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  1. @Fabio Almeida However, this is my Log.txt file log.txt
  2. @Fabio Almeida I've checked my RODE microphone device and it's set as default (for communication too) in my system settings. I've tried to do the announcement trought the menu and using the hot key set in PACX settings (Shift+F10). But when i press the hot key or pass trought the menu, the "Listening" pop up doesn't appear and PACX shows me the "interact" pop up and it asks me what the announcement is about (Delay, Pubblic Address etc..). Is it possible that i have to press and hold the hot key or microphone icon (if i move trought the menu) and the "listening" appears as long as i hold down a
  3. Hi, i tried to install the English Pack Language (not set as Default, italian is set as default). So, when i click on Voice interation>Public Address>General nothing happens and the software return to Main Menu