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  1. Custom boarding music: Noted. I have a custom boarding music and the size is around 600mb. One wav music is around 30mb depends how long is the song or the quality of the song. Can your side at least consider to make the apps to be able to read big file? Served Food/Drink/free duty: As for serving food. For flight is around one hour or less. Please do not let the passengers rate the flight with "wish they served as snack or drink". Also for a long haul flight or flight that took more then 3 hours, make the cabin crew to offer selling merchadise or something. free duty stuff. You guys flew in a an airliner. I bet you guys experienced all this thing too. So why not add it in. Come on guys. THere's so much potential this apps can brings. We support your product so you should at least take this suggestion into consideration and implement it.
  2. Hi Mods, As title suggested. Can you let the apps play MP4 song? WAV file is too big. Also can you let us set the time when to served snack, lunch and dinner. Thanks.
  3. Hi Guys, Good Sunday to you all. I love this software and I can see its big potential if you guys keep updating and adding in new features in it. Let me start with a few idea. I am mostly flown as a Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia from my country Malaysia. Most of the domestic flight and international around my country time is around 1 hour to 2 hour and 45 minutes. I would be much appreciate if you guys can give a manual option or while in the "START A FLIGHT" menu, the option "Can serve meals on a short flight" and to monitor this at the "Flight Time" option when we set the flight time. The algorithm should know when we enter 00:45 as an example. Best yet, if you can make this an option a manual for us to trigger from the "announcement" at the radial button. That would be much better. Also, I would be much appreciated that if you guys can allow us to play on boarding music after the safety demonstration is completed until we are at the line up for take off. Some commercial airliners like in my country (Malaysia) once we have safely landed, they will play music until the aircraft reached the Jetway/Gate. I hope you guys can do this too. Make this a manual option too if can.
  4. Hi, Thanks! I will try to make it less or within 100mb.
  5. I agree 100% on this. We should have the ability to play music while taxxing on the runaway nefore taking off and also an option to inform the cabin crew to be seated before the take off and before landing like in the real life.
  6. Hi Guys, Out of curiosity what is the maximum allowed music file size PACX can play during passenger boarding? I have this one .wav file I compiled and the file size is around 240mb. When I selected it to play as the boarding sound, no music coming out. But if I select a smaller file size around 20mb to 50mb no problem.
  7. Hi there, I purchased this yesterday. Today I try to play my own custom boarding music. The file length is 46 minutes and the file size around 400MB. When I select it and start the career mode, there is no music coming at all. However when I restart the apps and use your default ambient music, its working. I run the apps as administrator. I am using PACX with MSFS 2020 STEAM version. Can someone please help? Moderator: you can close this post thanks.
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