated with both the 717 and 737NGX as these are the only two aircraft i currently fly. I get noticeable stuttering in the VC and during approach and taxiing and this usually starts during decent or just before. Again it occurs with NGX too. If i disable Active Sky (2016 in my case) the stutters immediatly disappear. Can anyone else duplicate this issue, or am I the only one that has noticed this phenomena? Is it possible its something in the latest Active Sky update? Edit: If I cycle Active Sky 2016 off and back on the performance does recover and the stutters go away.
  8. Sandman

    Cabin Temperature Rate Slow

    It takes about 45 minutes (environment dependent) which is a bit too long. Once you crank the engines the temperatures should respond reasonably fast. Sometimes the temps will not reach 25c until you are cruise.
  9. Check this out. Hope it helps you.
  10. I may not be using the feature the way you are. For example: I enter the Fix page and usually insert my destination airport (KATL). The default display should show you bearing and distance from this station. This is working for me partially . If you don't insert a radial it should provide station distance and bearing from your position. It is not at this time providing bearing information only distance. If you are trying to draw a fix from a station such as KATL 090/15nm I suspect I will encounter the same result as you. I am sure Collin is aware of this already and has plans to implement in the next batch of features for the FMS. I hope this is helpful.
  11. Running from the Navigraph manager should install the cycle for you automatically.
  12. Some features of the MCDU are still in the works. This is one of them. It will be included in a future update with many other FMS functions.
  13. I can confirm the function works for me. I am seeing an issue that the vector is reading only the distance. Distance is duplicated essentially so I suspect this is tied into a future update.
  14. No i don't think it is GC related, not at your latitude. You are only 51 minutes into the flight and drifting pretty far off course. Do you think it could be something with the initial alignment? Did you have any issue making the first waypoint? No duplicated waypoints in the MCDU? Very odd for such a short time in the air.