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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. Enjoy! tyler
  2. I asked them about this a while ago, unfortunately, it seems that this isn't a big deal to them. I was basically told it wasn't likely because it was hard. Hopefully they change their mind. I think just about all of us would love to see a browless 717... Tyler
  3. Hi stevo Sorry about that. I’ll fix it later tonight or tomorrow. Otherwise the Avsim version has the aircraft.cfg entries and the 401TW paint too. I’ll probably have this one match that one. Tyler
  4. Thank you! It was a joy to paint. I am working on another right now, much harder this time.. Will post about it soon.. Tyler
  5. Just got it uploaded today.. it has both 418TW and 401TW - twa_717repaint.zip Thanks! Tyler
  6. I’ll upload it to avsim too. Tyler
  7. So... hmm.. I think Ill do it! As long as that wasn't their next Fresh Paint Friday.. Tyler
  8. One more.. Will upload this one later today.. -Tyler
  9. Hey all! I have submitted my TWA 717 for approval through the TFDi Community Repaints section of the site. ENJOY! Tyler Johnson Tyler@our-turf.net
  10. Version 1.1.0


    Here she is! So happy to share it with you all! Please take her up and let me know what you think! Tyler Johnson Tyler@our-turf.net
  11. If I am able to get it out today will be later tonight. Otherwise I’ll put it out tomorrow as I am more likely to have time for that. I have two major areas to fix and I want to adjust the color of the twa on the tail. I’m pleased with it thus far... wonder that hat the official fresh paint Friday release will be this week? Tyler
  12. Nearly done! A few more details to add.. Hope everyone will enjoy it
  13. Here is the beginning! What do you think so far? EDIT: Yes I know I need to fix the W but that's in progress too... Tyler
  14. I think I might just work on the TWA paint. I have the logos I made a while back and I have the logo for the engines. I was waiting to see how this Friday thing went but as we see the dev team people’s real lives took their attention away from delivering new paint jobs for our pretend 717s Glad I only have 8 kids, otherwise there is a chance real life could impact my ability to get this paint out as quickly as it’s desired by the masses. (I’ll get it out as quick as I can) Thank you TFDi for all the work you have done. I say let the community take the paints. I really think everyone should learn to paint planes, it’s fun and technically challenging! Tyler