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  1. According to my FCOM from Boeing, LOC ONLY is an airline option. For procedure: "If the LOC ONLY option is not installed, do not select APPR/LAND. Intercept and maintain the LOC/LDA course using FMS NAV mode, heading, or track while monitoring the LOC/LDA course on the APPR display."
  2. If it's not on the side window, try find a click spot next to your left leg(on Cpt seat), there should be a well with a black thing(the tab) in it.
  3. Do you mean the "vertical stabilizer(?, I suppose you mean horizontal then)" or the elevator If it's the elevator and you are seat still on the ground, it's normal. 717 (and MD80) only have hydraulic assist elevator down movement for better stall recovery, normally the elevator are controlled by trim tab that only could moves elevator though airflow. Just put it into air and see if it just flies fine, you won't die in a simulator anyway. The trim would be on TO/APPR page in FMC after you enter weight and CG on INIT page2, they could be found on EFB.
  4. Here is my data for Qsimplanner, you can download one on: https://qsimplan.wordpress.com/ I only made the Take off data and aircraft data, somehow Qsimplanner came with 717's data but not used by default, as there is no Autobrake on TFDi one and the cruising wind download is broken now, I thinks they are nolonger relevant. The TO data I made based on the FCOM downloaded from this forums' download section. Included both A1(18.5k) and C1(21k) engine, and for both dry and wet runway. Please notice QSimplanner only gives you FLEX temp based on runway length and climb limit, no obstacle and no Vspds. for dry runway, this data is coordinated with FMC's vspds. but for wet runway, you need to find Vspds on manual. Qsim_717TO_PerformanceData.zip
  5. OK, I was dump to not noticed the table is in the "Airtran Airways Aircraft Operations Manual" in TFDi's Download section The index makes me think it's only PI, but there is PD on the button. it's just poorly bookmarked... Be noticed there are 8 chapter, both PD and PI for imperia and metric and for 715A1 and 715C1 engine, pick the correct one for you. I might make a data set for QSimplanner, if I have time, although it's wind download is broken, the TO/LD calculator still works fine then.
  6. So if you push a update for 717 after 2021.9.1, I as a Win7 user should NOT patch it?
  7. I'm sorry to bring this up, but the manual's forum are not giving me permission after sign up and wabpro seems down now, so any data could be made available here then?
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