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  1. but this is what i mean, tfdi to find a solution by not using the access db engine. to use something else instead of it, so whatever microsoft does, 717 will not get affected. or maybe include in their installation what the fix file change, so we will not need to do it
  2. hi jcrodz. try to install the patch file for msoffice. it fixed the problem imidiatelly for me. i hope tfdi will have a solution soon, so everytime there is an update for win 10 / msoffice, we will not need to patch it again and again :)
  3. thank you very much blazeorange !! i hope anybody who will have this problem will follow your steps now
  4. thanks blazeorange, i will also check here, maybe they will post a solution.
  5. hi again. i found the solution. the problem is caused by the latest office installation/update. i use office 2016 for example. but any version can make this problem appear. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13255 depending on your version of office, 64 or 32 bit, english or any other language, you download this file. the 717 use a dll (or something) which is altered by the office installation. i hope tfdi will find and fix it soon. thank you
  6. hi everybody, i just installed the 717 through orbx, to my p3d 4.5 hf3 installation, on windows 10 and i get his message everytime i load the airplane: The Operating System is not presently configured to run this application all the other planes work just fine. any ideas? thank you
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