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  1. Really nice!!! Friday release? 🤣
  2. Fresh Paint Forget it....? I had really been looking forward to it, the quality of the inhouse paints are great. It was a brilliant idea, but 3 weeks in and still no word and nothing posted.
  3. ? It's got off to a bit of a slow start 😉
  4. Same here - moved view in VC from outside view to centre console, clicked the electrical display button and sim locked up, repeating sound loop. Needed to hold down power button on PC to escape.
  5. Ah - reinstall has fixed it !! Sorry, I should have tried that first. Thanks for your help Collin
  6. On loading the 717 in P3Dv4 I get the message "Error connecting to database SOCI [OBDC Driver Manager]. Any ideas what it means? The opening screen on the FMS displays Japanese text. Using latest updates from P3Dv4 and TFDi