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  1. Thanks for your answers, you say the UI is not resizable, but can we move it around? I'd like to let the flight status open to get some feeback in real time, and it would be great if we can just move it away from the center of the screen, especialy when VR will become available. And even if there's no support for VR, if we can use it with a mouse that's ok Nice to see that PACXBridge could become compatible in the futur enventualy.
  2. hello, your software seems interesting, a little bit like the beloved fspassenger. But before I make my mind, I have some questions for you: With MSFS2020 you can't have the text line in the bottom of the screen, right? So if I want to have some live passengers feedback do I have to let the "flight status" window open? Is it possible make this window smaller? My system is a bit bottlenecked by my cpu, so how hard is PACX on the cpu? Also does it work with all default general aviation aircrafts? And finaly do you plan to make some V