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  1. Unfortunately yes. I have found out that there is a mechanism to force the reverse thruster throttles into an open position so the full axis is available (fixes not idling issue). The side affect of this is that I can not use the actual reverse thruster action on the hardware. Hardware explanation: The hardware is made up on 1 axis for each lever. The axis extends from position -1.00 to +1.00. Within this range on the axis, the hardware provides a reverse thrust action. This is done by pulling a lever on each throttle to bring the lever into a "reverse detent mode" (Just lik
  2. Hello! I recently bought the Thrustmaster TCA side stick and throttle set. In regards to the throttle, the idling position on the hardware is not idle in the aircraft. I am aware that this is an issue with all non-airbus aircraft due to the thrust and reverse thrust being on the same axis. Does anyone happen to know a setting I might be able to change within the config file for the 717 to adjust this setting? Any help would be great! Thanks, Skyler (KingKennedy) [ The picture attacked is when the hardware is in 'idle' position.
  3. Hello! I know there are a LOT of posts on this form about the vRAM usage in P3D with the B717. I have looked though many of them with great insight. With the recommendations, I have made these changes so far: Switched to Legacy Panels Reduced Global Settings Replaced with 2K textures Turned off RealLight and RealTextures Reduced textures from Active Sky Cloud Art Registry Fix Updated all GPU drivers After these changes, I did notice a small boost in performance, but I still can not use the aircraft at a lot of custom airports (scenery) due
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