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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm sure others have seen this, and if it's in the forum, I couldn't find it. I am noticing the wing rock right before flying over a waypoint with the 717.. Has anyone found a way to fix this or is it just in the code? Tyler Johnson
  2. I'm not entirely sure they are working on it, but I did formalize the request.. -Tyler
  3. Then please take this as an official request to have SOME means to simulate the additional fuel tanks without setting unlimited fuel. There has to be a way! After all, HAL has ferried them back and forth with ferry tanks, so THAT was a real scenario that could be simulated.. Thanks for your replies! Tyler
  4. I’d love to have the option be an option in the sim though. It’s MY poor mans Gulfstream and I’d like to simulate the fuel burn off. Maybe could do it by changing the payload externally via simconnect. I’ll have to look into that. Tyler
  5. So I was able to edit the cfg file but the aircraft resets it to the max (non-aux) fuel. So that idea is shot.. @turbofandude any chance we can get support for Aux fuel tanks? Especially considering the 717 is about to be retired from DAL and thus may start to migrate into a poor man's Gulfstream variant? Thanks, Tyler
  6. In real life the Boeing 717 had the same aux fuel options as the DC-9 series. That is a fuel tank of 1000 gal aft of the center wing box, and 1250 forward of the center wing box (in the luggage compartments).. NOTE: This is the maximum option. There are other smaller options available as well, but why not go for the max? lol That adds 2,250 gallons (15000 lb)... That will buy you some range... I am adding it to mine, not sure how well the sim will handle the change.. Tyler
  7. Thank you so much for the kind words. Enjoy! tyler
  8. I asked them about this a while ago, unfortunately, it seems that this isn't a big deal to them. I was basically told it wasn't likely because it was hard. Hopefully they change their mind. I think just about all of us would love to see a browless 717... Tyler
  9. Hi stevo Sorry about that. I’ll fix it later tonight or tomorrow. Otherwise the Avsim version has the aircraft.cfg entries and the 401TW paint too. I’ll probably have this one match that one. Tyler
  10. Thank you! It was a joy to paint. I am working on another right now, much harder this time.. Will post about it soon.. Tyler
  11. Just got it uploaded today.. it has both 418TW and 401TW - twa_717repaint.zip Thanks! Tyler
  12. I’ll upload it to avsim too. Tyler
  13. One more.. Will upload this one later today.. -Tyler
  14. Hey all! I have submitted my TWA 717 for approval through the TFDi Community Repaints section of the site. ENJOY! Tyler Johnson Tyler@our-turf.net
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