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  1. To a much lesser extent I would say. Before the delay was such that it could easily get in the way of the security briefing, or other announcements, or would even pop up several minutes later. Additionally the "divert" action was a problem, as it would select it suddenly in the background. Now, sometimes it will continue hanging in the recording loop for some excess of 30 seconds max, after that so far every time the selection menu for public address/ general etc showed up, and it was mostly in time and not a problem. So, the audio hanging is kinda still there, but the improvement is sign
  2. Just wanted to let you know that it is happening to a much smaller extent since the last update (I think I skipped one in between). It will hang over for a couple seconds, but that is fine. Previously it would be minutes, really. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Thanks again.
  3. I am not sure if it happened in this flight, if it happens again, I will reupload the log. I cant remember this particular flight, it has been a couple days that I have flown. log.txt
  4. Good question. Following that I think aircraft problem needs a branching option, like many of the other calls have, too. Looking at it now, I think the issue is that every aircraft problem is automatically treated like an emergency. Maybe a branching like this would work: aircraft problem -> select type (or autodetected by pacx) -> choose a) inform passengers of technical problem (upsets them fairly, but less than emergency) or: -> choose b) declare emergency (upsets them as is) If emergency has been declared -> choose a) continue (calms them a bit) or -> choose b
  5. Hey guys, it would be nice to have a "positive outcome/ problem solved" option under "aircraft problem". Which basically lets you continue as planned and/or divert without everyone being anxious to crash. I had a funny situation for example: a slight fuel imbalance between left and right tank had me enable cross feed and briefly turn off the left tank pumps - ofc in the a320 that shut down the left engine immediately. No biggy, left eng off, apu on, apu bleed on, cranked left eng briefly, left engine to start, about 2 min later flight was proceeding without failure and as planned.
  6. And one last feedback on the recent two patches: Audio Recording is hung, or continues to record long after input has been stopped. Is it reproduceable? Yes. What I do: I unmute my microphone. I click on the record button. I record my announcement. I mute my mic (so that it does not continue capturing the sim sound from the hifi). The "Listening..." message continues sometimes for up to 4 minutes. Then at some random point later the playback of the audio happens. It is also reproduceable if I do not mute the mic, in this case however it will also continue recording the sim
  7. IronMike

    top most task

    Hey guys, I really hate to be nagging you guys any more because of all the great work you do, but to give some feedback on PACX not being the top most task on windows anymore: Personally I prefered how it was 2 updates ago. It was very straight forward, one button click and the menu would appear, you could move it around, you could continue using head tracking and doing stuff in the cockpit while it was open, when it disturbed, one button click and it was hidden again. Now, when you click the button to unhide it, it opens, but underlaying the sim in priority, which means: you have to
  8. Oh brilliant, all this time I have been flying while hoping "you'll implement it" - meanwhile it has been there the whole time. Thanks! PS: Would be really great if that could be a keybind as well, to just pop it in and out without having to alt tab out of the sim.
  9. Hi guys, first of all thank you for a great product! Works nice and increases the immersion, I really like it. I have only one question/complaint: there seems to be no way to turn off the MSFSBridge on the bottom. I like it in general, but it distracts me, if it is there all the time. Am I missing an option here? Or is there none? Is there any other way to turn it on/off? It would be nice, imo, if this could be done via a button, just like the main command rose. Thanks for looking into it. PS: Until it becomes option, please let me know how to hard remove it, unfortunately
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