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  1. Haven't flown the 717 for a while, recently came back to it and have the same issue. I use EZDOK2 as camera manager. So far crashes seem to happen when switching from an external view to the VC. So far it's always proceeded by a about 30 second sim freeze. PC Specs: AMD FX 8350, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1070. Sim: P3Dv4.4. I hope a fix comes out soon. Maybe with re rumoured P3Dv4.5 update.
  2. Did the same thing again. Using the default scenario (Eglin AFB active runway, fair weather, daytime) and swapped the F-22 for the 717. I wait a few seconds for everything to load in an use the Shift + Z overlay to read FSP. Loading P3DV4 with TrueGlass disabled in a previous session - average of 23 with min/max at 20 / 26. I did not do this last time, but I noticed a something was different when I started these tests. Enabling it - ignoring the stutters average of 17 with min/max at 17 / 18). Stutters are now quite stable at 7.0 - 7.5. Disabling it in the same session as it was enabled - average of 18 with min/max at 17 / 19. TrueGlassDisabled.dll - average of 27 with min/max at 24 / 30. I love the idea of TrueGlass, but my graphics card is just not up to it at the moment.
  3. OK, did some testing. All with the "fair weather" theme. TrueGlass enabled: 17-20fps with stutters to 5 - 7 fps every few seconds (this makes is very unflyable) TrueGlass disabled via Addons menu: 20 - 25 fps TrueGlass disabled by renaming dll file - 25 - 29 fps.
  4. lucky_885

    FPS Stutters

    Negative. But I am using EZCA/EZDOK 2 which has similar functionality.
  5. Noticed the same. I worked out it's a metric / imperial unit conversion issue. If you enter 5000 kgs of fuel, it will change that to 2267 kgs. What seems to be happening in the background is that the kgs value is taken as lbs, than converted back to kgs. 5000 lbs = 2267 kgs. Glad we are not running a space programme here
  6. lucky_885

    FPS Stutters

    Since the latest update I'm getting FPS stutters. Generally the pattern is: 3-4 seconds of around 20 FPS than 3-4 seconds on around 7 FPS.
  7. I'm going to let some screenshots speak for themselves: This goes on for the entire route. I tried changing the cost index, adding a STAR to make the route complete, but still need a time machine. Possible related: My MCDU shows a GW of 52.7 and a LW of 92.2. I guess traveling back in time adds fuel...
  8. Licensing? I always thought FSX and derivatives are a platform just like an operating system is a platform. With so many third party addons out there, I never thought licensing would be a thing companies would have to do in order to create addons commercially. Anyway, if anyone form Dovetail Games reads this: please don't make licensing too complicated, or even better don't make it a requirement at all. FSX has survived 10+ years because of third party developers.
  9. May I ask what your position is on the other 64bit sim: FSW?
  10. I believe the customizations are mainly to suppress cabin altitude warnings and deployment of oxygen masks when landing at high altitudes, like at La Paz. Also the MD-82 made with hot and high conditions in mind resulting in a more powerful engine than other MD-80 variants. Still comparing empty weights, the 717 still has a slightly higher thrust to weight ratio.
  11. After landing I generally shut down the aircraft by slipping switches myself, next time I start FSX, most are still as they were before. But I get this. +1 for this suggestion.
  12. Did a flight yesterday from Bogota (SKBO, 8360 feet MSL) to La Paz (SLLP, 13314 feet MSL) . These sort of take-offs and landings bring their own challenges - most of SKBO's 12467 ft / 3800 m runway needed for take-off. But what I found interesting is the way the aircraft handled the cabin altitude. During climb the cabin altitude decreased to a couple of hundred feet, than increased to about 5000/6000 for cruise. During decent it went back down to a few hundred feet. After touch down at SLLP, I got cabin altitude and cabin rate warnings (with all the bells and whistles). The outflow valve went fully open and cabin altitude rapidly increased to 13300. This must have been very uncomfortable for anyone onboard. Does anyone know how this should have gone or have any other insights? This link provides some info on how the 777 handles this: