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  1. after two more times uninstalling it, reinstalling it through orbx and re-verifying the files it is working now. Only have to setup all the liveries again... all in all not a pleasant experience after an update. Seems you really have to think about updating once one comes available
  2. P3D Version: (SimConnect Version System Specs: win10 pro, 32GB Ram, i9-9900K processor with 3,6 GHZ, graphic card: GeForce RTX2070Super Description of Problem: 1.) Selecting the TFDI Aircraft 2.) Selecting an airport (tried it with NZWN (where I run flighbeam scenery) and NZCH (default Scenery but having Orbx South Island installed) 3.) weather: live weather from active sky 4.) daytime 5.) Starting the scenario -> first time it says scenery etc. is loading, i see the progress bar but once that is finished the
  3. Hi, I updated today my TFIDI 717 to version 1.1.7 through Orbx Central. Unfortunatly after the update the plane wont start any more. I see it in the list of aircraft but once I want to load a scenario i loads ages and after a time P3D is crashing. I already tried to uninstall and reinstall the plane trough Orbx Central without any change. Any suggestions? Thx Jacob
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