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  1. Good morning guys, there is a mistake in your knowledge base articel: "Connecting PACX to Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS 2020)". You have to start at first the FSUIPC7.exe and after that tool is started you have to start the simulator. You wrote to start at first the simulator and than the FSUIPC7.exe. Thats not working on my PC. Regards Markus
  2. Hello all and welcome on board Today I purchased the PACX software and within day 1, created a Layout for the CRJ-700 Lufthansa which is already uploaded and I would like to share my impressions with the admins, developer and community. Pro: I like the design of the software I like the documentation and support in your forum Audio Effect with music Audio Effect with your custom recorded voice.. I love that feature that you can record something and its played!! Cons: When you put the round main screen window e.g. into top-right corner of your monitor and open the layoutplan, it's not possible to close the window cause the "x" is out of view and you can not grab the window at the top and place it e.g. in the middle of your monitor. Price is for my opinion for the actual state a bit to high... Ideas: When you order something to drink or to eat (captain), it would be nice if the crew would come back after a few minutes and say "Here Captain, your drink" When debording, crew should not seat on their chairs, they should stay at the doors and say good bye. Same when boarding... Possibility to zoom the layout and not grab and swipe all the time. Possibility to open layout in an own window, so you can place it on a second monitor and have a look on it all the time <3<3<3<3 I would love to have more effects for voice <3<3<3<3 Extend the time when you record your voice... I recorded several times something and than it was automatically stopped Possibility to choose a category for your recorded voice so that it could have a possitive or negative effect to the passengers Not only delay messages... What if you reach your destination earlier? "Green" seems the main colour.. possibility to change that green into the colour that you would like to have... I think that people would choose a "blue" tone when they are playing e.g. Lufthansa or a "red" tone for XXX... Do you have a roadmap for this Software? By the way... I am a voice actor and have a profile on fiverr and other sites.. if you would like to have a german voice don't hesitate in contacting me. Best regards Markus
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a layout I created for the CRJ-700 LUFTHANSA seatplan. Have fun with it and enjoy
  4. tribejagd


    I created a Layout for Lufthansa and CRJ-700. There is a wardrobe in their Cabin Layout... Use.. E.g., some passengers could go to wardrobe before taking their seat... and those passengers need to go to the wardrobe before leaving the plane Regards Markus
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