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  1. Welp that sucks, But not surprising considering as i mentioned even MSFS2020 itself dosn't yet handle its pause correctly. (When you use live pause the planes functions e.g. fuel consumption, still continues) lol. Hopefully they give this a look at sooner or later. guess best we can do right now is report it as a bug on asobo's side and see what happens. Eitherway, Thanks for looking into it!
  2. Version info: FSUIPIC: FSUIPC 7 Pacx: MSFS2020: Background info: Before starting. It appears that I cannot get msfs2020 flights "loaded" into fsuipc 7 not sure if this is a thing you need to do to get pacx to pause or not. but I assume not since I have already successfully run a full flight with pacx detecting the current flight status accurately. gate/taxi/takeoff/climb etc etc. feel free to correct me if this "is" the reason for the problem. and sorry if it is. or if you have any other questions! Description: It has been observed that Pacx does not detect
  3. Hello! New to Pacx loving it so far great addition to MSFS2020!, I like doing airline flights but being able to be sat at my computer for a long time is almost impossible without interruptions, I've been looking around the documentation and forums for this topic but not got any results, so Question If I may. Does Pacx have a in-flight "Pause" option, So you can pause the ETA timer and any events that occur? Would it be possible to implement such a feature? Keep up the great work! -Nemi-