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  1. Changing the port in the settings, in my case from 9000 to 9010. Let me know if it works.
  2. I disabled the adblocker temporarily, no success. I don't think it's a browser issue as same captcha on other sites are working well. However, I've sent an email to support making reference to this thread here.
  3. I would like to but I can't register at the support area as already stated in my initial post. I get the message "Captcha Verification failed", even if there is a green hook at the Captcha.
  4. No error at PACX itself, only the message on the bottom line in MSFS.
  5. Checked with FBW A320NX and Aerosoft CRJ700. Also at KSFO (even if I expect the tool to work at any airport where airliners are operating), no difference, still the same message. I read somewhere that there are currently problems with the Dev version of the A320NX wrt to parking brake, but the problem persists with the CRJ as well. Any further ideas?
  6. Dear Aaron, it was a fresh install without any additional announcements etc. Updating FSUIPC had also no effect, still the same message. Brgds Stephan
  7. Hi, I've just purchased PACX, but in MSFS, constantly the message "No PACX Flight detected" pops up at the bottom. I've tried to register at your support page to open a ticket, but it doesn't accept the captcha repeatedly! I'm running FSUIPC7 7.0.3 and PACX already as administrator. Please advise. Brgds Stephan
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