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  1. Love your work @GoldstarTextures No matter the addon, your repaints simply rule!
  2. May I ask why everybody seems to be so abundandly sure that the current behavior of the TFDi version is wrong? I mean, is there any documentation that this claim is right?
  3. Just did a flight with this update and I must say I'm seriously impressed by the performance! Probably my best performing airliner addon now.
  4. Thanks for looking into the flicker issue. I already kinda expected it to be an SLI related bug
  5. This describes the exact phenomenon I'm experiencing as well. I'll disable AS16 for a flight or two (won't have time before tomorrow tough) and will report back if it made any difference.
  6. The Issue I have with the latest Beta ist that the P3D menu, all simulator windows, the simulator rain particles as well as some TrueGlass drops on the windscreens are flickering constantly. This is also dropping down the FPS significantly. I tried NOT using any of the following addons, just to test wheter they're causing a conflict. - Active Sky / ASCA / REX SoftClouds - PTA - ENVTEX However, nothing has changed. I attached a video showing the problem. Since uninstalling/deactivating of the mentioned addons didn't change anything, I decided to leave them on during this test. Usually the ATC window flickers as well, it did not so in the test here, probably because the aircraft was not powered. Video link here. This is captured at JustSims EDDH. I get double the fps with other complex aircraft addons in the same scenario. Also all the windows and rain particles won't flicker if I don't load the 717. I hope this post helps. If you have any further questions I'll happily answer them. Sincerely, Jan Bebi
  7. Hey there at TFDi! I just wanted to loose some words on your 717. After I couldn't fly for almost half a year because was away from my PC. I was incredibly pleased when I finally could give the update you gave out this summer a try and find out that this aircraft is now a hell of a lot of fun to fly! Yes, the release was anything but flawless. But I must say, at least for me, that's a memory of the past. You really demonstrated that you're more than able to deliver a high quality and complex product! So, thank you a lot for the hard post-release work! It is highly appreciated! Now I'm looking forward to the full P3D V4 release of the 717 with its innovations (RealLight, TrueGlass) and I'm excited for whatever you're working on next! Keep it up, you won a new fan in the heart of europe. Cheers, Jan