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  1. I have a couple questions about the strip that appears in MSFS for PACX. Can you choose to turn off the in game strip of PACX in MSFS? Can you choose where the strip appears? for example I would like to have it at the top of the window instead of bottom? Can you move it while a flight is in progress? I have this weird issue is that when I have a pop-out MSFS window and I start PACX after MSFS loads, it adds the strip to the pop-out window instead of the main window. This obscures vital information on my PFD and ND pop-outs. And since the pop-out is a small window the full PACX s
  2. Ok. It is the status of the passenger not the sign. Thanks.
  3. Is it possible to pre record your captain announcements and then select them from the announcements list instead of recording them live each time and hearing the playback right after?
  4. Is the word Seatbelt On supposed to be static on the passenger status page even though the sign is Off?
  5. No. I am switching in PACX. There is only one audio option in PACX. Whatever you choose there changes both the speaker and the mic. I want PACX to use one device for speaker and another device for sound. I want PACX to use my headset mic for the PA recording and use the laptop speaker, not headset speaker, for sound output. Is that possible?
  6. How will this affect passenger satisfaction? I want to simulate business jet flights but they don't typically have flight attendants.
  7. Is it possible to have a different input device than the output in PACX. My laptop mic is horrible so I would like to use my headset mic, but when I choose that device it also switches the speaker to the headset and I want to leave the sound coming from the laptop. Is that possible?
  8. Thanks. I only know how to code in JavaScript and VB. I don't know phpVMS. Are there any other alternatives?
  9. Is it possible to send the data from the smartACARS to a server of your choice?
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