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  1. The PACX taskbar is on the bottom of the screen and when flying aircraft like the a320 it blocks the bottom of the PFD. Microsoft doesn’t really have the custom view settings like XPlane so I have to move my view manually every time when I go from the outside view to the cockpit so that I can see the whole PFD. It would be nice to have a feature for PACX that would allow you to have the option to put the taskbar on the side or on top, or even hide it all together as I do everything through the pop out menu rather than the bar.
  2. Yes as Andy said, inflight announcements like the duty free. The announcements that play during climb or descent, so for example: American plays an automated announcement during climb and descent, If you’ve flown the zibo 737 you know what this is. This could be implemented in another box to tick and i guess could be triggered at 10,000 ft. You could add a folder called climb and descent to put these .wav files in. Another additional suggestion is an announcement for border customs upon arrival on international flights. Again another folder and box to tick that could be called internat
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