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  1. in a sense, yeah. the activity in the cabin, be able to get a more indepth feeling of inclusion in your aircraft, and be able to basically allocate what, where. think of it as... a pre- and post- flight mini game of sorts. like for weight balancing!
  2. AusmanCometh


    Hey there. AusmanCometh here, new PACX purchaser, i have a quick suggestion, I'll be using another company's screenshot from a product that isnt compatible with msfs 2020 right now. But in short? my suggestion is to extend the Boarding and Passenger Seating's, or Issues with passengers, and scenarios with said passengers, to the point we have to open up a map of our aircraft, and select the exact passenger that's the "Problem" or "Issue" at the time. Please see THIS Image ---> I have other suggestions that i have not seen yet, but then again i only just bought this th