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  1. I am not getting any kind of error messages at all. It just doesn't turn on the lights when I flip the switch.
  2. I have disabled every antivirus program on my computer, tried it, didn't work, then I reinstalled the plane again with everything still off and it still didn't work.
  3. Oh, forgot about Windows Defender. I'll test it again trying it out in game then re installing if it doesn't work again with both Windows Defender and my anti-virus turned off.
  4. I have. I turned my anti virus off and re installed and everything and the cockpit lights are still not turning on for me. (Post made again because I never quoted last post on Saturday which may have contributed to no notification of post.)
  5. The first picture is when they should be on, but are clearly not (note even though flight displays are off, you can tell from the autopilot control panel that power is being supplied to the aircraft). The second picture is when the lights should be off and they are. Third picture is exterior view when lights should be on, I don't know for sure if it is supposed to show light out the passenger windows or not, but thought I should include that as well just in case that might not be working as well. I have turned the white knobs next to the light switch which in my knowledge controls
  6. Yea of course. I'll send a picture once I get a chance to get on my pc and I'll send one with the lights being off and one of when they should be on. In both pictures power will be supplied to the aircraft to show its not an issue of me trying to turn on the lights when there is no power.
  7. Just tried the other day. I go to Steam, steamapps, common, FSX, TFDi 717, Panel, and there is nothing related to legacy in there. Each time I re install it, it has the same items in the Panel folder.
  8. I tested it out, but I don't have the legacy rendering folder in my 717 folder on FSX.
  9. I'll try that out once I get on my computer.
  10. Hi, I have recently tried to do a night flight in the 717 but unfortunately had to stop shortly after getting to the runway as I could not see a thing in the cockpit, and the cockpit lighting buttons do not work in FSX. Does anyone know a fix for this? I would love to do some night flying in the 717 if any of you know how to fix the lighting not turning on And yes I am turning the right knob to turn on the lights.
  11. Yes I have the master battery on, and the ground power on and the cockpit is receiving power.
  12. Hi, I am using the TFDi Boeing 717 and on my flights where it is dark outside, I go to turn on the cockpit lights with the dials on the lower overhead display and they don't do anything. They turn and move but the lighted dials don't turn on. I currently run the 717 on FSX. If you know how to fix this problem then please let me know.
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