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  1. Hilarious! http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=765037
  2. Cog: Center of gravity. They might add ballast weights, or like when ferrying to hawaii add ferry fuel tanks.
  3. jackscrj

    Displays go black

    Well addon.xml is not soley scenery, it has the ability to include, scenery, effects, textures, sounds, simobjects, and dlls. The problem most likely was an [very peculiar] internal p3d bug... that is only speculation on my part though.
  4. I think the v/s behavior you're describing is the same I have written up here.
  5. jackscrj

    Altitude Capture logic

    When the auto-flight system altitude alert goes off and the altitude capture logic engages, the v/s in most cases increase and destabilizes the current flight conditions. It doesn't appear to be limited to any mode, as I have seen it happen in prof mode as well. Surely this isn't the correct behavior. Video for clarity. https://youtu.be/62OLdNU2YnY
  6. I'm sorry how can you disagree with my experience lol
  7. jackscrj

    Displays go black

    Yes im getting those millisecond blackouts as well.
  8. My experience with p4d has been a ctd festival.
  9. jackscrj

    Displays go black

    20 flights have lead me to believe the answer lies in the addon.xml system. It doesn't appear to be a specific addon I have, but rather the quantity. I would need to probe a bit deeper, perhaps looking at which are using <effects> sections. It seems that perhaps there maybe some bugs in Prepar3d related to addon.xml. Because also when using a larger quantity of scenery addon.xmls, the scenery library will ctd when regenerating the scenery cache. It hardly makes sense but, when I kept adding more addon.xmls it finally started going black, so I found where one more made the screens go black, removed all the others leaving the "bad one" resulted in no black screens. (I'd probably need a lot more testing to be sure of anything but these are my observations)
  10. file a bug report under bugs and suggestions. I've noticed strange ete numbers as well in the mcdu.
  11. jackscrj

    Displays go black

    I think it is related to the addon.xml system, either the number of addonxmls or maybe a specific one. Continuing to test. Maybe it is interacting with the texture path error.
  12. I don't think the team has gone quite this in-depth, perhaps the current simulation allows for loc only capture. But the real 717 is a bit particular about tracking nav aids with its autoflight system. It pretty much uses fms data exclusively save for ils. Would like to see the dir/intercept page option for when vor approaches aren't drawn correctly by the fms.
  13. @turbofandude If you're planning on working on the persistence, It seems that if you end the flight mid air, the persistence file is setting you on the ground with the gear still up next time you load it up. Don't worry about the noise you've done a great job responding to the early mistakes.