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  1. Hey Turbofan, if you check out Honeywell's site they go into the Step Climb differences between their legacy and the new NG systems they have. The MD-11 uses the Honeywell Pegasus FMC (FMS / FCC) which is the legacy variant that used what they called "Optimum Step Climb". Perf Pg 3 is where the crew would set the step climb altitude amount on the legacy models. An account has to be registered to see the documentation but this is Honeywell's actual FMC Documentation library for all of their FMC's https://aerospace.honeywell.com/en/learn/services/maintenance-and-service-plans/te
  2. I literally just had to make this account after seeing this company's product in a YT video talking about you guys making an MD-11... I can officially say, I am not fond of you guys already considering how much I just spent on bubble wrap to protect both my wallet and my computer from what is coming. My poor wallet is prepared to be thrown at the computer so fast it will make a MLB starting pitcher jealous as soon as the MD-11 is available! I ran PMDG's when I used FSX ages ago and was heartbroken when they said they would not bring it to MSFS. I love my General Aviation but something about th
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